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SOS - Save Ohio Strays This Sunday

By Carol Published: February 19, 2010

You can see from Candy's picture she is pure sweetness. I love her cute little face a petite paws. Save Ohio Strays has had a record few weeks with adoptions. SOS has saved two litters of puppies and found homes for them and placed a record number of 15 cats.

Thanks to all of the loving and kind families who have opened their hearts and homes! I will be at the meet and greet this Sunday at the Wadsworth Petco to help out. I've been drafted into the program and will be helping foster some of these lovely animals until they find their meant to be homes.

Spring will be here soon, a perfect time for a new pet and a great way to celebrate the sunshine! How about some Candy for Easter! (she's the non fattening kind) Did I say that?

Come on out this Sunday and meet the animals and the nice people dedicated to helping them. You can visit SOS's Website and also see the available animals on

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