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Stray dog, goat are inseparable

By jim Published: April 30, 2009

An animal control officer went to an address on Indiana Street to see about a dog and a goat creating a nuisance. She found a plot straight out of Milo and Otis – a pair of star-crossed four-leggeds on an unknown journey, whose bond transcends biological differences and police protocol.

Bristol authorities are calling the case one of an "unusual relationship," and have dubbed the pair Thelma and Louise, whose journey came to a peaceful stop on the afternoon of April 19.

That day, a chocolate Lab and a white goat trotted through the rain up the road and onto Loretta Smith's expansive front porch. They moved together slowly, shoulder to shoulder, with the purposeful gait of wet, hungry animals heading for shelter. They found it at the doorstep of Smith, who fed the dog biscuits, puppy chow, cereal, crackers and a banana – actually intended for the goat.

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