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Rescues Need Our Help

By Susan Published: March 15, 2009

Everyone is pinching pennies these days.  The economic outlook is not promising.  As with all other non-profit organizations, our animal rescue groups are hurting, too.

As a challenge, rather than giving to the big political animal groups like PETA and the Humane Society of the United States which are known to not funnel much funds to actually  help animals, pick a local group to help.

There are all-breed rescues, that rescue all breeds and mixes.  Some of them even rescue large animals such as horses.  There also breed specific rescues.  There are also national organizations like LABMED and Labrador Life Line (ok, my breed is the Labrador!) that helps fund the expenses of local rescues throughout the nation.

The local humane societies need all kinds of things.  It is not only money that many of these organizations can use.  Towels, food, collars, leashes are just a few things that they all can use. 

If you are concerned about where your money is going, talk to some of the board-members.  I know those of us at LABMED are more than happy to talk about what we do.

It does not take a lot, but if we all give a little, many of our furry friends can continued to be helped even in these challenging times.

Susan Jenkins owns Papp's Dog Services in Akron, Ohio

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