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The Nose Knows: Search and Rescue Dogs to help Haiti

By BrookeLynn Published: January 18, 2010

As the days continue through the tragedy of Haiti, the four-legged troops are making their way down to help with this effort to find those buried amongst the rubble.  The search dog foundation is regularly updating their website, providing up-to-date information.

According to Discovery News, an international contingency of search and rescue doggies are being readied to aid the devastated people of Haiti. British, French, Chinese, Canadian, Russian, Peruvian, Mexican, Taiwanese and United States-based canine sniffer teams have been dispatched along with tons of tents, food and medical equipment.

There is a radio cast about this effort.  Here the St. Petersburg Fire and Rescue calls in and discusses rescue dog efforts in Haiti with "A Dog's Life" host Greg Kleva on Martha Stewart Living Radio. Hear how the dogs are specially trained, the types of functions they provide and the dangers they face, as well as ways you can help the crisis in Haiti.

Also, if you haven't seen the past video  about the NYPD's dog rescue effort provided by fellow blogger Shirley, check it out here.

We are lucky to have our canines helping out with such a tragedy.

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