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Want to support a puppy mill? Buy organic milk!

By Leighangela Published: July 14, 2009

If you're like me, you probably thought that as long as you didn't buy your pets from a pricey pet store, you weren't supporting puppy mills. I also kinda figured that buying organic milk was helping to support a worthwhile industry. Turns out that the two are sometimes connected.

A puppy mill protestor in Pennsylvania noticed that many of the farms around him, near the heart of puppy-mill country in Lancaster County, were displaying signs boasting that they were organic dairy operations. He found out that one mill—B&R Puppies, which had been cited by authorities as recently as a year ago for housing dogs in squalid cages and failing to vaccinate them—was also supplying milk to Horizon Organics. Horizon is a major presence in markets like Whole Foods, where animal welfare is paramount.

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