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Pets keep you healthy & happy

By BrookeLynn Published: April 16, 2009

Looking to ward off minor colds, and keep a smile on your face?

Adopt a pet.

I know you have heard that pets help folks deal with the daily struggles life has to offer, and there is so much scientific evidence to back this up, it is almost silly NOT to own a pet... if of course your lifestyle allows time for it.  It is true to say that after a stressful day, giving your pup a pat on the head helps lower your blood pressure, relax, and even helps with short-term memory (if that's the case, give me 100 pets please).

Those of us who own our own pets know what a powerful elixir the unconditional love our pets provide us is probably stronger than any pharmaceutical drug available.  And the side effects aren't life-threatening.  CBS recently did a great little story on this exact subject.

So, your pets help make you feel good...but maybe you want to go the next level and share this with others.

CENSHARE is a non-profit group dedicated to studying and improving human-animal relationships and environments.  They support those groups that provide animal assisted therapy, which is also a powerful connection to those who are sick and appreciate a cold, wet nose.

Maybe you think your pooch is docile enough to be a visitor to your local nursing home or the Akron Children's Hospital's Doggy Brigade?  Check into making your pup a prestigeous Canine Good Citizen or get them certififed by the Delta Society. Think about what volunteer work you may want to do with your pup, and look into the specified certification for the program: not everyone is the same.

Teddy (my Golden) will be going through one of these programs soon, stay tuned as I give you the scoop on our journey to help others smile.

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