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Pit bull burglar really wanted a play date

By jim Published: October 9, 2009

This is a story you have to love and points out that not all pit bulls are bad natured.

Folks in a Dallas neighborhood had noticed a pit bull roaming from house to house for a few days. Diana Session noticed it clawing at the window of a neighbor who was away at work. Her Chihuahua and a Yorkshire Terrier were inside the home alone. Session was alarmed later when she saw the pit bull was now INSIDE the house. She even snapped a photo after alerting the authorities.

The dog had pushed open the back door of the Sanchez home and wondered inside. He was inside playing with the smaller dogs for at least an hour, according to the neighbor. They were apparently getting along famously. The pit bull is male. The Chihuahua is a girl. Her name is Princess.

“It’s just a mess,” she said as she gave a tour of the damaged furniture, scattered trash and dog food. The dog also overturned stereo and gaming equipment and left a puddle of urine underneath her dining room table.

She's laughing now about the unusual burglary by an unlikely suspect, but Sanchez will never forget the fear she felt when she got the original phone call.

The pit bull burglar is now in custody and will likely be put up for adoption if the owners are not found.

Read the full story and see a video of the dog. A larger version of the video is here.

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