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Place Stuff On Your Cat = Fun For All

By BrookeLynn Published: April 8, 2010

Just when you thought you'd seen it all on this pets blog.  I thought my fellow bloggers have covered it all, especially in the world of KittyCats:  Cats sleeping in boxes, playing piano, and the such... but I found one and challenge you all to one-up me.

Now, humans are finding it amusing to place stuff on their sleeping or nearly sleeping cat and take a picture. McDonald's French Fries, pizza, dirty dishes, playing cards...and that is just the first page.  The website? I call it silly, but yet I easily shifted through the first five pages.  Don't lie:  you will too.  It's like you just can't help it.

But I can't let down my pup parents:  don't worry, they've started a sister site:

Go on:  click on through and spend the day checking it out.  LOL  You know you want to.

BrookeLynn is also known as Teddy's Mom for the website, a website dedicated to our local pups with stories, things to do, and more info.  Stop by the hydrant today and give us a woof!

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