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Who is the pack leader, you or your dog?

By jim Published: July 14, 2009

Marc Goldberg appears to be the "Dog Whisperer" of Chicago. He even has pictures of him with Cesar Millan, for whatever that is worth. I will give him his due for the article he penned, "Are You a Leader or a Follower?" It lays out the realities of how a dog thinks, reacts and the importance of being the pack leader:

You live with a predator. He is not human.

He is armed with fangs for slashing flesh and molars for crushing bone. His jaw may exert nine hundred pounds per square inch of pressure. He has forty-two teeth in all.

He is a social animal. Left to his own kind, he will live in a clearly organized pack led by a dominant male and a dominant female. Serious challenges to the social structure will be met swiftly and violently.

Yet, a strong survival and social instinct inhibits this killer from harming his own kind unless necessary to maintain order. Thus, he speaks a complex and rich language with which he can advertise his intentions. He assures his pack mates that he means no harm, but that he will defend his rank within the pack.

He is an animal. He is a predator. He is opportunistic. He understands social order, his place in that order, and lacking strong leadership from above, he is ready to assume control of his pack. He is ready to defend his pack from outsiders. And he is ready to protect it from social unrest within.

He is your dog.

Read Marc's full article here.


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