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Tips for Keeping Pets Healthy this Spring from AAHA

By jim Published: April 9, 2010

During these economic times, some pet owners are waiting longer than usual to schedule appointments with their veterinarian. But small health problems can escalate into larger issues that become more serious for the pet down the road. For optimum health and wellness, all pets should have a veterinarian exam at least once a year. For many pets, more frequent visits may be needed.

A few tips from AAHA:

• By getting your pet’s weight down, you can help their life expectancy go up. To find out if your pup is too plump, consider consulting a veterinarian.

• Pets often hide that they’re hurting. By addressing common issues like arthritis, you can help them live to a comfortable old age. Don't wait to find out if small signs are part of a larger problem.

• Many parasites found on pets can be transmitted to humans. With the year-round preventative measures your veterinarian recommends, you can stop parasites from getting a free ride.

• An annual check-up is like going to the doctor once in seven years. With a veterinarian’s careful screening, you can catch problems early and keep everything rolling along.

Hospitals accredited by AAHA - the only organization that accredits veterinary practices in the U.S. and Canada - are evaluated on 900 quality standards that encompass all aspects of pet care. They are committed to taking extra steps for ensuring that pets live a long, healthy and happy life. For more information or to locate an AAHA-accredited practice near you, please visit There, you’ll also find pet health and behavior articles; pet insurance tips; pet memorials; ask a vet and veterinary expert blog; lost and found and microchip information; travel kit and relocation tips; plus games, contests and local pet events.

As you know, maintaining proper pet health is a very important responsibility of all pet parents. I hope these tips and reminders will be of use to you and your readers.

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