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Warning! Warning! Spring Thaw = Muddy Paws!

By BrookeLynn Published: March 9, 2010

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Ah, the sun is shining.  It’s getting warm!  Hooray!   But before you get all excited puppylovers, keep in mind that with winter thaw-out comes springtime MUD!  Ted and I took our chances today and jetted off to the park.  We were so excited to celebrate the warm weather with a run, we didn’t think of the consequence:

So, after a quick tiptoe around the yuckness, and some dirty feet:

I decided “No More” and with that, Ted & I hopped in the car and went for a drive instead.  So we cruised on over to the Blue Heron Nesting area.  Now, if you haven’t seen it yet or don’t even know about it, it is the coolest thing to see.  Take a drive and check it out.  On Bath Road, there is a spot where Blue Herons nest annually.  I think it looks somewhat prehistoric in a lot of ways: with those giant birds nesting in trees.  Ted dug it too.  We parked alongside of the road, I rolled down the window and we watched the wonders of nature from our warm and non muddy car.

Want to find out more scoop on the coop?  The Beacon Journal did a great article. It is amazing to see, do a drive-by with your dog!  You won’t be disappointed! Woof!

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