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Why Ohioans should support a ban on dog auctions

By jim Published: December 1, 2009

By Laura Allen

Thousands of dogs kept by commercial dog breeders are brought to Ohio each year where it is still legal to sell them at auctions. In Pennsylvania, for example, it has been illegal for some time to buy and sell dogs at auctions. Commercial dog breeders or “puppy mills” in Pennsylvania and other states bring their dogs to Ohio, places like the Buckeye Dog Auction in Holmes County, where they can be auctioned off to other puppy mills like used cars or old furniture.

Except these are living, sentient beings.

Most dogs sold at Ohio auctions have been abused, incarcerated in a small, overcrowded cages, used for breeding over and over without proper nutrition or sanitation, clean water, adequate veterinary care, exercise, grooming or socialization and love. These commercial breeders profit at the expense of humane care for the dogs. Dogs abused in this way are then sold or dumped at auctions in Ohio. Dog auctions are a way cruel commercial dog breeders can increase their profits from over-breeding dogs. Dog auctions facilitate the cruelty of the pet trade.

Remember dogs are very social companion animals, not “breeding stock” as many commercial dog breeders call them. Dogs should be adopted by people who can provide love and proper care, not sold to the highest bidder like unused inventory. Also, about one third of dogs from puppy mills, including those used for breeding will end up in public shelters, an increasing burden to Ohio taxpayers.

Go here to help stop the cruelty by signing the petition to support a ballot initiative to ban Ohio dog auctions at

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