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Priceville, Ala., man avenges cat's death, hunts coyotes

By jim Published: July 15, 2009

For the past seven years, Jerry Welch has hiked Burleson Mountain near his Priceville home daily, searching for the predators responsible for his cat Goldie's death.

After Welch found clumps of his pet's fur -- an indication of a coyote attack -- the lifelong hunter immersed himself in the species, determined to protect his remaining two cats and four dogs.

Outfitted with video cameras, electronic signals and wood calls, Welch stalks the predators as they, armed with natural instincts, stalk their prey.

"They are much smarter than deer or any other animal. They are very tricky and far tougher to kill because they have sharper sight, smell and hearing."

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