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Should de-clawing cats be banned?

By Leighangela Published: July 22, 2009

One California city is discussing the possibility of banning cat de-claw surgeries. While this may not be the best plan, the fact that the practice is getting such attention is wonderful. It will force people who see de-clawing as just "something you do," like vaccinations, to take a second look at this terrible surgery.

There are many products on the market to deal with a cat's curious claws. There are cat trees for them to climb, cat nip to keep them attracted to those trees, double-sided tape (or even tin foil) to attach to furniture, claw trimmers, and claw tip covers. There is also something called "training," in which you distract the cat when he claws on something inappropriate, immediately direct him to an approved clawing location, and praise.

Unfortunately, many people view de-clawing as routine, and some landlords still require cats to be de-clawed. Hopefully they will think twice about this practice now as well, as if a ban were to ever occur the number of homes available to cats will likely decrease drastically.

Cats deserve their claws. If they are ever let outside, claws are a life-saving device.

To read more about the city considering this ban, read the full article.

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