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Tips on searching for lost cats

By jim Published: July 20, 2009

When searching for a lost cat, looking close by is the first priority. And the sooner the better.

If you're still not successful, try one or all of these:

  • Put up posters. They should be brightly colored and large enough to be read by passing drivers.
  • Hand out fliers to neighbors and others who may have seen your pet, even those that don't live nearby. Placing fliers in mailboxes is illegal.
  • Lost cats sometimes end up in shelters, but you need to visit a shelter personally. Don't expect staff to be able to identify your cat from a description over the phone.
  • The nonprofit group Missing Pet Partnership can help you locate a pet detective with trained search dogs in your area. It also has detailed instructions on its Web site on how to create effective fliers and posters.

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