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Spirit is One of Many Special Kitties Looking for a New Home

By Leighangela Published: August 25, 2009

After recently losing my beloved Persian of 12 years, I decided to again start volunteering at the Humane Society of Greater Akron. It wasn't long before I fell in love with one of the many, many cats in Purr Town. Her name is Spirit, although we called her Boop. Click here to view video of her!

I decided to foster Spirit in my home, but for many reasons, including a new development in the health of my other cat, I am unable to adopt her or any cat at this time. So I'd like to feature Spirit here in hopes that her forever home is reading.

Spirit was found in April with her kittens. By the looks of her small, pearly whites, she is about one year old. A foster home was set up for her where she could care for her kittens until they were weaned. They have all now found homes, and now it's Spirit's turn! Spirit is small, about 9 pounds, and is surprisingly calm for her age. If you want a young cat but don't have the time or patience for a kitten, Spirit could be the one for you!

She can entertain herself for hours, but loves to play and cuddle, too. Her meow is quiet and adorable. She loves belly rubs and to be held, even like a baby, as you carry her around so she can explore from a new vantage point. When I introduced Spirit to our windows, she was a lady. She laid in the window beautifully and didn't claw at the screen--not even when she saw a bird a few feet away, whom she "chirped" at like this. She also never climbed the floor-length drapes, and was very gentle with her claws.

Spirit takes great pride in her appearance and keeps herself clean and soft. One thing I love about her coat is that her markings are perfectly symmetrical over her whole body! This matches her personality: the perfect balance of youth and wisdom, chilled out and playful, loving and independent. She would be good with children and she has experience with big dogs and cats, or would make a happy only kitty as well.

I hope you'll consider visiting Spirit at the Humane Society. She's not shy, she'll come right to you when you open her cage...she may even gently climb onto your shoulder if you'll let her!

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