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Spring fun with your pet!

By Susan Published: March 16, 2009

This past weekend makes us believe that spring has finally arrived.  As we take our pets out for rides on these beautiful spring days, we do want to make sure that they are safe and day of fun does not turn to tragedy. 

Here are a few safety tips to always remember when traveling around town to the park or across the country with our pets on vacation.

Like children, pets should never be allowed to hang out a window.  Should one have to suddenly stop, they could loose their balance and fly out the window, even if one is hanging on to them.  Also, debris in the air or coming off the road can hit them and cause eye injury or worse.

Never try to drive and have your pet in your lap.  Being distracted from driving can prove dangerous to you, your pet as well as others.

Always travel with your pet confined in some sort of safety item.  Most new cars come with standard equipment eye-hooks that a safety harness can be hooked into.   Another option is to have your pet in a size appropriate crate with the crate secured so it will not roll.

When traveling on an outing make sure that you have plenty of fresh water for them to drink.  As it gets warmer, our pets will need to drink more water.

Never leave your pet inside a car that is totally closed up.  Even for a short period can prove fatal in warm weather. 

These are just a few suggestions to help your outing be a safe and enjoyable one, and one that will not end in tragedy.  We never think anything will happen to us, but why do we want to take a chance with our best fur-friends.

Susan Jenkins owner of Papp's Dog Services in Akron, Ohio

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