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What to do if your animal is choking

By Ohio.com Published: August 27, 2012

What to do when your pet is choking? It's not as simple as giving a human the Heimlich. Your pet may be scared from choking and isn't preconditioned to understand what you're doing.

Animal first aid expert Denise Fleck tells Animal Nation the first thing you want to do is let the animal try to cough it out first. If that doesn't work, try to see into their mouth to see what the obstruction may be. Seeing what your pet is choking on will help you decide how to remove it properly. Do it wrong and you could push the object further into the pet's throat.

If removing it by hand doesn't work, you'll have to perform the animal version of the Heimlich. To do so, crouch behind your animal and place a fisted hand below your animal's rib cage on either the right or left side. Clasp your fisted hand with your other hand and put your chest on the animal's back.

Things are different if you have a smaller pet, like a cat. There, you place the animal between your knees and gently strike between their shoulder blades with the heel of your hand. If that doesn't work, try the animal Heimlich.

Here is the video from Yahoo:



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