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Sockington The Cat Is A Star

By jim Published: April 7, 2009

At least to more than 200,000 people who are following him on Twitter he's a star.

As the story goes, Socks the cat (full name: Sockington) was first spotted next to a T stop outside of Boston, where he was meowing and hoping someone or something would feed him. When the person came back from work later in the day, Socks was still waiting by the entrance, still meowing. He was scooped up and passed through a couple homes before he was ultimately brought to Waltham, where he now lives a life of luxury, tuna and cat toys while occasionally destroying things precious to everyone else but himself.

What started out as a simple diary of the life of a cat has expanded to a veritable Army Of Socks (Socks Army to their friends) who now follow Socks by the thousands.

Sockington 200,000 Followers from Jason Scott on Vimeo.

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