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The House Bunny

By BrookeLynn Published: April 6, 2009

Before you read any further, sorry this tidbit has nothing to do with that feature film filled with young twenty-somethings scantily clad and an older gentleman donning a smoking jacket.  Sorry, guys.

I am talking about real live house bunnies that live in your house just like a dog or a cat.  I had no idea something like this existed until a few years ago when I was visiting a friend at her new apartment.  As I am seated on the couch enjoying our conversation, I begin to swig my coffee.   A ball of fur with a cute cotton tail suddenly hops across the room.  “That’s just my rabbit,” she proudly announces.


I remember sitting a bit bewildered and had no idea such a thing existed.  From what I knew, bunnies lived in a cage outside in the backyard.  After gaining my composure, I secretly examined the room, looking at every square inch of the crème-colored carpeting.

No poop.

So I asked: I mean, I HAD to ask:  “Don’t they just poop everywhere?”
She continued to coach me on bunny ownership.  When it came to my potty question, she told me that house bunnies can be potty trained, and actually quite easily.

Who knew?  Not me.

Did you know they like to play too?  Some bunnies can even play a game of fetch.  And here I am, honestly just thinking bunnies are just cute little cuddly creatures that just stand around and look cute.  Nope.  That is clearly not the case.

My House Rabbit (dot) com is a great little web information source for raising a rabbit in your home.  If you think you might like to own a house bunny yourself, read up on this unusually domesticated pet and make sure they gel with your lifestyle.  Happy Hopping!


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