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Roxie's cancer journey coming to an end

By Heather Published: April 30, 2009

It is with a heavy heart that I write Roxie's latest update on her journey with Canine Lymphoma- Roxie is not doing well. I was holding out hope that my next update would be good news as it appeared it would be, but the last two weeks have lead me to my decision to finally write what is the here and now- I cant wait for hope any longer.

Two weeks ago Roxie's blood work came back showing that she had less cancerous cell and was producing more red blood cells- which was fantastic news, yet she still had a huge swollen lymph node under her neck.

We continued on with her treatment with high hopes that she would continue to respond, but when she visited her good friends at the OSU Oncology Dept April 21, they confirmed what I had feared- her body was not responding to the chemo any longer.

What they thought would be a good candidate for chemotherapy was not occurring in reality. Roxie is part of the less than 10% of dogs who do not respond to chemo and her lymph nodes showed that it was growing. Roxie's oncologist performed another method of chemotherapy to try and break up the cancer. The "ELF" method would either be hit or miss. As I found out yesterday it was a miss.

Not only did the new round of therapy not break up the cancer, it didn't even stabilize it. Roxie also in the past 10 days had started showing signs of discomfort in breathing and had vomited once, which isn't good. This means that the cancer is probably pushing against her lungs.

I asked her doctor how much longer would she have a quality of life, the vet said a few weeks and now here I am dealing with it. Roxie did get one last ditch effort with a  aggressive form of chemotherapy while visiting OSU. If it works she gets a few months. If not, which they expect, it will do nothing and she will have a few weeks.

My Roxie is fading away. Although she still wags her tail and hangs out with her siblings, I know her time is very very limited and we are getting closer to the point where I have to say goodbye. She is in no pain now and mostly sleeps. I have come to the realization that there is nothing more I can do other than pray that her last moments on this earth are filled with love and happiness and that her mommy and grandma did all they could.

I will update this blog as her days become more limited and when it has come time to let her move on. I never expected this ending so soon and had hoped she would get a much longer second chance at life. I had hoped that this blog would allow other pet owners out there to see just how hard cancer can hit home when it affects your pets.

I do know that when you go home today tell your pet you love them because you just don't know when their time will come.

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