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Traveling with your pet

By jim Published: April 28, 2009

It's getting into that time of the year when people are traveling more. Whether it's across the country or across the county, if you're taking your pet along you need to be prepared. Here are just a few tips to help make the trip a little easier.

Ensure that your pet's identification is secure on its collar or leash. Include a phone number where you can be reached while away from home, just in case you and your pet become separated during your travels. Always keep your cell phone with you.

Pack a fun-filled bag with familiar items. Your animal's favorite blanket, chews, treats and toys are always a great idea!

Pets need to stretch their legs too! Let your pet out during food/fuel stops for a little exercise. Never allow your pet to roam without a leash or out of your presence.

Don't forget your animal's food, dishes, vitamins and medications!
Get your pet used to the car, taking shorter trips before you take longer journeys!

When traveling buckle up your pet or use a carrier.

It is always a good idea to carry a first aid kit for your pet: tweezers, gauze, hydrogen peroxide, etc. in case of minor injuries. For major injury/illness, you may find a comprehensive database of animal hospitals here. Pet Friendly® strongly suggests that you print out and take with you the addresses of animal hospitals in the areas you will be traveling in. Also, carry your pet’s shot records with you - many hotels require proof at check-in.

Stick to your regular feeding routine while traveling, and give your pet its main meal at the end of the day or when you've reached your destination.

Learn more about the area you will be visiting. Your veterinarian can tell you if there are any diseases like heartworm or Lyme disease and vaccinations or medications your pet may require. Also, be aware of any unique laws. Some places have restrictions on exotic animals and certain dog breeds (pit bulls, etc.).

What to Pack

• Carrier
• Leash
• Collar
• ID Tags
• Food and Water
• Dishes
• Food
• Bottled Water from Home
• Blanket or Bedding
• Pooper Scooper or Litter Supplies
• Favorite Toy
• Recent Photo of Pet Health Certificate or Shot Record (get from Vet)
• Grooming Supplies ( brushes,toothbrush,shampoo...)
• First Aid Kit for Dogs and Cats
• Carpet deodorizer or Cleaner (just in case...)

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