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The Best Pet for Your Sign

By Heather Published: April 3, 2009

Hello Pet Channel readers, I thought I would start off my first blog article with something fun I found on matching your ideal pet to your astrological sign. Since spring is a popular time for people to add a new furry member to their family, this is a fun way to see if that match is in the stars.  Although my horoscope tells me to get an iguana, I don't think my cats and dogs would like that! It is fun though to read up on what kind of pet you have and let me know if you agree!

A sampling....

These bold and energetic ones of the Zodiac need a pet that can keep up with them through all their adrenaline-pumping activities. An Irish Terrier fits the bill perfectly. They are courageous and active dogs, affectionately referred to as "the daredevils of the dog world" by fanciers of the breed. Serving as messengers and sentinels during World War I, these dogs will fearlessly accompany an Aries on adventurous treks.

Aesthetically aware and highly tactile, Taureans will enjoy a pet that is cute and oh-so-cuddly. Pomeranian dogs are sure to delight. Their soft, fluffy coats need regular brushing and grooming, something a Taurus, who appreciates beautiful hair, will enjoy. Poms are highly intelligent, easily trained, and very friendly - all traits that will appeal to a sensible Taurus. Poms will get attached to their owners and may follow them everywhere, which suits steadfast Taurus.

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