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This 21-pound gray tabby cat rules an Air Force base clinic

By jim Published: October 27, 2009

Meet Max, a 21-pound gray tabby cat, who was brought to the Luke Air Force Base Veterinary Clinic in Arizona in July of 1999 after he was discovered in a gutter.

“He was a six-week-old kitten when he arrived,” said Joan Seifert, 56th Force Support Squadron veterinary clinic office clerk. “Nobody called and said they were missing a kitten, so he hung out here and we decided to make him our clinic cat. We got him neutered and declawed in the front, and he has been living here for the past ten years.”

When Max first started his duties as clinic cat, he would roam the office all day, interacting with pets and their owners. He even helped the staff with some of their more difficult patients.

“We had a chihuahua in here one day, and we were trying to get him into a cardboard carrier,” Ms. Seifert said. “Every time we tried to put him in the box, the chihuahua would try to bite us. Max must have heard us struggling, so he came running around the corner and batted the chihuahua in the face. The dog was so baffled, we were able to close the carrier.”

Max isn’t concerned with size, either. Big or small, he takes on all comers.

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