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Puppy Mills: Exposed

By jim Published: April 27, 2009

Watch deleted scenes from the upcoming Puppy Mills: Exposed special. Plus, learn what a reputable breeder looks like at Animal Planet.

From the New York Times:

You would expect a program with a name like “Puppy Mills: Exposed” to be full of gruesome sights, and it is. But perhaps the most dismaying moment in it is, at first glance, benign and trauma free: it shows a chocolate Labrador retriever walking in a circle. Only when you realize that the animal, which was rescued from a wretched breeding mill in Pennsylvania, is doing nothing but walking in a circle does the implication sink in. The dog was caged for so long that this is all it knows how to do.

“Puppy Mills,” an episode of “Animal Cops: Philadelphia” having its premiere Monday on Animal Planet, spends much of its time detailing a raid last year at Limestone Kennel in Lancaster County, Pa., where the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals found almost 90 dogs living in conditions that more than justify the “viewer discretion” warning at the beginning of the program.

Inside a Puppy Mill, Puppy Mills Exposed : Animal Cops : Animal Planet

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