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Vacations and Working Long Hours when you have Pets

By Carol Published: April 26, 2011

I used to commute sixty miles a day, five days a week to support my family. As an animal lover I have always had cats and in recent years a couple of dogs. When you have pets at home, and your employment demands you work longer hours, it quite challenging if you don’t have friends or familly to help you out.

The doggy daycare business is growing rapidly because people are realize the importance of exercising and socializing their dogs. Separation anxiety (a behavior in dogs that causes the dog to be very destructive when the owner leaves) has caused  many dogs to be given up to shelters. The behavior is interpreted as "bad behavior" instead of a condition that can be addressed and treated.

Even more challenging for pet owners is the different options for care of their pets for an extended period of time due to traveling for work or vacations. Options can consist of pet sitters who will come to your home, a traditional kennel with runs, and an open kennel environment where dogs are in groups loose with other dogs. Everyone has their preference and different comfort levels with each of these services.

Since I've traveled down this road myself and experienced my own anxiety about leaving my pets in someone's care I decided to launch my own business because I know the value and importance of reliable, caring and trustworthy caregivers. I not only want to provide a safe environment but a fun environment with time to get to know each pet as an individual. They all have personalities that I enjoy spending quality time with and getting to know each animal that is in my care.

This year I have been able to partner with other pet professionals who offer a variety of services from pet massage, dog classes ranging from basic training to agility, animal communication, and off  lead exercise (indoor and outdoor.) As well as other pet sitters in different territories.  Another exciting service that I hope to launch next year is summer camp for kids and their pets with a farm twist.

If I can offer any tips on selecting the right care for your pet, it would be to get to know the person who will be caring for your pet. Visit the facilities, if you are taking your pet somewhere for care, observe the animals that are in care there. How similar or different is the environment to what your pet is used to? Does your pet enjoy meeting other pets? Or is it better that he/she is kenneled in their own enclosure? Does the potential caregiver have experience with aggressive behavior, health issues, and is prepared for an emergency?  After taking a logical look at things,  how do you feel about the person and/or facility? I guess a good way of saying it is listen to your gut feeling, if you aren't completely comfortable, chances are your pet won't be either.

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