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Roxie Strutting Along on Cancer Path

By Heather Published: June 2, 2009

What a wonderful two weeks I have shared with Roxie after what I thought was her final ending, I am still amazed at how well she is doing and thankful for every minute of it!

Roxie still has her moments of crankiness and being tired, but don't we all? The past two weeks she has not received any form of chemotherapy and the only medication she is on is a once-a-week pill that soothes her gi tract and acts as a steroid for better breathing.

Roxie is continually given her herbal remedies on a daily basis and is getting easier to give these two. Twice a day she is receiving 2 cc's of Essiac herbal tea to boost her immune system and once a day receives Red Clover vitamins hidden in sausages. The Red Clover helps her blood cells reproduce new cells, thus hopefully making up for the cancerous cells. Also, someone recommended Vitamin C so we have given her a dose every other day to boost her immune system as well.

Not only is she doing better with NO swelling in her lymph nodes, she is acting like her old self before the lymphoma reared its's ugly teeth. Not only does the power of prayers perhaps work, but I am putting all of my faith in her holistic remedies.

For the first time in over two months, Roxie showed interest in nibbling random things (an odd nervous behavior she always had), she also took interest in her soft toys again which includes tearing them to shreds. So be it- I am going to let her nervously nibble some old sheets and rip apart toys that cost one dollar- my little girl is back! To also show that her mouth is no longer hurting from the inflammation in her lymph nodes, she has resumed her interest in rawhides, as you will see in the picture with this post. Today, she is carrying one around and I am letting her pretend she hunted for it and its her prey.

I have always been a believer in miracles and Roxie's extra time on this earth only strengthens my belief. In addition to that faith, my belief in homeopathic remedies is ever present. I have been researching the remedies that Roxie is currently on to see their other uses and how they can help with animals I rescue with Heaven Can Wait.

It turns out that Red Clover is also used for skin infections to be applied topically and also internal infections, so you would give that orally. Essiac boosts the immune system to help fight several ills, so that can be used for a broad spectrum of things. I have already started one of rescue dogs on this that came to us with distemper and the dog is responding much more quickly then on the medications and previous supplements alone!

I added Red Clover to the diet of a dog that came to Heaven Can Wait with  severe allergies that had gone untreated for years. In addition to the medication prescribed, the Red Clover was added in the second week of his skin healing and in that second week we noticed a quicker change than the first week!

I don't claim to be a veterinarian nor do I have all the answers on medical oddities or treatments, but I do know personally I have seen these remedies work wonders and plan on going further in my research on how to add to modern medicine in treating pet illnesses. Perhaps this would be a great new blog series since Roxie is strutting her stuff on her journey through cancer? You be the judge and let me know if you have info you would like to pass my way or simply be part of this fun quest!

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