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PAWS Pet of the Week: Meet Cinnamon & her puppies!

By millere80 Published: June 21, 2011

PAWS Pet of the Week: Spice up your life with Cinnamon and her puppies!

This sweet momma and her beautiful puppies are just waiting to be loved, cuddled and petted by their permanent families. Poor Cinnamon was dumped at the City Kennel and turned out to be late term pregnant. She had her darling puppies in foster care.

They all have spicy names: Saffron, Sesame, Caraway, Cumin and Cayenne. Cinnamon and babies are all lab mixes. Saffron and Sesame are black female puppies. Caraway is a chocolate brown girl. Brothers Cumin and Cayenne are also chocolate brown. Add a little zest to your life with sweet Cinnamon or one of her darling babies.

If you're interested in Cinnamon or any of these adorable puppies, please contact PAWS at 440-442-PAWS (7297) or visit www.pawsohio.org.

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