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The Horse and the Girl

By Carol Published: April 20, 2011

This is not a story but more like a poem that I wrote for my teenage daughter. I wrote this to encourage her and let her know how proud I am of her for her strength and compassion.  She was recently hurt deeply by someone close to her because she did not want to show a horse. This is my gift to her and I was hoping it would touch others as well! So, to all that love animals without exploiting them~

The horse no one had time for and the girl people said doesn't love horses. The horse loves the girl, he comes to her from the herd. The horse watches the girl and moves with her, he leans into her caress. The girl that does not love horses embraces and cares for the horse.

The girl leads an elderly horse some days, one with no eye on one side and a ruptured eye on the other. The elderly horse is crippled too but has spirit, he wants to live. The girl speaks softly to him and brushes him, she makes his companion the donkey feel wanted.

The girl who did not love horses cared for another ancient horse who would not eat anymore. She fed him with her hands, hoping for his heart to be lifted. Yet another, he was very sick and thrashed in pain, she stood by calmly and did what she could to help instead of turning away in fear.

Others say she does not love the horse because she does not exploit him, she does not impress the riders and the people in the spot light. She speaks her love through her soul to know the horse as he is and wishes to be.

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