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SOS Adoptable of the Day: Grizzly!

By Amber Published: July 13, 2011

Breed:  Norwegian Elkhound (purebred) 
Gender:  Male 
Altered: Yes   
Ref. no.: 110706 

Get ready for a heart breaking story! This is Grizzly. He is a 9 year old Norwegian Elkhound. He has been owned by two families and was just recently dropped off at the Medina Shelter for the second time in his life. Grizzly is a darling, older fella. He was dropped off both times because each family moved and couldn't keep him. He is a gentle soul...good with kids, cats, dogs, and people. He doesn't need to be crated because he is trustworthy in the house uncrated and is perfectly housebroken. Grizz is also great on leash and loves to go for walks. His blood work came back looking great for a 9 year old. He needs to lose some weight...but he's looking for his retirement home. He deserves the same love all of these young pups deserve...and in some ways he deserves it even more because he has had to pay the price for human decisions twice in his life. If you are looking for someone to love, someone to rescue or to be rescued by, or someone to pal around with you...this is your boy. He will require seasonal brushings as he blows his coat or he could maintain a shaved hairdo over the summer, but the family that chooses to adopt and love this boy will remain a favorite of SOS's forever. To apply for adoption, please fill out an on-line application at Save Ohio Strays does NOT claim or guarantee any breeds given in this description. SOS NEVER ships pets and will not adopt out to a driving radius greater than 3 hours from Medina, Ohio.

Additional information: *Housetrained  *Current on shots  

Contact: Save Ohio Strays
Phone: (440) 567-3585

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