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Pets and Money Saving Tips - Frugel Readers Please Participate

By Carol Published: January 7, 2010

Did I mention I have seventeen companion animals?  Even without the current economic woes, it is a challenge feeding and caring for so many.  Have I gone on a vacation in the last ten years? No, of course not but I have loved almost every minute here with my fur family.

Besides making some personal sacrifices, I have also managed to find ways to stretch my dollars over the years.  I wanted to share money saving tips this week and at the same time, ask the readers to share their tips on how to save money on pet expenses.  Please take the time to send me a response by email at, leave a comment on or on this blog.  Don't be shy, sharing will benefit everyone and especially pets!  If I receive some really good tips I'll share them with everyone via post.

Here are a few ways I keep costs down:

  • Trimming pets nails myself (Dremel is the way to go)

  • Taking the dogs to a do-it-yourself grooming service (Special Touch Dog Wash in Wadsworth)

  • I use vinegar or peroxide mixed with water for many of my cleaning needs and it is pet safe

  • Buying feed for the horses in Apple Creek which is exactly half price compared to local feed stores in Medina and Copley

  • I make perches from PVC myself which costs pennies compared to buying one already made

  • Shopping garage sales and

  • Making my own parrot toys from wood (parrot safe wood like pine)

  • Asking for a prescription from the veterinarian and taking it to a local pharmacy and paying $4

  • Buying heart worm and other worming treatments online

  • Comparing prices and shipping cost - My main source of most pet times come from,, and occasionally

  • I have two Goldens with chronic allergies and ear issues and I treat them very inexpensively but we'll save this for another post

  • One very important way to save money and extend a pets life is to prevent obesity so I make sure and monitor food consumption and weight (unfortunately I don't do well with this for my own health)

These are just a few ways I save money so how about you?

One reason I feel really strongly about sharing this information is because I am reminded of how difficult times are for families and their pets when I visit So many "family pets" are listed for sale or for a small re-homing fee. I grieve when I see the innocent face of the family dog or cat listed.

Don't forget that food banks and local churches collecting food for families will also take donated pet food.  Suddenly being unemployed and struggling to survive is a terrible place to be, making difficult choices about giving up a family pet could possibly be avoided with a little help.

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