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Woman Pays $10,000 To Get Stolen Dog Back

By jim Published: June 10, 2009

Lexi the dog is home and the woman who lost her is thrilled, even though she is out $10,000 cash.

Debby Brown said her pet chorkie - a Chihuahua and yorkie mix - went missing Friday night outside the Elephant Bar restaurant on Willow Pass Road in Concord, California.

Brown said she and her boyfriend went inside the restaurant to get some food to go, leaving Lexi inside the locked car with the air conditioning running.

Somebody broke out the car window and took Lexi, said Brown.

Desperate to get the dog back, Brown and her boyfriend posted fliers all around the Concord area, offering a $10,000 reward, no questions asked. The reward signs also promised not to prosecute if the dog was returned.

Click for full story or view the video news report.


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