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PAWS Pet of the Week: Meet Lucy!

By millere80 Published: May 9, 2011

Lucy, You're Home!

That's what you'll say when you meet the absolutely gorgeous, DECLAWED, long haired lovely Lucy. Approximately 1 year old, Lucy is good with kids, and a sweet, gentle, trusting little lady.

Lucy showed up peeking into her foster mom's door one dark, cold night. (How did she know to pick a cat lover?) When the foster family opened the door to help her, she practically ran into the house. She was lost and scared but quickly warmed up to them.

Lucy is quite perfect. She's beautiful, affectionate, curious, playful and outgoing. She's alert but not at all shy or intimidated by strangers. Lucy's quick to purr and loves it when you pet her gorgeous, silky long black and gray fur. She is a special girl who deserves a very special family to cherish her. Are you Lucy's lucky new love?

If you're interested in Lucy, please contact PAWS at 440-442-PAWS or visit

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