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Roxie's Last Hoorah

By Heather Published: May 1, 2009

Thank you to everyone who has sent warm wishes to me and Roxie. I am so happy to hear that she has friends out there who are going through her journey with her and will remember her after she has left this earth.

I was not prepared to come to this ending so soon, even my years of rescue with helping to guide dogs and cats to the rainbow bridge has not helped me deal with losing my best friend. I do not think Roxie will be able to make it a few weeks, it will probably be a few days and when the time comes to when she is no longer living a happy and comfortable life we will be having one last hug and kiss at Akron Vet Referral in Copley.

I am choosing to go there so I can have a private room with a bench so I can sit and hold her one last time. This will also allow her grandma to be there and we can spend as much time as we need before and after she crosses the rainbow bridge.

I do plan on giving Roxie one last hoorah tomorrow. Roxie's first appearance with Heaven Can Wait was in the Barberton Cherry Blossom parade two years ago, and in a grand fashion this will be Roxie's last hoorah with the group that saved her life a little over two years ago.

Since Roxie will not be able to walk the parade, she will smile all the way down the parade route in the back of the Heaven Can Wait truck in my arms. Since Roxie has made so many friends along her journey, she simply thinks this will be a parade for her and I will not let her know otherwise. If you are at the parade tomorrow, wave hi to Roxie - not a hello and wave from just you, but from your pets that have crossed over that rainbow bridge or the ones in your life now.

Heaven can not wait for Roxie much longer. In her last few days she will be the star she was set out to be from birth. Although the family that once called her their own didn't realize what a gem she was and cast her aside broken and beaten, she will leave us all as a star and as a reminder to just how quickly your pet's life can be taken away. Go home today and love them with all your heart.

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