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TLC Pet Lodge donates fur and hair to help soak up oil spills

By jim Published: July 20, 2010

TLC Pet Lodge, a leading pet lodging and grooming facility in Northeast Ohio, has recently joined with Matter of Trust to use animal fur and hair to soak up oil spills.

“When we heard about Matter of Trust, we felt like we could really make a difference,” said Marj Green-Beyer, CKO of TLC Pet Lodge. “We groom numerous dogs and typically throw away large quantities of pet hair every day. Now, we can turn the hair into a valuable resource to help soak up the oil spill in the gulf with the help of Matter of Trust.”

Matter of Trust is an innovative, non-profit organization that uses donated hair, fur, feathers, fleece and nylons to help with the cleanup of thousands of oil spills every year. Fur and hair are naturally very efficient at gathering oils, part of the reason we need to clean and groom our pets so often. Since 1998 the organization has used donations of human hair and pet fur to make naturally absorbent booms and large woven mats that can be placed in the water to soak up oil.

Despite some confusion with BP’s press release, stating they already had booms they considered more sorbent, the Matter of Trust organization is still collecting hair and getting booms ready for major state cleanup efforts in areas affected by the recent spill in the Gulf. All of the clippings will be shipped by TLC Pet Lodge, at their expense, to facilities in Florida, Alabama and Louisiana to be made into booms by volunteers.

“It is just one way that we all can do our part to help in this time of environmental crisis,” said Green-Beyer. “The booms made by Matter of Trust are environmentally safe, made from renewable resources, and have already proven to be helpful in the cleanup effort of many spills over the years.”

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