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PAWS Pet of the Week: Meet Marcella!

By Erin Miller Published: April 24, 2012
Orphaned and abandoned, Marcella seeks loving new home.
"My name is Marcella and I have a sad story to tell. My human passed away in our little home unexpectedly leaving me and several other cats and dogs without someone to care for us. Humans from City Kennel came and took all of my dog friends to their shelter but left us behind. That's probably because we were so scared we were hiding behind appliances and furniture and anywhere else we could feel safe. Then someone contacted PAWS for help. That was the beginning of our journey to new homes.
I'm one of the younger cats, about 2 yrs old, and I was the bravest because I ventured out from behind the washer when I heard the sound of food. I was petted and treated so kindly that I purred and let the PAWS humans put me in a carrier. Over the next few days, PAWS trapped my 7 other cat friends. We are now all in loving and caring PAWS foster homes getting fed, vetted and loved so that we can start our new lives with our new families.
We'll miss our human mom very much-she rescued us all from the streets, but we can be happy again soon. I know I am already. My foster mom adores me because I'm so gentle, cuddly and purry. Believe me, I'm a MAJOR lap cat! I always use my litter box and I eat like a champ. Since I lived with so many dogs and cats before I could probably do it again as long as you give me some time to get use to them slowly. As you know I've been through a LOT!  So please, please adopt me and give me my 2nd chance at a new family to love..."
If you're interested in Marcella or any other PAWS pets, please contact PAWS at 440-442-PAWS or visit
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