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Roxie is Not Giving Up on Life Just Yet!

By Heather Published: May 4, 2009

I actually have GOOD news to share in today's update on Roxie -- she is doing BETTER! What a beautiful day it can be when the one that you think you are losing is giving up a good fight. After many tears and getting ready to let go of her over the past weekend, Roxie is on the up and up and surprising us all.

Many thanks to Roxie's friends who wished her well in the parade on Saturday. Although she tried to walk in the beginning, she started to pass blood and we decided to sit on her perch in the back of the truck waving and smiling to all her fans. She made it through the parade that morning even though by this point she was not eating or drinking and was passing blood when she tried to go potty. The only thing that countered her showing signs of failing was her smile, tail wag and the want to live. I decided to give her sub-q fluids starting on Saturday so that she had some nourishment until it was time to let her go. We ended our day with a nap, but when I woke, I woke to a smiling energetic Roxie with a gleam of hope in her eye. I knew it wasn't time yet and to ride with what was happening at that moment.

Sunday morning came in which we spent the day with Roxie's grandma so that Roxie could help us do our Sunday cleaning chores. To our surprise, Roxie grabbed food out of her grandma's hand and scarfed it down! Not only did she want to eat, she was holding down water! We thought to ourselves, lets just keep this going and follow the path that she wants to take. She spent the day out in the sun smiling away and wagging her tail. She ended up eating an entire grilled chicken sandwich, a can of grilled chicken, and 5 dog treats! My Roxie wanted to live, yeah!

So today, I called her oncologist in Columbus and shared the good news. It turns out that the blood she is passing is a gastrointestinal upset and isn't as bad as I thought, so we will give her Prilosec. Although most sick dogs do not respond to the aggressive chemotherapy she received last week, it sounds like she may have after all. So, we will take it day by day and Roxie is scheduled to visit OSU again next Thursday if she continues to eat, drink and be merry.

As of today, her lymph nodes under her neck have decreased in size, are softer rather than being rock hard, and she is started to have bowel movements again. She will continue on her Prednisone and Flagyl and we will start her on Prilosec. Her taking pills twice a day is worth it to see that smile and tail wag. Maybe, just maybe Roxie will get to enjoy the sun on her skin, a cool breeze in the air, and a sandwich in her belly for just a little longer. Perhaps that hope is still alive in us both.

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