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Toy Yorkies: From A to Z

By Lynn Published: September 6, 2010

From Artie to Zeke that is!

They were 12 weeks old when I met them two years ago. Baby boy Toy Yorkies. Small enough to hold in one hand, but squirmy enough that I didn’t want to try that!

I think Mom and Dad were a bit overwhelmed at first. They experimented with crates and pads and pens.  We talked about strategies. They experimented some more. Mom established a schedule for the boys. They were allowed out of their crates and into their pens for a certain length of time to go potty. They were allowed out of their pens and into the living room  for a certain time for play and recreation. Mom would set a timer and, when the timer rang, back they went into their pen--on their own! These puppies were so beautifully trained. Eventually they became accustomed to the outdoors as their potty place and the pens became obsolete.

Mom is a professional educator, and her expertise in training is very apparent. Artie and Zeke are disciplined and yet have not lost the spontaneity and sense of fun that we wish for all of our babies, human or otherwise.

Artie and Zeke still like their  crates when they're home alone. The world is not such a huge and scary place when they enter their crate sanctuaries under Mom's worktable.

I watch them strutting along side by side when we're out for our walks--their little legs making ten strides for my one. I’m reminded of that jingle. Remember it?

Double your pleasure

Double your fun

Double your ____________

Chew Doublemint gum!

I’ll be darned if I can think of the missing word. But the cadence of the limerick matches the cadence of these little boys as they embark on the serious business of their walk and play.

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