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What kind of cat are you?

By Gay Published: August 8, 2009

Can you match your personality to one of these ten breeds?

.. You enjoy socializing

1.  You’re exotic, but you are a bit mischievous—that’s just due to your playful, happy nature.  You are not hyperactive, but you do have a gregarious personality.  You love people and dogs and cats and you go in for a little rough-and-tumble.  You are very affectionate and you demand attention.   Oh—you are really quite beautiful.

2.  You are even-tempered and not much throws you off game.  You are very sweet, pretty, and loving.  Having an affectionate nature, you love people and although you prefer people to other animals, you can get along with most anyone.

3. You are sweet, smart and like to cuddle.  Although you are strong and regal, you are very affectionate and docile.  You love people and seek out their companionship.  You have a well-developed musculature, and boy, are you sleek!

4. You are so loving, you hang around and onto your person as much as possible.  You love fun and playing, and you particularly like playing catch and fetch.  You like to be outdoors.

5. You are robust but quiet.  You smile frequently, a good method of getting your own way.   You like to lie around, and you don’t mind other animals.  However, you prefer to be loyal to one person.  You will get up from a nap and check things out.

6.  You are very inquisitive and like to know what is going on. You enjoy socializing with cats and people, and you like to be up high.  You often will jump up on a shoulder! You are devoted to your family.

7. Fun-loving, gentle and extremely devoted to their families, you are known to prowl your territory to guard against intruders.  Extremely intelligent and beautiful, you talk with sweet chirps.  You are affectionate and love to curl up with a person.

8.  You adore everybody and everything—everyone is your friend.  Quiet and intelligent, you purr loudly, for long periods of time, even to put themselves to sleep.  You are outgoing and friendly.

9. As soon as you are held, you go limp in the person’s arms. You enjoy most everyone and are friendly.  You like company, but you are content to sit quietly if no one is available.  You are extraordinarily affectionate  and have a docile, sweet personality.

10.  You are one of the strongest breeds, and despite your size, you are agile and intelligent.  Quite cunning, too!  Although you love to be gently petted, you are a bit of a loner.  You express contentment by swishing your tail, and you love water and are an adept swimmer.


1. Bengal

2. Birman

3. Bombay

4. Burmese


6. Korat

7. Maine Coon

8. Norwegian Forest

9. Ragdoll

10. Turkish Van

By Gay Fifer, owner, Parsley Hollow

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