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The Diagnosis

By Lynn Published: September 12, 2010

The Diagnosis

She starting peeing on the carpet several months ago. She had not done that before. She continued doing it every time she was left outside her crate for any extended period. I thought, “Well, the family is so busy. Maybe they just don’t notice when she has to go out. But maybe we should take her to the vet just to see."

The peeing continued. She was also behaving more aggressively with her brother dog. That could have been a dominance issue--or maybe not. She didn’t display any sign of fatigue or pain.

And then, several weeks later, her mom parent told me that she had noticed that Snickers was urinating very frequently and asked me to take her to the vet. I needed to take a urine sample with me, and I noticed then that even though she was squatting as though to urinate a lot there wasn’t really anything coming out part of the time.  Uh-oh. Red flag.

The vet suspected possible bladder stones, diagnosed a thickening of the bladder wall, and an elevated temperature. He put her on antibiotics with a follow up appointment in a week. During the week, she had one bad episode where she seemed to be in some pain.

At the follow up appointment a little less than a week later, her temperature was high, she was lethargic, she was squatting to pee a lot. The vet performed an ultra-sound and scheduled an X-ray possibly followed by surgery.

The surgery isn’t ever going to happen. X-rays showed an obscene tumor in this sweet girl’s belly. Too big he says. No point in operating. She will go home with pain medication and, when the pain is beyond relief, her owner will have to do the right thing for her.

When faced with the loss of a beloved animal, after a time we begin to remember Sweet Puppy and Kitty Memories and they become part of the family lore. But that place doesn’t kick in for awhile. Now it’s raw, hateful, unbelievable. This sweet girl. Too young. Too beautiful. Too loved.

Snickers is doing okay for now, and that gives us all time to love her, to look deep in her eyes and try to send our love right into her. This is a very special time in her life and in the life of those who love her. We’ll take what we can get and be thankful for every moment.

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