(Top five finishers in each division, team name, hometown, team members, time and overall finish among the 1,109 teams competing.)

1. TEAM ISIS A, Westlake; Shannon McConville, Caity Phillips, Kaitlyn Chambers, Ellie Hess and Colleen Byrne; 2:51:35 (6).
2. NO MEN NECESSARY, Akron; Amy Hovan, Sabrina Donatelli, Denise Young, Lindsey Zeuch and Kristen Downing; 2:53:34 (7).
3. FOUR FREAKY FAST FEMALES, Parkman; Janet Edwards, Elizabeth Hansen, Elizabeth Hansen, Elizabeth Heier and Laura Pizmoht; 2:53:57 (9).
4. KENT STATE XC ALUMNI, Uniontown, Pa.; Angela Dy, Jessica May, Jennifer Brothers, Colleen Tate and Kimberly Plough; 3:00:27 (13).
5. FIVE FABULOUS FEMALES, Columbus; Tina Mohn, Laura Santagata, Patty Johnson, Suzie Hazel and Danielle Koch; 3:09:13 (25).
6. ATAK'M, Cuyahoga Falls; Terri Dombrosky, Mindy Bolgrin, Kristin Skrinyer, Andra Sanders and Cheryl Mitchell; 3:15:27 (36).
7. 30 SOMETHINGS, Rocky River; Stephanie Polutnik, Sarah Russell, Amy Solkiewicz, Sarah Lang and Kristy Hill; 3:24:46 (72).
8. RUNNING WITH ENDURANCE (HEBREWS 12:1), Rittman; Heidi Rufener, Roxanne Gerber, Leah Gasser, Jenny Rupp and Laura Rufener; 3:27:52 (86).
9. TEAM ST FRANCIS, Mayfield Hts; Sandy Brady, Amber Polisena, Wendy Toth, Anh Marella and Kyra Forrest; 3:36:52 (124).
10. YOUNG GIRLS, Uniontown; Holly Miller, Holly Largent, Jackie Maag, Heidi Miller and Heather Smith; 3:38:08 (129).
11. COOL RUNNING, Copley; Caitlin Abramovich, Kim Frazee, Ashley Myers, Jennifer Loomis and Amber Polen; 3:42:58 (171).
12. UP AT DAWN DIVAS, Akron; Teresa Peterson, Grace Dexter, Elizabeth Sullivan, Christie Sullivan and Tiffany Sullivan; 3:43:34 (174).
13. 5 FRIENDS RUN 4 FUN, Akron; Danielle Stamper, Joanna Reese, Allie Armstrong, Faith Truthan and Gale Truthan; 3:48:17 (218).
14. MYERS MILERS 1, Akron; Laura Manson, Tricia Perduk, Lesley Jarolim, Anita Lammert and Peggy Contrera; 3:48:19 (221).
15. HOW'S THE VIEW FROM BACK THERE?!, Parma Heights; Sara Franczkowski, Heather Nevins, Teresa Witherspoon, Jenna Dean and Jackie Gray; 3:48:46 (227).
16. RUNNIN ON EMPTY, Wadsworth; Stacey Love, Dawn Saporito, Tammy Craig, Deborah Bard and Debbie Young; 3:49:18 (236).
17. PHILLIPIANS 4:13, New Philadelphia; Christa Frantz, Marybeth Baumberger, Jessica Ferris, Christa Frantz and Susan Lowry; 3:49:58 (244).
18. RUNNERS ARE FUNNER, Madison, Ohio; Becky Barton, Cheryl Bissler, Kimi Jessup, Brynn Ryan and Jill Martin; 3:50:05 (245).
19. NORTHFIELD FIVE, Northfield; Jaime Hoon, Jamie Paullin, Nichole Notarian, Michelle Harmon and Jen Gruber; 3:50:21 (252).
20. SPC CROSSFIT 4, Stow; Courtney Baliman, Charlie Baliman, Earline Feugill, Jessica Lilly and Jen Sepi; 3:51:10 (265).
21. HILLS YEAH!, Canton; Karen Deitrick, Kelly Farber, Julie Puterbaugh, Jean Showalter and Nicole Osullivan; 3:51:57 (283).
22. STRONG IS THE NEW SKINNY, Akron; Clare Scantling, Annie Scantling, Shannon Cahalan, Katelyn Miller and Natalie O'Brien; 3:53:22 (300).
23. BOOT CAMP FIT TEAM 1, Twinsburg; Lisa Banach, Beth Lippert, Beth McAlvey, Michelle Unangst and Annabelle Liotta; 3:53:32 (305).
24. THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF SUMMIT COUNTY, Macedonia; Jill Malone, Rebecca Fleming, Donna Jackson, Darby Gravino and Jessica Endress; 3:53:49 (310).
25. MUSKIES, PARTY OF FIVE, Vermilion; Kimi Fowler, Jen Pilchak, Jessica Rowland, Chelsea Morris and Molly Stout; 3:54:07 (314).
26. KEPNER'S COURT, Cuyahoga Falls; Margaret Brown, Katie Morgan, Amy Moran, Nancy Martinez and Nancy Martinez; 3:54:34 (323).
27. 30 SOMETHIN' GIRLS GONE RUNNIN', Uniontown; Nicole Meyer, Christy Fahey, Becky Eckels, Misty Franklin and Amanda Lemp; 3:57:47 (374).
28. PHEASANT HILL CHICS, Wadsworth; Kay Ruffin, Christi Lalli, Sherri Shaffer, Maryanne Nelson and Janine Brown; 3:58:18 (379).
29. I'M HERE FOR MIC!, Uniontown; Leigh Gang, Amy McDougal, Erin Swartzwelder, Nikki Carr and Deborah Johnson; 3:58:20 (380).
30. ARE WE THERE YET?, Medina; Alanna Gasper, Alexa McCleaster, Kelsey Weigel, Michelle Weigel and Leah Geissman; 3:58:41 (391).
31. TACHOPHOBIA, Youngstown; Sarah Garcia, Shannon Claxton, Aimee West, Sarah Spencer and Stephanie Silberman; 4:00:36 (419).
32. RACING TURTLES, Medina; Sophie Zupsansky, Lori Baum, Fayette Adams, Sherri Chaffins and Megan Strine; 4:00:46 (422).
33. 5 MOMS ON THE RUN, Medina; Tracy Thomas, Evelyn Bohmer, Danette Sigmon, Colleen Loredo and Michelle Gruber; 4:00:48 (424).
34. AULTMAN NURSE EXECUTIVES GET IT!, Canton; Tiffany Good Witmer, Shelley Johnosn, Rebecca Kiko, Anne Gunther and Kelly Lilly; 4:01:19 (428).
35. ICU NURSES RUNNING, Norton; Betsy Peterson, Carol Youngblood, Christine Garra, Kelly Wise and Emily Byers; 4:01:27 (430).
36. FIVE FIT MAMAS, Stow; Heidi Lee, Danae Labocki, Katy Masone, Joslynn Kever and Linsey Smith; 4:01:59 (441).
37. WII NOT FIT, Akron; Chelsea Golden, Laura Noble, Brittany Partin, Caitlin Whaley and Holly Waters-Williams; 4:02:32 (456).
38. THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MEDINA COUNTY, Wadsworth; Paula Nicholas, Jana Weinreich, Angie Mendel, Melinda Black and Nikki Farson; 4:02:46 (460).
39. TEAM HYDRIVETTES, Fairlawn; Patrice McDermott, Renee Flannery, Mindy Zimmerman, Dana Salamone and Tina Scanlon; 4:03:05 (467).
40. BOOT CAMP FIT TEAM 2, Twinsburg; Kelly Anderson, Amy Wright, Shannon Kearns, Erin Sweeney and Noelle Corrigan; 4:03:24 (472).
41. JAKAS, Copley; Angela Mendise, Annie Steller, Jen Montisano, Stephanie Terranova and Kelly Paulus; 4:05:01 (490).
42. BOOT CAMP FIT TEAM 3, Aurora, Ohio; Megan Janzig, Jennifer Aspinall, Karyn Pendergast, Cassandra Voltz and Darlene Sledge; 4:05:05 (492).
43. U HAVE THE RIGHT 2 REMAIN RUNNING, Canton; Rachel Carosello, Rachel Daniel, Katie Volpe, Heather Nass and Julie Haymond; 4:05:18 (499).
44. CKS, Charleston, W.Va.; Cullen Naumoff, Cullen Naumoff, Kaley Egli, Kimberlee Rohrer and Kirstie Mahas; 4:05:19 (500).
45. HEMONC HOTTIES, Peninsula; Denise Lahoski, Kristin Bursa, Sarah Blakely, Amber Anderson and Tammie Noland; 4:05:28 (502).
46. PROCRASTYNATORS, North Canton; Alex Cochran, Kelli Howard, Terri Cochran, Meredith Cordray and Emily McMullin; 4:05:38 (504).
47. FOX FORCE FIVE, Hudson; Meghan Vaillancourt, Julie Boehringer, Kara Clark, Traci Wells and Jyl McLaughlin; 4:06:07 (507).
48. ASHTABULA AWESOMENESS, Ashtabula; Stephanie Corlew, Traci Kitinoja, Jill Valentic, Anita Gierke and Diedre Flemming; 4:07:45 (528).
49. TEARS FOR BEERS, Akron; Kelly Espy, Jenn Kline, Kristen Warnke, Stacy Speegle and Carla Thoman; 4:07:47 (529).
50. RUNEGADES, Twinsburg; Stephanie Lee, Shoshanna Forbes, Ryann Sohaney, Emilie Prot and Amy Vagedes; 4:08:11 (534).
51. TEAM PINKBERRY, Louisville, Ohio; Angela Gibson, Lori Hemphill, Trudy Gehring, Kathy Patterson and Maria Mashcen; 4:09:21 (553).
52. RUNNING WITH SCIZZORS, Strasburg; Shari Yenny, Tara Stahl, Veronica Studer, Kesha Miller and Alyssa Sulzener; 4:10:05 (564).
53. TEAM CHUB RUB!, Medina; Erin Marchant, Kimberly Morgan, Valerie Okonieski, Sarah Mussman and Laura Frasher; 4:11:02 (579).
54. CANTON SOUTH MEDICAL WILDCATS, Canton; Jennifer Krusemark, Julia Nees, Allison Marsden, Stephanie Rodrigues and Shauna Masonbrink; 4:11:09 (585).
55. PIZZA BABES, Kent; Cassie Rhodes, Kimberly Wallis, Jeanne Borbely, Ashley Doloresco and Jennifer Smallfield; 4:11:17 (588).
56. DOIN' IT FOR THE MEDAL, Medina; Denise Ellis, Lisa Eliason, Elaine Lamb, Kimberly Moon and Laurel Mader; 4:11:33 (596).
57. BETHUNE+1, Northfield Townsh; Dedria Price, Jacqueline Hawley, Kristina Inzana, Justine Ianiro and Carmen Cody; 4:12:10 (607).
58. AKRON FABULOUS 5, Cincinnati; Maggie McShaffrey, Breanna McCausland, Alysse Dambrot, Nancy Klee and Amy Dagilis; 4:12:44 (618).
59. GREECE-Y GIRLS, Lexington, Ohio; Marissa Watson, Megan Gallagher, Cassandra Barlow, Molly Cuenot and Emma McMannis; 4:12:53 (619).
60. UA SWIMMING AND DIVING, Fairview, Pa.; Amanda Lawson, Rachel Szymkowiak, Meghan Pearson, Rachel Hunsinger and Margaret Finnerty; 4:14:15 (640).
61. SEVEN CHAIRS WITH FIVE LEGS, Rootstown; Koreen Ward, Erin West, Erin Magrino, Makenna Lewis and Diane Makebakken; 4:14:26 (643).
62. GET FITTERS 2, Wickliffe; Antoinette Freeburg, Kim Hardy, Candace Perkins, Carla Reid and Theresa Secor; 4:14:35 (647).
63. RUN4JOY, Uniontown; Joy Palone, Catherine Vickers, Ginelle Breyer, Kelley Palone and Michelle Schulz; 4:14:37 (648).
64. HLS (HONORS LADIES SOCIETY), Akron; Abigail Piaskowski, Melissa Headland, Kristin Tripi, Emily Harig and Maggie Knisley; 4:17:16 (688).
65. MOMS ON THE RUN, Austintown; Jamie Daggett, Nicole Carrabbia, Rachelle Severn, Roklyn Deperro Turner and Holly Sandy; 4:17:17 (690).
66. BOBER MARKEY FEDOROVICH, Brecksville; Samantha Buemi, Jessica Tepus, Melissa Dunham, Jeanine Black and Monica Clark; 4:17:35 (694).
67. MARATHON MAMAS, Louisville, Ohio; Jillian Humphrey, Katti Simkanin, Joy King, Melanie Randall and Christina Romans; 4:18:02 (703).
68. KICKIN' ASPHALT, North Canton; Cathy Lukach, Jessica Thacker, Emily Lukach, Angela Klettlinger and Megan Johnson; 4:18:25 (706).
69. RUNNING AGAINST THE WIND, Akron; Sandi Moore, Sarah Gullia, Sarah Gullia, Kim Trifero and Marcy Janus; 4:18:54 (712).
70. LADIES IN MOTION, Mogadore; April Andrick, Ashley Hite, Sarah Gartner, Alyssa Abney and Jessie Swartout; 4:20:42 (736).
71. HOTTIE TOTTIES, Akron; Kayla Atchison, Jessica Doak, Jessica Fueston, Alexis Hipkins and Courtney Koeth; 4:22:04 (754).
72. SLOW POKES, Cuyahoga Falls; Brittany Murray, Michelle Joyce, Amy Williams, Lauren Buxman and Gabrielle Houska; 4:22:11 (756).
73. ROWDY ROOKIES, Cuyahoga Falls; Valerie Murphy, Katie Strancar, Beth Dantz, Courtney Wenzel and Sara Hummel; 4:22:59 (768).
74. GRAMMY AND 4 AUNTIES, Akron; Catherine Buschko, Sara Fusco, Kelly Buschko, Stephanie Buschko and Gina Muehlheim; 4:23:36 (771).
75. SOVEREIGN GRACE WOMEN, Youngstown; Mindy Reigstad, Melissa Mager, Luella Allen, Wendy Richards and Justine Ickes; 4:23:43 (772).
76. ARCADIES LADIES, Stow; Shelley Banas, Erin Curtis, Stephanie Sidoti, Shelly Kendrick and Julie Lawson; 4:24:27 (776).
77. WE RUN THIS, Poland; Melinda Bucher, Whitney Jackson, Rachel Utendorf, Katie Moon and Sara Auclair; 4:24:29 (777).
78. SLPS CAN R-U-N, Barberton; Caroline Brindo, Diana Aey, Tricia Halenar, Melissa Brazelton and Melanie Vesner; 4:24:43 (778).
79. GET FITTERS 1, Wickliffe; Celeste Wainwright, Kim Shields, Marcell Perkins, Nicole Hardaway and Marvienne Talley; 4:25:03 (783).
80. IN IT TO FINISH IT!!!!, Kent; Lara Pilny, Stephanie Durr, Keri Hendrix, Juanita Jett and Marcia King; 4:25:23 (789).
81. MES RUNNERS, Marshallville; Angela Zimmerman, Christine Miller, April Henes, Kelli Sterling and Alyssa Snyder; 4:25:46 (793).
82. DANCING DIVAS, Akron; Shelbi Zeller, Kimberly Wheeler, Leah Howe, Becky Ciocca and Tia Zingale; 4:26:02 (800).
83. FIVE FIT WOMEN, Sharpsville, Pa.; Kim Anzevino, Cindy Lawrence, Wendi Sturm, Pam Kusar and Catherine Middendorf; 4:26:23 (805).
84. SCREAMING BLISTERS, Dayton; Amanda Fortman, Alicia Weininger, Stephanie Szczerban, Angie Morales and Megan Byrd; 4:26:39 (809).
85. I'D RATHER BE BOATING, Akron; Krista Beckman, Rachel Heflen, October Riggenbach, Kristy Castillo and Daneen Martin; 4:27:40 (814).
86. Y SOLE SISTERS, Waynesburg; Stacie Smith, Kylie Klass, Vickie McMorris, Lindsey Meredith and Patti Katz; 4:27:43 (816).
87. FIT CHICK FRESHMEN, Garrettsville; Jessie George, Beth Gregg, Jennifer Defrance, Angie Wirick and Jamie Keys; 4:28:16 (821).
88. FIVE CHIX NO DIX, Dover; Diane Thieband, Elizabeth Duche, Susie Barr, Nicole Sears and Diana Wellman; 4:29:27 (833).
89. ARTHRITIS RED & WHITE, Lodi; Linda Davis, Linda Davis, Karen Kilway, Andrea Depompei and Kimberly Ullman; 4:29:39 (834).
90. TARRY HOUSE 1, Stow; Emily Daw, Janelle Colecchi, Melanie Rafferty, Melanie Rafferty and Nickie Hayden; 4:29:43 (835).
91. RUM RUNNERS, Richfield; Tiffany Beech, Anna Casella, Kristen Lash, Madeline Mann and Brianna Nemmer; 4:30:07 (839).
92. WE DELIVER, Uniontown; Kelli Vannatten, Jennifer Shanholtzer, Jill Burns, Danielle Troutman and Angela Moore; 4:30:10 (840).
93. SEE S.P.O.T. RUN, Alliance, S.C.; Angela Brown, Karen Hustead, Abby Milano, Erin Namey and Melissa Scheibe; 4:30:35 (844).
94. CAMPUS FOCUS LADIES, Tallmadge; Emily Kozy, Paula Boehm, Tara Kies, Anna Herr and Alicia Ley; 4:30:39 (849).
95. KIDS WITH THE RUNS #5, Wadsworth; Brittani Ellis, Dana Minor, Elizabeth Brooke, Erica Meyer and Jen Brock; 4:31:53 (857).
96. POKEY MOMS, Akron; Laura Richardson, Patti Baumgartner, Rachele Kappler, Kelly Livesay and Tiffany Peets; 4:33:10 (864).
97. PITA'S, Akron; Rima Kanawati, Pamela Hudnall, Donna Moot, Robyn Strachan and Sue Camulli; 4:33:27 (868).
98. GIRLS RUN WILD, Bath; Nicole Spoonster, Lesley Weigand-Mccauley, Kiernen Spoonster, Kathleen Wills and Andrea Frye; 4:34:13 (875).
99. URINE OUR WAY, Uniontown; Kim Evans, Holly Rizzi, Mary Elliott, Tara Justice and Janeen Orcutt; 4:34:41 (879).
100. PARKSIDE PRINCESSES, Hartville; Amy Kunes, Abigail Flannery, Alison Walker, Karley Gruppen and Mikaela Lopez; 4:34:42 (880).
101. SISTERS WITH BLISTERS, Akron; Emily Baranek, Agatha Aquilia, Agatha Aquilia, Amy Hurst and Erin Baranek; 4:35:20 (884).
102. FEMME FATALE, Akron; Emily Obrien, Melissa Casebere, Rebecca Smedley, Kathleen Panzner and Elizabeth Nielson; 4:35:22 (886).
103. FAST FRIENDS, North Canton; Brady Fayen, Kristi Whlen, Bridget Tan, Debbie Vance and Tammi Shields; 4:35:26 (887).
104. OMGG'S, Stow; Cheri Stricklin, Amy Graham, Janice Greavu, Marianne Oviatt and Holly McLaughlin; 4:35:58 (891).
105. FOXY FAST 5, BUT MORE FOXY THAN FAST, Akron; Katherine Smith, Tiffany Jamison, Elizabeth Huebner, Lindsay Letterle and Brittany Gerstenslager; 4:35:59 (892).
106. KEEP GOING, WE'LL CATCH UP, Akron; Lisa Patterson, Roni Thomas, Tami Stecz, Melissa Allen and Betsy Heldreth; 4:36:06 (893).
107. NURSES ON THE RUN, Akron; Mary Fullen, Nicole Fullen, Linda Herberger, Connie Thompson and Theresa Fraser; 4:36:12 (894).
108. WILL RUN FOR CHOCOLATE, North Canton; Melynda Zepp, Nicole Bodenschatz, Sandy Brandle, Barbara Garver and Rhonda Jones; 4:36:28 (895).
109. 5 HOT MOM'S RUNNIN FOR A BEER!, Cortland; Kristie Miller, Kimberly Dancak, Wendy Dancak, Annette Humberson and Christina Roeder; 4:37:00 (899).
110. SOLE STRIDERS, Streetsboro; Lauren Blankenship, Allison Parsons, Renee Messenger, Jessica Goodman and Ronda Williams; 4:37:00 (900).
111. UNITED BAPTIST TEAM 1, Akron; Sherlonda Primes, Novella Dent, Dee Dee Pitts, Lakesh Hayes and Bridget Tharp; 4:37:10 (904).
112. FOUR DOLLS AND A DUSTIN, Clinton; Melinda Davis, Toni Metzger, Hester Whitt, Jennifer Salazar and Megan Bruno; 4:37:20 (906).
113. WESTSIDE WINGFOOTS, Akron; Beth Dannemiller, Rana Lepp, Michele Walsh, Vicki Mercer and Annie Laurie Chelovitz; 4:37:21 (907).
114. THE BIRD HAS LANDED, Akron; Emily Clark, Ali Foreman, Kara Hendrick, Colleen Kline and Lauren Miller; 4:37:43 (912).
115. GIRLS ON THE RUN, Munroe Falls; Virginia Swansinger, Allison Swansinger, Gina Dipaulo, Charlene Schultz and Jennifer Mansfield; 4:38:39 (920).
116. PAVEMENT PRINCESSES, Columbus; Kelsie Bredon, Julia Salinas, Tamarah Scott, Erica Langley and Angie Gonzalez; 4:39:00 (922).
117. FEMME FATALES, Akron; Mary Plazo, Jane Gramlich, Cheri Goldner, Sarah Moore and Beth Hollis; 4:39:37 (928).
118. VICTORIOUS SECRET VIXENS, Columbus; Stacey Linn, Laura Conley, Katie Kuczinski, Jamie Linn and Kristel Rubio; 4:39:57 (934).
119. AKRON GENERAL ANGELS, Akron; Kara Vance, Amy Svab, Christine Jenkins, Beth Weber and Jessica Jelinek; 4:40:23 (938).
120. BABY CATCHERS, Akron; Anita Tamirisa, Elizabeth Sterrett, Natalie Parker, Elise Schrop and Sara Meyer; 4:40:57 (945).
121. LUNCHOLOGY, Hudson; Barbara Stamatis, Barbara Roberts, Kristi Thomas, Barbara Blake and Erin Spring; 4:42:24 (956).
122. GIRLS OF GREEN, Uniontown; Jennifer Neel, Krista Schweitzer, Kristen Metzger, Gillian Miller and Liz Damstra; 4:43:01 (959).
123. TEAM LAVA II - NOT SO FAST BUT DAMN HOT!, Canton; Molly Egner, Katie Bastine, Lacey Devore, Anne Koutsis and Kelly Keim; 4:43:03 (961).
124. M.O.M. (MARGARITAS ON MONDAY), Richfield; Michaela Heeb, Ellyn Kastelic, Kathy Torma, Debbie Hermann and Lisa Summerville; 4:43:34 (965).
125. JOYFUL JOGGERS, Creston; Sherri Atanasov, Sheila Gucker, Krista Asher, Lisa McLuckie and Kelly Yarman; 4:44:14 (970).
126. 1 CORINTHIANS 9:27, Akron; Carrie Kayes, Julie Perkins, Beth Carter, Elizabeth Mash and Shelby Moore; 4:44:30 (974).
127. I CAN'T FEEL MY LEGS, Wadsworth; Amy Spangler, Deborah Smith, Janel Koellner, Renee Duchon and Nicole Hassan; 4:44:55 (977).
128. JAXON 5, Canal Fulton; Julie Kovick, Fran Bartholomew, Jennifer Baugher, Nikki Kovick and Lori Stayer; 4:45:05 (978).
129. SAND RUN SLOTHS, N Canton; Katrina Burns, Monica Linkowski, Elizabeth Sucharzewski, Laura Crouse and Rebecca Jackson; 4:45:54 (982).
130. TEAM ETHAN, Tallmadge; Jennifer Justice-Carter, Sarah Fairhurst, Gia Hudak, Lisa James and Diane Conway; 4:46:32 (984).
131. KARI US TO THE END, Akron; Kari Miller, Celeste Cripe, Erin Cooper, Julia Gregos and Valerie Schmotzer; 4:47:20 (988).
132. SUNSE, Hudson; Joyce Zubay, Sahar Hosseinarab, Sandra Gruich, Betsy Gersten and Jennifer Sinha; 4:47:28 (989).
133. RUNNING GENES, Akron; Julie Dattoma, Jennifer Stein, Connie Motter, Julie Wright and Tiffany Turner; 4:47:57 (992).
134. ROCKSTARS, Wadsworth; Casey Garner, Shay Mulford, Erica Voss, Julie Wyatt and Taylor Wyatt; 4:49:46 (1,004).
135. SPI LADIES, Chagrin Falls; Kimberly Stewart, Jody Norris, Valerie Johnson, Susan Malinowski and Rachel Hinton; 4:50:07 (1,008).
136. HEART TO HEARTS, Stow; Wendy Geopfert, Jessica Peters, Lisa Kozlowski, Madonna Neff and Tracy Williams; 4:50:24 (1,011).
137. IN IT TO THIN IT, Mantua; Emma Kennedy, Megan Kothera, Katie Corr, Brenda Groselle and Sarita Clark; 4:50:42 (1,016).
138. GET TO THE FINISH LINE, Akron; Stacy Renz, Marianne Thompson, Lindsay Young, Lesli Ryder and Kristin Rizzo; 4:51:16 (1,019).
139. THE YOUNG AND THE REST OF US, Westlake; Apryl Harbaugh, Diana Horton, Kris Williams, Crystal Coburn and Crystal Kinnaird; 4:55:46 (1,040).
140. HYLAND'S TIGERS, Clinton; Susanne Wisor, Nora Wisor, Wendy Facchini, Michele Sollenberger and Laura Weber; 4:55:56 (1,041).
141. JUST DEWEY IT!, Akron; Kate Hamper, Emily Yohn, Diane Nagy, Robyn Vittek and Elizabeth Pantuso; 4:57:14 (1,045).
142. YA-YA SISTERHOOD, Fairlawn; Marianne Boshara, Alexandra Houser Vukoder, Nazaree Milan, Tracy Bowen and Brenda McDowell; 4:59:03 (1,051).
143. RUN4YOURLIFE, Akron; Jeannette King, April Linder, Bobbie Cloyd, Zulekha Sharp Sharp and Bertha Jenkins; 5:00:59 (1,058).
144. SLOW IS THE NEW FAST, Newton Falls; Lindsay Davis, April Largent, Laura Zigman Oleksa, Rebecca Ash and Rebecca Spuhler; 5:01:18 (1,060).
145. TOWPATH TURTLES, Cuyahoga Falls; Tessa Rider, Lisa May, Christa Hammontree, L. Fischer and Sarah Torok; 5:03:00 (1,064).
146. BRYNMAR BABES AND BUDDY, Medina; Joelle Slimmer, Becky Ehlers, Angie Smith, Christen Graf and Meredith Bulan; 5:05:17 (1,068).
147. THE BINNY SKITCHES, Medina; Heather Tribout, Megan Tribout, Meredith Longstreet, Jacquelyn Wludyga and Kimberly Behnke; 5:05:28 (1,069).
148. RED HOT RUNNERS, Hermitage, Pa.; Lorraine Koprivnak, Jamie Chlpka, Amy Hines, Megan Ondo and Kara Wasser; 5:06:28 (1,070).
149. THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF RANDOLPH, Atwater; Erin Hamilton, Kelly Dibona, Erin Kuzma, Katie Rodenbucher and Kristin Hall; 5:07:27 (1,071).
150. TEAM ETHAN 2, Kent; Sandra Costa, Kimberly Parks, Mandy Lutz, Tyra Kremling and Ben Mackey; 5:08:52 (1,072).
151. RED HORSE WINOS, Doylestown; Courtney Dannemiller, Beth Braman, Laura Lindquist, Kathi Galehouse and Michelle Agnoni; 5:09:43 (1,075).
152. SOLE SISTERS, Barberton; Samantha Bellman, Sheila Velo, Julie Trapani, Kathryn Wieland and Paula Davis; 5:09:57 (1,076).
153. ALLA MODA FITCHICKS, Kent; Janet Kovick, Jody Rogers, Mary Shaffer, Karla Rhoads and L Oreskovich; 5:13:43 (1,086).
154. TEAM HOPE, Ravenna; Heather Kubala, Kristen Cimera, Joy Pahls, Michele Harrison and Sarah Schrag; 5:16:31 (1,089).
155. RAYS OF HOPE, Gates Mills; Ruth Chapman, Joann Zarkovacki, Rebecca Moreland, Lillian Zarkovacki and Rebecca Berkes; 5:18:07 (1,092).
156. THE TORTOISES, Hartville; Nancy Hohmann, Beverly Morrisey, Carrie Leopold, Stefani Fee and Kristen Harkless; 5:22:20 (1,095).
157. RUNNING LIKE GIRLS, Lakewood; Gina Corbin, Deepa Mittal, Maureen Stauffer, Roberta Bryer-King and Mrinal Painter; 5:23:33 (1,096).
158. VICTORIOUS SECRET, Canton; Brianne Bixby, Robin Woods, Aven Snyder, Rhonda Gindlesperger and Michele Marano; 5:24:04 (1,097).
159. CHICKS WITH KICKS, North Canton; Jen Sedlak, Sharon Airpilla, Rebecca Willison, Gina Carlson and Mary Katherine Stahura; 5:26:39 (1,098).
160. ADVANCED POLY CHICKS, Akron; Davida Layne, Pam Robinson, Sou Ternosky, Suzanne Swanson and Brianna Evelsizer; 5:29:45 (1,100).
161. TEAM LAVA I - NOT SO FAST BUT DAMN HOT!, Cleveland; Karyn Christian, Beth Sherer, Vicki Fulimeni, Emily Super and Noreen Ulrick; 5:35:53 (1,101).
162. CHICKS ON THE RUN, Stow; Frances Kail, Regina Davis, Aimi Zajac, Margaret Kever and Michelle Morgan; 5:36:08 (1,102).
163. SS&G TURTLES, Akron; Heather Ross, Darlene Cikity, Tina Musci, Theresa Wilson and Kimberly Stavropulos; 5:58:11 (1,107).
164. TEAM WWWT, Uniontown; Shawna Ramey, Kathy Wright, Mary Beth Spitznagel, Lou Ann Fulmer and Candace Hilton; 5:59:00 (1,108).

1. YOUR MOMS..., Malvern; Diana Furey, Kellie Johnson, Sharon Shahan, Lisa Rogers and Julia Fiorentino; 3:13:50 (32).
2. STRAP-IT-ON, Akron; Peggy Melhus, Kimberly Read, Renee Dimeo, Jennifer Black and Diane Hibbard; 3:33:54 (115).
3. TEAM BLTN, Akron; Christine Myeroff, Sandra Kornick, Gail Wilkes, June Getzinger and Rose Andrews; 3:56:44 (359).
4. HOT FLASH, Twinsburg; Lori Harrison, Tracy Humbert, Carol Osgood, Ruth Pickens and Sheila Spayde; 3:59:01 (393).
5. FEDEX CUSTOM CRITICAL 1, Hartville; Jennifer Slates, Carla Sturm, Ellen Dedinsky, Karen Faber and Eileen Pologi; 4:02:17 (450).
6. 5 AROUND FIFTY, Richfield; Deborah Owens, Kit Gibson, Peggy Porter Wagner, Kristi Pielstick and Anne Volk; 4:10:45 (571).
7. SMELLS LIKE TEAM SPIRIT, Hudson; Lisa Pierce, Tempe Zucker, Rebecca Hartline, Melissa Ford and Amy Fultz; 4:17:01 (683).
8. RLAM, Brecksville; Julianne Rose, Sherri Bonamer, Angela Frajter, Marisa Kurak and Erin Harwood; 4:18:48 (711).
9. THIS ISN'T SOFTBALL!, Tallmadge; Deanna Pratt, Tammy Bratton, Angela Wilson, Patty Burdon and Jennifer Saxon; 4:19:50 (723).
10. AS GOOD AS IT GETS, Akron; Deanna Horrigan, Jackie Ludle, Sue Hagey, Heather Tassiello and Tracy Deitrick; 4:36:58 (898).
11. RUN NEDO, RUN!, Hudson; Beth Madis, Pam Korenewych, Kim Gallagher, Susan Watkins and Vicki Deppisch; 4:39:51 (932).
12. AGONAL BREATHERS, Kent; Aileen Jencius, Laurie Browncroyts, Susan Sikora, Patricia Heilmann and Traci Kalpac; 4:49:05 (1,001).
13. IRISH RUNNERS, Akron; Jill Fulkerson, Gina Mendiola, Christine Thomas Ii, Karen Manna and Winnie Neugebauer; 4:55:41 (1,038).

1. SECOND SOLE, Canton; Ryan Kienzle, Leo Kormanik, Andy Morgan, Mitch Williams and Aiman Scullion; 2:12:13 (1).
2. TEAM CLEVELAND: THE MAYOR JACKSON 5, North Ridgeville; Stephen Benesh, Aaron Apathy, Chris Fyock, Andrew Riggins and Kyle Komer; 2:20:50 (2).
3. MAXIMUM VELOCITY, Alliance; Justin Boggs, Joshua Boggs, Jonathan Bolha, Greg Mickel and Trevor Popielec; 2:28:34 (3).
4. TOO MUCH BEER AND NOT ENOUGH TRAINING, Copley; Lee Bender, Rich Wisneski, David Dobos, Greg Schimmoeller and McKay Henretty; 2:42:16 (5).
5. WILDCAT ALUMS, Mogadore; Jonathon Raddish, Kevin Somerville, Daniel Menefee, Tim Raddish and Matt Shull; 2:54:17 (10).
6. TEAM RED WHITE AND BLUE (CHS), Copley; Matt Nedolast, Justin Hastings, Zach Walker, Ben Soltis and Jon Garrison; 3:03:17 (16).
7. AKRON GENERAL 1, Barberton; Butch Sukie, Dave Fiser, Steve Gorsuch, Kevin Debos and Justin Fiser; 3:03:18 (17).
8. NO NAMES PLEASE, Akron; D N, Brian Lusk, Nathan Rogers, Matthew Nyeste and Francesco Devitis; 3:07:45 (21).
9. CROSSFIT AKRON, Cuyahoga Falls; Jon Albrecht, Marcel Bahr, Brian Frerichs, Jason Haas and John Scantling; 3:08:52 (24).
10. RUNNING RESISTANCE, Akron; Andrew Anderson, Domenic Giampaolo, Andrew Svenson, John Laughlin and Walt Tletski; 3:09:15 (26).
11. L'OREAL'S NEXT TOP MODELS, Twinsburg; Justin Forbes, Max Macesich, David Zuppert, Paul Kasper and Jeremy Scheffler; 3:10:12 (27).
12. TOP RUN, Richfield; Michael Maney, Chris Congeni, Jonathan Congeni, Kyle Kutuchief and Ryan Huffman; 3:13:44 (31).
13. MONKEYS WITH MALLETS, Stow; Matt Dilisio, Patrick Riley Jr., Jeff Junko, Scott Shemory and Ryan Fitzgerald; 3:15:23 (35).
14. BOOT CAMP FIT, Stow; Michael Giardina, Erich Setele, Steve Doyle, Mark Annichine and Greg Schwartz; 3:16:09 (40).
15. TEAM MERCURY, N Canton; Vince Scalera, Mark Chapman, Bryan Short, Francis Bertoini and Marvin Hall; 3:17:32 (46).
16. BIEBER FEVER, Akron; Samuel Rosen, Corey Gray, Adam Rosen, Greg Shank and Nick Stallone; 3:18:40 (49).
17. SWAGELOK - VSG PE, Brecksville; Andrew Kenner, James Hayes, Robert Hernandez, Jason Majewski and Ben Huszti; 3:19:03 (51).
18. *DONKEY*, Hiram; Jason Groselle, Cody Kothera, Michael Kennedy, Kurt Ragle and Jeremy Bailey; 3:19:06 (53).
19. SPC CROSSFIT 2, Kent; Kyle Kline, Tobin Jurging, Franco Caponi, Craig Charton and John Phillips; 3:21:15 (57).
20. BLUE STREAKERS, Canton; Adam Booth, Keith Marsteller, John Booth, Adam Booth and Scott Cassidy; 3:21:28 (58).
21. TEAM DARMON, Mogadore; Mitchell Darmon, Jonathan Darmon, William Darmon, Steven Darmon and Mitchell Darmon; 3:21:32 (59).
22. NLS ROCK GUYS, Uniontown; Ken Dinwiddie, Andrew Dix, Mario Giganti, Paul Deluca and Michael Testa; 3:22:01 (61).
23. WAKE UP RUNNING CLUB, Wadsworth; Michael Ferry, Bill Ferry, Keith Whitmore, Ron Stuver and Robert Maurer; 3:23:17 (65).
24. TEAM KEARNEY, Wooster; Mark Kearney, Mitchell Kearney, Sean Kearney, Sean Kearney and Curtis Kearney; 3:23:37 (66).
25. BUTLER BROTHERS, Bay Village; Scott Butler, Brett Butler, Greg Janke, Whitt Butler and T. Martin Butler; 3:23:39 (67).
26. RUNNING ROWERS WRRA, Cleveland Heights; Gavin Farrell, Paul Kopp, Keith Cavey, Brian Mihalcin and Charles Pattison; 3:23:47 (68).
27. 5 FOR 26, Copley; Ben Schlater, Michael Polutnik, John Cavanaugh, Benjamin Geletka and Collin Solkiewicz; 3:23:50 (69).
28. POLYMERS UA, Stow; Mark Foster, Matt Graham, Fei Lin, Bryan Vogt and Cesar Lopez-Gonzalez; 3:25:09 (73).
29. SWAGELOK - FSG, Solon; David Halperin, Matthew Smith, Brent Blouch, Jay Nordholt and Zhuohan Cai; 3:26:20 (78).
30. ZENITH, Parma; David Lupica, Brian Yates, Gary Richards, John Schaefer and Paul Francisco; 3:26:59 (79).
31. THE MEDINA 5, Medina; Bob Jones, Larry Cobler, Chris Lafond, Brad Ostendorf and Terry Grice; 3:29:08 (91).
32. MEDINA COUNTY POOL BOYZ, Wadsworth; Dave Nicholas, Matthew Nicholas, Bryan Farson, Brian Weinreich and Joel Morgan; 3:29:27 (93).
33. 2 ATHLETES AND 3 SLUGS, Clinton; Kyle Malone, Eric Eggert, John Strudthoff, Bill Murray and Robert Black; 3:29:40 (94).
34. TALK OF THE TOWN, Akron; Nicholas Romanoski, Erik Vogtmann, Herb Waidmann, Christopher Romanoski and Derrick Thomas; 3:29:40 (95).
35. GPD GROUP, Akron; Tony Burgoyne, Jesse Rufener, Ken Vechik, Aaron Rodebaugh and Todd Huntington; 3:30:09 (97).
36. LOCKHEED MARTIN GTL, Uniontown; Randy Wallace, Robert Palomo, Bryan Reed, Jon Wiebrecht and David Heskamp; 3:30:22 (100).
37. ONCE A YEAR, Akron; Matthew Schreiner, Benjamin Rethmel, Steven Sawyer, Todd Buxton and Chris Swartzwelder; 3:30:22 (101).
38. THECHIEFSOURCE.COM, Brecksville; John Sammartano, Mike Morgan, Jeff Bloomhuff, Michael Schmeltzer and Michael Bloomhuff; 3:30:58 (104).
39. JUST LIVIN THE DREAM, Stow; John Malin, Ward Fremon, Michael Feichter, James Sullivan and Matt Fremon; 3:32:11 (108).
40. RUNNING ON EMPTY, Parma Heights; Drew Hoisington, Ryan Jones, Kent Weatherwax, John Norris and Todd Thomas; 3:32:16 (109).
41. CHIPPENDALES, Akron; Brett Woodring, Justin Bracey, Derek Hobart, Ian Luczyk and Matt Slatten; 3:33:15 (110).
42. GRACE-FUL MEN, Akron; David Scott, Glenn Akins, Mark McCollum, Jeffery Peiffer and Darrin Grella; 3:33:51 (114).
43. 40 AND OVER, Stow; Mark Ryland, Paul Trettel, Joe Ruolo, Bill Manley and Phil Ruolo; 3:35:49 (119).
44. ALL FOR RUN, RUN FOR ALL, Lyndhurst; Josh Lear, Jordan Lear, Adam Lewis, Tyler Shepfer and Chuck Pletcher; 3:38:23 (132).
45. PANTHER PRIDE, Norton; Michael Goff, Jerry Grimsic, Kurtis Stemple, Scott Gabor and Brian Prucha; 3:39:14 (135).
46. CAN'T STOP, WON'T STOP, Chardon; Phillip Johnston, Travis Leach, Kurt Brenkus, Dennis Hurley and Chuck Daughters; 3:39:39 (143).
47. THE CEREAL KILLERS, Lakewood; Dan Van Luvender, Brian Jarzenski, Nathan Gramley, Chad Haponek and Mike McCrone; 3:39:53 (145).
48. A1 WIRELESS, Akron; Mike Gardner, Matt Burns, Ryan Tomko, Joe Lemmon and Dan Bodin; 3:40:42 (156).
49. PASSED OUR PRIME, Akron; Douglas Powley, Tony Starvaggi, Drew Reed, Joe Danzy and Richard Kuznik; 3:42:06 (165).
50. TEAM PERRY, Massillon; Jr Bartolone, Jeff Caughey, Joe Diantonio, Mark Martin and Ron Difrancesco; 3:42:23 (166).
51. SO THERE'S BEER?, Akron; Michael Breiding, Patrick Gil, Michael Greene, David Greene and Mark Mosley; 3:42:39 (168).
52. TEAM NORTH HILL, Akron; Joey Valle, Dave Valle, Mike Valle, Adam Ludle and Nick Schaffer; 3:42:46 (170).
53. WESTMINSTER WARRIORS, Akron; Stephen Burt, Derek Redwine, Ed Labbe, Thomas Jurmanovich and Richard Lucas; 3:43:47 (177).
54. JCC BASKETBALL, Akron; Michael Segal, Erwin Greenblatt, Gregory Dieringer, Mark Stasitis and Brett Mirman; 3:45:15 (185).
55. DAVEY TREE, Twinsburg; Max Walter, Kevin Bauer, Scott Deevers, Charles Textor and Craig Holcomb; 3:45:22 (186).
56. THE HIGH FIVE., Barberton; Robert Virag, Jason Zittle, Ralph Leichliter, Jason Hruschak and Glenn Rafferty; 3:45:30 (188).
57. WATER'S WATER DUDE!!, Akron; Andrew Jamison, James Nezbeth, Ed Jamison, Scott Kessler and Wayne Rourke; 3:45:31 (189).
58. IT'S ALL MENTAL, Akron; Wyatt Marks, John Murray, Sean Nixon, Justin Bush and Brett Boyer; 3:45:47 (191).
59. FAMILY FUELED, Uniontown; Vince Sboray, David Sboray, John Sboray, Mike Sboray and Timothy Pharris; 3:46:02 (193).
60. SIR, ARE YOU ALRIGHT?, Lakewood; Bryan Reye, Razmig Pounardjian, David Rehmar, John Adams and John Cawley; 3:47:21 (207).
61. KETCHUP, Akron; Joseph Spoonster, Andrew Kuhlke, Tom Treptow, Tim Treptow and Gilbert Reymann; 3:47:30 (209).
62. TEAM PLP, Cuyahoga Falls; Dan Schrag, Dan Stanley, Mark Burns, Dustin Graef and Bryan Casenhiser; 3:47:49 (214).
63. DRUNKEN NINJA ELVES, Lakewood; Jason Staviscak, Gary Von Hoch, Joseph Yanoska, Joey Yanoska and Donald Mladek; 3:48:07 (217).
64. HGC, North Canton; Ryan Pinheiro, Brice Croskey, Andrew Antonucci, Andrew Kochan and Kevin Murphy; 3:48:30 (224).
65. CARDIAC ATHLETES TOO, Cincinnati; Brian Nash, Thomas Price, Tom Walski, Mike Nall and Christopher Suma; 3:48:58 (231).
66. METRO SWAT, Akron; Joseph Gaffney Gaffney, Brad McDougal, Ryan Schulz, Jeff Film and Jim Curtin; 3:49:08 (234).
67. URS AKRON, Akron; Fernando Rodriguez, Eric Hilty, Michael Woodring, Andrew Timco and Jeff Noble; 3:50:05 (246).
68. TEAM BEAT BOB, Massillon; Chris Flinn, Robert Shackle, Glen Hannum, Donald Barnes and Lyle Kesslar; 3:50:09 (248).
69. TEAM HOPE 2 -MEN'S TEAM, Ravenna; Christopher Kubala, Kyle Biltz, Curtis Wadsworth, John Marcu and Matthew Pahls; 3:50:16 (250).
70. STEP2 X-RIDERS, Cuyahoga Falls; Karlo Petrak, Jim Pacak, Jake Mohoric, Brett Burkey and Matt Hellerman; 3:50:17 (251).
71. THE PT CENTER, Wadsworth; Cj Lemp, Andrew Robinson, Shawn Fahey, Bill Conley and Brian Fahey; 3:51:32 (275).
72. 5 ROAD WARRIORS, Wooster; Darrell Griffin, Rob MacDowell, John Kinney, Josh Thompson and Brett Wyant; 3:51:53 (281).
73. HASHIRU, Hudson; Gene Chen, Karl Neimes, Hans Dorfi, Shu Fujiwara and Stephen Vossberg; 3:52:36 (293).
74. INDIAN WRESTLING S.W.A.T.T., Copley; Jason Tomayko, Sean Esparza, Gabe Dorsey, Joe Rodriguez and Brad Powell; 3:53:04 (297).
75. CVCA BOYS BASKETBALL, Hudson; Caleb Kleibscheidel, Jay Peters, Bob Peters, Mike Peters and Alex Punka; 3:53:58 (313).
76. SWAGELOK - BST, Hudson; Dave Krabill, Kurt Sterben, Tom Nichelson, Edward Stroberg and Jay Hawkins; 3:54:46 (327).
77. FATHER NATURE, Marshallville; Bradley Shearer, Wyatt Baer, Garrick Allen, David Moline and Riley Eggeman; 3:56:23 (354).
78. THE MEATHEADS, Akron; Michael Meeker, Gabriel Osorio, Nick Haught, Gregory Lockwood and Ken Morrow; 3:56:41 (357).
79. THE MCFLY 5!!!!!, Hudson; Patrick Gallegos, Brad Hain, Matthew Pallo, Joe Mouse and Marvin Pflaum; 3:57:07 (366).
80. DESTINY CHURCH, Streetsboro; Trent Thomas, Scott Core, R. Charles Carr, Bob Ross and Paul Hays; 3:57:25 (370).
81. GOOD TO RUN 5, Holland; Christian Delboccio, Mike Starinki, Akira Komatsu, Kaz Takeshita and Michael Starinki; 3:58:31 (387).
82. GOODRICH TEAM B, North Royalton; Ahmet Becene, Drew Bower, Chris Baker, Tim Smith and Wayne Brown; 3:59:29 (399).
83. HARRIED WARRIORS, Akron; Art Antalvari, Tony Braidy, Paul Lemay, Raynard Packard and Rick Seay; 3:59:31 (400).
84. HEADED FOR REHAB, Tallmadge; Arthur McNulty, John Idell, Charles Malivuk, Richard Bacher and Robert Coen; 4:00:10 (412).
85. LEADERS BY EXAMPLE, Hudson; John McKenzie, Moose Kosco, Jim Rollins, Mark Scheffler and Brad Bowers; 4:00:45 (420).
86. FUELED BY BUD DIESEL, Dublin; Cory Walter, David Beck, Eric Dodson, Anthony Bowen and Nick Latchaw; 4:01:15 (427).
87. LAUTZZZZZ, Cuyahoga Falls; Derek Lautzenhiser, Curtis Lautzenhiser, Drew Lautzenhiser, Frank Marunich and Dana Lautzenhiser; 4:06:13 (511).
88. HAULIN' OATES, Akron; Liam Hedrick, Brian Pirollo, Jacob Loss, Stash Ptak and Jeffrey Brandl; 4:06:35 (519).
89. SKINNY FAT GUYS, Wadsworth; Michael Stoops, Marc Thomas, Justin Chenevey, Joe Leopold and Jim Benedict; 4:06:36 (520).
90. SWAGELOK - FLEX, Medina; Troy Dunlap, Jeff Etzel, John Argie, Joseph Puchalski and Justin Bellini; 4:09:13 (550).
91. LE RED BEACH, Hudson; William Beach, John Beach, Ethan Leclair, Michael Redmond and Jim Redmond; 4:09:39 (557).
92. TEAM COBRA, Canal Fulton; Chad Satterfield, Brian Griffith, Brett Ailes, Jeremiah Riehl and Mitch Klemp; 4:10:05 (562).
93. WOW, Barberton; Dale Baldwin, Michael Baldwin, Jordan Grant, Charles Latimer and John McMurray; 4:10:15 (565).
94. NERDS ON THE RUN 2.0, Akron; John Mac Aleese, Matt Skaggs, Dale Brott, Will Dietz and Michael Johnson; 4:10:20 (566).
95. DPSOHIO.COM, Uniontown; Brandon Skinner, Adam Silk, Steve Vojvodich, Kyle Silk and Kirk Huendorf; 4:11:03 (580).
96. WAKE UP, Cleveland; Mrunal Dalal, John Stevens, Sunder Iyer, Kevin Renato and Arun Misra; 4:11:05 (581).
97. ROOKIES, Mayfield Heights; Krishna Chaparala, Rajesh Subramanian, Shivaram Alluri, Vinay Macherla and Satish Ramamoorthy; 4:12:09 (606).
98. LEXICOMP 2, Hudson; Martin Nguyen, Matt Stewart, Lowell Kissling, Steve Kerscher and Jerry Stralko; 4:15:43 (664).
99. WE GOT A TEAM, Cuyahoga Falls; Dan Thompson, Joe Vereecken, Stephan Ryder, Joseph Rizzo and Dan Tousley; 4:15:44 (665).
100. SCHAPORFUNMARMESS, Kent; Randy Porter, Rob Messner, Brad Hemphill, Jeff Funai and Todd Schauffler; 4:16:22 (672).
101. ONEINSIX.ORG II, Alliance; Chip Jackson, Mike Carik, Vincenzo Pezzaniti, Bruce Fay and William Fay; 4:17:16 (689).
102. THE K COMPANY, Copley; Chris Martin, Paul Jordan, Karl Frye, Sebastian Smith and Christopher Bauer; 4:17:28 (692).
103. BAND OF BROTHERS, Barberton; Casey Bellman, Robert Velo, Caleb Goodman, Joshua Holyak and Ryan George; 4:18:20 (705).
104. SBM WHITE, Leavittsburg; Dave Holbrook, John Varga, Brian Ault, Mike Wesner and Marlon Hathaway; 4:20:26 (733).
105. PROPER MENTAL ATTITUDE, Uniontown; Lester McMasters, Walter Young, Eric Young, Don Knight and Ronald Holt; 4:20:51 (739).
106. TEAM REVCARE, Akron; Steve Terschak, Timothy Sheeler, Todd Kilpatrick, Daniel McCullough and Jack Rejnis; 4:21:57 (753).
107. ROOSTERS, North Canton; Greg Christensen, Craig Pandrea, Cary Wise, Andrew Katz and Rod Neuenschwander; 4:22:11 (757).
108. MTG, Akron; John Lovell, Brian Pariso, Bill Stone, Jeffrey Smith and John Topoly; 4:25:48 (795).
109. WHERE'S MY RELAY TEAM?, Cuyahoga Falls; P.M. Rebuck, Peter Rebuck, Jeffrey Winston, John Studards and Mike Bisesi; 4:25:53 (797).
110. SUPERIOR STAFFING INC., Cuyahoga Falls; Keith McLaughlin, Jon Shannon, Edward Wagner, James Gardner and Renold Chirakos; 4:25:56 (798).
111. SEMPER FI, Akron; Jim Ballard, Tim Griffith, John Osolin, Stephen Price and Mike Neag; 4:26:28 (806).
112. THE GAFFNEY BROTHERS, Akron; Michael Gaffney, Thomas Gaffney, Glenn Gaffney, Keith Gaffney and Sean Gaffney; 4:27:25 (813).
113. THE TRAVELLING NEWBURYS, Chardon; Stuart Park, Francis Red, Justin Love, Daniel Mosier and Dale Spangenberg; 4:30:11 (841).
114. SGS - INCHES PER MINUTE, Silver Lake; Rhys Edwards, Bradley Bates, Steve Conti, Richard Tichon and Adam Struckel; 4:30:38 (848).
115. FEDEX CUSTOM CRITICAL CONDITION RUNNERS, Akron; Geoffrey Price, Neil Donovan, Marc Hodge, Jason Jialanella and Rich Landsmann; 4:36:43 (896).
116. TWC BROWNSTONE, Canton; Bruce Bradley, Michael Carden, Bryson Jenkins, Chue Hang and Jim Long; 4:40:03 (936).
117. WILD TURKEYS, Crestwood, Ky.; Jeff Turner, Dan Fields, Steven Moore, Ben Turner and Josh Despain; 4:41:31 (951).
118. SGS-SPEEDS AND FEEDS, Cuyahoga Falls; Jason Bennett, Troy Stuhldreher, Thong Vue, James Martin and Dan Noonan; 4:48:40 (997).
119. BARKING DOGS, Akron; Glenaron Fisher, Don Loepp, Tom Loepp, Edward Noga and Brian Raines; 4:50:27 (1,013).
120. DONUT DASHERS, Peninsula; Keith Larew, Dan Glendinning, Michael Hirt, Rob Marik and Tony Meda; 4:57:34 (1,046).

1. CANAL RATS, Cuyahoga Falls; Robert McCarty, Dennis Roberts, Steve Wagner, Michael Lauck and Charles Novak; 2:40:33 (4).
2. WALTERS CARPET CARE TEAM 1, Girard; Tom Walters, Rich Kempe, Todd Hanks, Larry Bovo and Stephen Luthern; 2:55:12 (12).
3. AUL T MEN, Hartville; James Miller, Rick Shine, Randall Coblentz, Denver Coblentz and Chris Parrish; 3:06:47 (19).
4. SQUIBBS, Alexandria, Va.; Brian Campbell, Joe Houmard, Randy Bibighaus, Mike Cordi and Ron Zaniewski; 3:07:46 (22).
5. START FAST FINISH LAST, Akron; Tony Locastro, Chuck Dix, Gibby Dannemiller, Joe Cayasinni and Alan Rothenbuecher; 3:21:56 (60).
6. 5 DADS 26 KIDS, Akron; Vincent Whalen, Jim Pianalto, Willis Renuart, Todd Evans and Paul Horning; 3:22:25 (62).
7. MOBILE MASTERS, Medina; Adam Rick, Jeff Hicks, Mike Ronca, Dale Martin and Vince Bologna; 3:27:49 (84).
8. GOODRICH TEAM A, Akron; Tom Nixon, Joe Lemanski, Bob Bianco, Brian Burkett and Weiming Lu; 3:52:26 (290).
9. TEAM HYDRIVE ENERGY, Fairlawn; Michael McDermott, David Woodburn, James Sever, Brian Petit and Donald Petush; 3:58:32 (389).
10. GRAY HOUNDS, Stow; Rick Nicodemus, James Cottrell, Bob McDonald, Russ Moses and Ralph Palumbo; 4:01:43 (436).

1. RUN MCD, Girard; Stephen Bada, Taylor Sowers, Kyrsti Sowers, Andrew Kunkel and Aaron Thornton; 2:53:50 (8).
2. JUST JOGGING, North Canton; Michael Kayatin, Tina Oelschlager, Mark Oelschlager, Christopher Fontes and Jeff Rovnak; 2:54:39 (11).
3. TEAM BROOKSIDE, Akron; Theresa Taras, Joseph Taras, Dwight Pulos, Andrew Koehler and Mike Braucher; 3:02:52 (14).
4. THE COLT STAMPEDE, Mansfield; Dan Henry, Jeff Labaki, Mitch Au, Dusty Au and Jason Spoon; 3:03:02 (15).
5. T.V. RUNNERS ON THE RADIO, Medina; Ashley Perry, Sean Koran, Kimberly McDaniel, Katherine Feather and Kirt Lietzow; 3:07:18 (20).
6. FUZZY CAT POSSE, Athens; Andrew Gross, Steve Wludyga, Black Dynamite, Megan Hickokan and Stephanie Dankjelson; 3:12:04 (28).
7. TEAM LLOYD, San Francisco, Calif.; Steve Lloyd, Christopher Lloyd, Susan Lloyd, Daniel Lloyd and Jonathan Lloyd; 3:12:51 (29).
8. TEAM JENDRE, Medina; Pete Jendre, Jennifer Jendre, Kim Jendre, Jeff Jendre and Andrew Jendre; 3:13:04 (30).
9. JUSTICE LEAGUE, Munroe Falls; Sean Blasko, Tyler Grubb, Landon Davis, Alexander Pero and Melissa Boswell; 3:14:38 (33).
10. SPC CROSSFIT 1, Stow; Jason Baliman, Laura Ban, Ron Goodspeed, Joseph Weigel and Brett Sepi; 3:15:04 (34).
11. FAIRVIEW ROAD WARRIORS, Cleveland; Adam Petitt, Jessica Brady, Joey Marginian, Jennifer Dahler and Richard Sutak; 3:15:42 (37).
12. BEAT MIKE'S TEAM, Canton; Tom Kayatin, Brian Dimit, Butch Morrell, Zia Snyder and Ryan Dean; 3:15:53 (38).
13. THE REAL ITALIAN STALLIONS, Akron; Al Ciraldo, Marybeth Maxwell, Katie Reigstad, Julie Stavinoha and Andrew Reigstad; 3:16:06 (39).
14. ACME RACING, Olmsted Twp.; David Young, James Young, Kristi Nowakowski, Dave Gudat and Bob Budzilek; 3:16:32 (41).
15. NERDS ON THE RUN, Akron; Ken Brott, Judy Dunn, Brandon Jordon, Jason Vensel and Sean Quinn; 3:16:36 (42).
16. LCCC RUNNERS, Strongsville; James Jordan, Eric Lammers, Vincent Granito, Henry Patterson and Barbara Schuckman; 3:16:41 (43).
17. FOLLOW ME, I KNOW A SHORTCUT, Copley; Ryan Hewit, Todd Glyde, Sherri Hewit, Christopher Campbell and Michael Long; 3:16:42 (44).
18. MARIAN AND HER BAND OF MERRY MEN, Gambier; Craig First, Marian Frazier, Nayte Senn, Chris Steurer and Mike Neff; 3:17:38 (47).
19. MOUNTAINEER MANIACS, Summersville, W.Va.; Allen Stump, Cindy Stump, Allen Stump, Angie Kesecker and Morgan Kesecker; 3:18:19 (48).
20. WEEKDAYWARRIORS, Westfield Center; Shibu Joykutty, Lauren Justice, Rudy Palenik, Rob Anderson and Greg Hansen; 3:18:43 (50).
21. JUST GUMP IT, Northfield; Jason Chuhay, Erica Wilke, David Macias, Angela Passarelli and James Schleicher; 3:19:04 (52).
22. TOP 50, Twinsburg; Joseph Cusma, Matthew Davis, Carol Tozzi, Mark Turk and Tricia Cusma; 3:19:15 (54).
23. CROSSFIT UTILITY GREY, North Canton; Lauren Hmiel, Cody Keathley, Scott Schulz, Lisa Smith and Anna Tultz; 3:20:57 (55).
24. MARATHON MISFITS, Cleveland Heights; Hans Wrage, Megan Thornton, Carson Jones, Emily Butler and Theresa Holland; 3:21:02 (56).
25. COOLRUNNINGS, Hudson; Maria Schiele, Austin Schiele, Shaun Hoversten, Jennifer Beatty and Matt Lawell; 3:22:40 (63).
26. GRADY TRIPP, Stow; Rob Reed, Wesley Brasse, Kyle Zimmerman, Jeremy Cook and Katy Bauman; 3:23:59 (70).
27. ONE FAST GUY, Wadsworth; Brian Bemiller, Kevin Rowles, Tim Lance, Kim Johnson and Jason Hertvik; 3:24:21 (71).
28. AKRON HONORS ENGINEERS, Akron; Joshua Schnitzler, Shawn Keenan, Patrick Rooney, Daniel Cottrill and Sarah Wade; 3:25:25 (74).
29. RUNNING INJURY DEMO TEAM, Norton; John Pittman, Barry Winkler, Daniel Stock, Nathan Webb and Alexandra Lee; 3:25:28 (75).
30. UA ARMY ROTC, Cuyahoga Falls; Jackie Lallo, William Osborne, Ryan Fisher, Vivian Mazzocca and David Grimes; 3:25:46 (76).
31. THE BARREL RUNNERS, Kent; Christine Churpek, Matt Schlemmer, Andrew Demiglio, Nick Miller and Duane Marhefka; 3:26:04 (77).
32. HANGER O+P, Lakewood; Christie Ferraro, Dennis Bahena, Elizabeth Bilitz, John Gravino and Carin Erbland; 3:27:32 (81).
33. BULINA WANTS A PRIUS AND RYAN IS BROWN, North Canton; James Finnucan, Jennifer Myers, Scott Evanish, Ben Keeling and Ryan Finnucan; 3:27:34 (82).
34. RUN 4 FUN NOT NUMBER 1, Akron; James Chandler, Justin Truex, Patrick Millen, Tim Beck and Kaitlyn Beck; 3:27:46 (83).
35. FOUR FETCHU'S & A REMO, Rootstown; Ronald Feciuch, Brian Feciuch, Brady Riemenschneider, Larry Feciuch and Ashley Cline; 3:27:50 (85).
36. COUGAR AND CUBS, Hudson; Linda Rocchi, Tony Miranda, Brian Cost, Dane Manning and Dane Manning; 3:27:53 (87).
37. PROPOFOL PILOTS, Medina; Jason Beedlow, Stephanie Chalikonda, John Hayden, Frank Juran and Melissa Reich; 3:28:14 (88).
38. 1.2.1 LIGHTNING BOLTS, South Euclid; Lisa Kramer, Chris Leonard, Thomas Matthews, Bryn Mota and Yianna Antonopoulos; 3:28:37 (89).
39. PIEBER FEVER, Hudson; Nick Stewart, Kristina Voll, Nicholas Sugar, Kyle Livengood and Kyle Reisz; 3:29:06 (90).
40. PASTA, WAFFLES AND BEER!, Shaker Heights; Melissa Terwilliger, Michelle Leighty, Kelly Dell'anno, Joseph Dell'anno and Brandon Henneman; 3:29:19 (92).
41. AND THEN THERE WERE 5, Sagamore Hills; John Sotak, Kimberly Sotak, James Sotak, Mike Carr and Scott Whittaker; 3:30:14 (98).
42. TEAM BA, Chagrin Falls; Alexi Sawayda, Brandon Emerick, Tracy Reschke, Matt Isenberg and Aleesha McCormick; 3:30:18 (99).
43. WE SHOULD HAVE TRAINED FOR THIS, Akron; Dan Engelhart, Casey Engelhart, Mike Humston, Andrew Luse and Susie Patalon; 3:30:29 (102).
44. NIRT, Akron; Josh Stoll, Jonathan Hicks, Tracy Arny, Kate Tejkl and Bob Bernatchez; 3:30:38 (103).
45. AIRGAS AIRWAVES, Bedford Heights; Melanie Mester, Jeff Cass, Mark Spencer, Chuck McCauley and Josh Shimek; 3:31:14 (105).
46. SPECWOCHNETTS, Medina; Jessie Speck, Rick Speck, Laurie Burnett, Dean Burnett and Eddy Wochele; 3:31:17 (106).
47. PITBULL PUPPIES, Cleveland; Ashley Shipman, Jaime Kudary, Evan Mangan, Bryan Vitantonio and Jamie Romano; 3:31:35 (107).
48. TEAM RUNNING ON MOTRIN, Chagrin Falls; Jane Edwards, Frank Riha, Carol Jenifer, Elizabeth Riha and Kip Jenifer; 3:33:20 (111).
49. AKRON 11, Cuyahoga Falls; Kate Rosen, Timo Way, Walter Hallstein, Nicole Burgard and Amanda Crissman; 3:33:32 (112).
50. TEAM FERNWAY, Shaker Heights; Kevin Kennedy, Michael Yacovone, Nathan Hurle, April Hurle and Sean Morris; 3:33:43 (113).
51. BEATING JUSTIN HAYES, Louisville, Ohio; Jon Stuckey, Will Gibson, Erik Knuth, Kevin Kosmac and Kristin Knuth; 3:33:54 (116).
52. OLD SCHOOL FOOLS, Canal Fulton; Derek Miller, Joe Lattarulo, Vincent Tassiello, Amy Palermo and Larry O'Neil; 3:34:57 (117).
53. NO LIMITS, Wooster; Amanda Ratliff, Blake Doty, Chris Purdy, Pat Olsen and Justin Doyle; 3:35:32 (118).
54. UA GAS PASSERS, Cuyahoga Falls; Ryan Bundenthal, Michelle Bundenthal, Kevin Frank, Jacqueline Sitko and Heather Gschnell; 3:35:58 (120).
55. SHOOTING STARS, Akron; Rachel Stanwood, Stephanie Sukie, Jonathan Hatch, Adam Shoemaker and Travis McCown; 3:36:00 (121).
56. COOPER LEGAL GROUP, Independence; Emily Arkutik, William Cooper, Jack Gau, Daniel Tate and Michael Craig; 3:36:14 (122).
57. WILD4EVER RUN WILD 4 WILDLIFE, Brecksville; Sharon Wanamaker, Mike Ryan, Steve Denish, Curtis Cathcart and Sunita Seshia; 3:36:29 (123).
58. TEAM ETHAN 3, Tallmadge; Dave James, Matt Fairhurst, Scott Beal, Judy Conway and Christopher Lepper; 3:37:29 (125).
59. 4 GEEKY GUYS & 1 FAST GIRL, Akron; Ryan Burgess, Steven Burgess, Deborah Obendorfer, Andy Dunchuck and Zac Burgess; 3:37:43 (126).
60. TEAM UMIZOOMI - PROMOSUPERSTORE.COM, Akron; Sean Fremon, Della Casto, Chris Browne, James Magga and Tiffany Magga; 3:37:49 (127).
61. ORIANA AND THE 5 BEES, Lakewood; Bob Reighard, Chris Boros, Tom Baker, Jenni Baker and Alec Boros; 3:38:20 (130).
62. NOVO BULLS, Canfield; Chris Thomas, Christopher Oppelt, Phil Dywer, Melissa Daltorio and Candace Lipjanic; 3:38:23 (131).
63. SPC CROSSFIT 5, Kent; Beth Robb, Jason Richardson, Aleka Johnson, Alison Lemieux and Chris Bechtel; 3:38:48 (133).
64. I THOUGHT THIS WAS A PUB CRAWL, Broadview Heights; Kyle Whitacre, Maria Whitacre, David Ondo, Jason Kohut and Robert Patrick; 3:38:56 (134).
65. VM2, Akron; Katie Lott, Caleb Nitz, Christopher Finefrock, Mackenzie Merz and Adam Hignite; 3:39:19 (136).
66. FAST FIVE, Akron; Brady Costigan, Paul Hood, Philip Martin, Zachary Moeller and Reilly Dougherty; 3:39:22 (137).
67. FIDDLEDITZ, Tallmadge; Amibeth Allman, Blake Allman, Elizabeth Smith, Jeremy Winter and Charles Gates; 3:39:24 (138).
68. ABC EQUIP RNTL, North Ridgeville; Laura Jennings, Alex Zatik, Alan Zatik, Cindy Zatik and Jodi Jennings; 3:39:25 (139).
69. ROCKIN' RELAYERS, Akron; Phillip Montgomery, Denis Angelotti, Elaine Girard, Thomas Law and John Renda; 3:39:34 (140).
70. NAUER POWER + 2, Akron; John Nauer, Hayley Nauer, Kip Nauer, Nick Herstich and Allie Herstich; 3:39:35 (141).
71. CONNECTED SOLES WON!, Chardon; Kathleen Teuscher, Elaine Keating, Steve Conway, Carol Knez and Janna Mutum; 3:39:35 (142).
72. RADDISH'S RUNNING WARRIORS, Uniontown; Matthew Harrelson, Charlee Raddish, Troy Brooks, Joe Trizzino and Shawn Thomas; 3:39:49 (144).
73. CLEVELAND VA MEDICAL CENTER, East Cleveland; Martha Brennan, Norton Pintchuk, Thomas Dundon, Becki Hutton and Steve Kesterson; 3:39:53 (146).
74. WE'RE KIND OF A BIG DEAL, Akron; Glenn Watts, Brian Rowe, Emi Rowe, Nicholas Huscroft and Scott Barta; 3:40:01 (147).
75. NEON RUNNERS, Medina; Susan Mihaloew, Steve West, Jim Cahlik, Chris Winkelmann and Tim Karlen; 3:40:05 (148).
76. ACME`S TOP CHIOCE, Akron; Katie Albrecht, Gary Hilbish, Pete Fickert, Douglas Zook and Hannah Reed; 3:40:13 (149).
77. SUMMA SAVES LIVES, Uniontown; Charlie Elliot, Tom Oneill, Jeff Price, Sally Price and Thomas Strauss; 3:40:15 (150).
78. RELAY'S THE ONLY WAY, Akron; Joe Skovira, Brooke Owen, Tim Owen, Douglas McIntyre and Michael Barnes; 3:40:29 (151).
79. BACK IN A SECOND, Copley; David Frank, Lauren Frank, Rich West, Hope Cozad and Mark Gruich; 3:40:32 (152).
80. TEAM 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, Stow; Maurice Iovine, Mark Sladen, Jeff Holub, Kristen Holub and Greg Holub; 3:40:33 (153).
81. CROSSFIT AKRON2, Akron; Louis Ricciardi, Brian Parana, Josh Felber, James Grigas and Cindy Virdo; 3:40:36 (154).
82. THE VILLAGE PEOPLE, Silver Lake; Nicole Lehrer, Greg Lehrer, Krista Juersivich, Frank Juersivich and Tim Deering; 3:40:38 (155).
83. TOWN MONEY SAVER, Medina; Mark Goehler, Ashley Dismore, Cindy O'Connor, Lee Ann Goehler and Julie Voss; 3:40:53 (157).
84. JUSTRUN, Norton; John Smith, Troy Smith, Justin Getz, Noelle Scott and John Bilinovich; 3:40:55 (158).
85. RUN TO DRINK, Cleveland Heights; Paige Cramer, Molly Taylor, Colleen Karlo, Brent Cameron and Michael Sharp; 3:41:03 (159).
86. CHAD & FRIENDS, Stow; Chad Lutz, Mario Fiocca, Bob Seeholzer, Aundrea Souza and Derrick Brown; 3:41:20 (160).
87. TEAM KOZ, Akron; Joy Kosiewicz, Joseph Milicia, John Kosiewicz, Jessica Kosiewicz and Bob Klubert; 3:41:31 (162).
88. BROWNS BACKERS, Copley; Ben Shriber, Alexander Shriber, Kenyon Grand, Nicholas Critchfield and Ellen Peterman; 3:41:31 (163).
89. FIRESTONE, Akron; Zhaoqian Liu, Jacob Goroncy, Court Sanders, Anna Dorfi and Zach Woloch; 3:41:42 (164).
90. SWAGELOK - QUALITY & CI, Aurora, Ohio; Tim Rosengarten, Daniel Bohurjak, Victoria Darr, Michael Claus and Sean Victor; 3:42:32 (167).
91. SUPER TEAM, Howell, Mich.; Michael Roblin, Sarah Vano, Jeremy Hynick, Matt Umerley and Jessica Roblin; 3:42:41 (169).
92. HASENSTAB ARCHITECTS, Akron; Benjamin Rantilla, Annissa Pontikos, Brian Miner, Zachary Hoyt and Bob Medziuch; 3:43:03 (172).
93. 31, Kent; Gretchen Snyder, Matt Snyder, Chris Kline, Kerri Frisbee and Meghan Oyster; 3:43:30 (173).
94. STEP AND REPEAT, Kent; Jason Goupil, Joan Inderhees, Sarah Rutherford, Bryan Rinnert and Ryan Kerr; 3:43:46 (175).
95. 4 BUCKS AND A DOE, Cuyahoga Falls; Tony Sondles, Chris Wilcoxson, Aimee Mullen, Kenny Johnson and John Martell; 3:43:46 (176).
96. FARMERS INSURANCE #3, Cooper City, Fla.; Brenda Castellano, Shannon Ford, Curtis Unik, Michelle Copeland and Michael Copeland; 3:44:03 (178).
97. TEAM NOTO, Cuyahoga Falls; Laurie Perduyn, Lauren Ward, Scott Tatro, Katie Kugelman and Michelle Havens; 3:44:19 (179).
98. LOST, Kent; Dustin Fowkes, Beth Kuckuck, Ryan Canale, Michael Gilbride and Dave Miles; 3:44:33 (180).
99. FEDEX CUSTOM CRITICAL 3, Munroe Falls; Eric Kinaitis, Todd Rosenberg, Allan Brown, Lisa Beaufait and Ben Scott; 3:44:35 (181).
100. TEAM MORNING WOOD....WE RUN HARD!, Akron; Ryan Arman, Brianna Arman, Katie Van Koughnet, Bryant Arman and Tim Arman; 3:44:58 (182).
101. HUFFIN AND PUFFIN 3, Akron; Rita Wood, Emil Wood, Sharon Papineau, Erik Goedecke and Chris Knapp; 3:45:14 (183).
102. RUNNING WITH GRACE, Tallmadge; Danielle Penix, Rick Hawksley, Patricia Harper, Bill Merriman and Nathan Reyes; 3:45:14 (184).
103. THIS RUNS IN OUR FAMILY, Akron; Rick Davis, Kristen Murray, Dennis Murray, Julia Peterson and Michael Larocca; 3:45:34 (190).
104. COMPARISON RUNNING GROUP, Lyndhurst; Roxanne O'Brien-Troke, Neil Beauregard, Kevin Hawkins, James Noga and Jeff Taraba; 3:45:59 (192).
105. SWAGELOK - VSG, Oberlin; Phillip Mohrman, Jake Bennett, Joseph Feeney, Carlie Alicea and Kyle Greathouse; 3:46:04 (194).
106. CLEVELAND ROCKS!, Canton; Connie Ramon, Ty Ramon, William Lockler, Dennis Robinson and Rachel Sarvis; 3:46:11 (195).
107. RUN SHIFTY RUN, Parma; Rick Clymer, Nicole Howard, Jennifer Frohlich, William Kotinsley and Kevin Holtz; 3:46:30 (197).
108. WE DO IT IN THE MORNING, Stow; Kristine Wozniak, Joan Archer, Tess Kirtz, Christopher Klaver and Elizabeth Kendrick; 3:46:36 (199).
109. 4 RACKS AND A SACK, Hinckley; Kristin Miller, Stephanie Till, Ryan Till, Kerry Poorman and Andrea Kerzner; 3:46:45 (200).
110. GROW GRACE REFUGE OUTREACH WORLDWIDE, Wooster; James Dewald, Ivanildo Trindade, Daniel Artip, Melissa Lemon and Jeana Harley; 3:46:57 (201).
111. 26.2 FIVESOME, Macedonia; Kimberly Biber, Jodi Pecic, Josiah Harvey, James Slovan and Marc Wolbert; 3:47:01 (202).
112. 4 COMMON AND A LONG, Canton; Bob Common, Tim Common, Matthew Buzzard, Steve Buzzard and Ashley Buzzard; 3:47:03 (203).
113. BLAZING MENNOS, Orrville; Mark Zook, Thomas Troyer, Jennings Carpenter, Andrew Vernon and Melanie Alger; 3:47:03 (204).
114. JUST FOR THE RUN OF IT, Copley; Danielle Greco, Daniel Livesay, Leigh Connelly, Dawne Pruitt-Mcneil and Kalyn Suplicki; 3:47:06 (205).
115. SEE B.A.R.P.H. RUN, Twinsburg; Raj Taneja, Andrea Rumschlag, Patty Taneja, Holly Miller and Brian Miller; 3:47:08 (206).
116. J-SQUAD'S BOGUS JOURNEY, Twinsburg; James Hill, Jennifer Hublin, Kurt Reed, Jessica Kurasch and Jeffrey Magistrelli; 3:47:21 (208).
117. A FAMILY STROLL, Wooster; Lindsay Blough, Greg Blough, Jayme Nickolas, Chris Nickolas and Kenny Goldstein; 3:47:31 (210).
118. MABS RUNWAY RUNNERS, Akron; Jim Deitrick, Amy Diese, Gina Horton, Ryan Ciganik and Debbie Pisciotta; 3:47:35 (211).
119. DICKS & CHICKS, Parma; Jackie Reynolds, Ashley Mary, Jonathan Eucker, Janine Hepler and Joel Hammond; 3:47:42 (212).
120. EL DUDERINOS, Ashville; Sheila Clements, David Queen, Jeff Reeder, Jeff Reeder and Leadawn Robertson; 3:47:47 (213).
121. VCS SALON & SPA, Broadview Hts; Brett Morlock, Ken Barhoover, Coleen Morlock, Christopher Hallas and Tracy Machalec; 3:47:54 (215).
122. THE KLINGENSMITH PRIDE, Bedford; Sheri Evans, Chrissy Ross, David Klingensmith, Angela Klingensmith and Michael Evans; 3:47:59 (216).
123. ORIANA'S 4 MEN & A BABY, Stow; Andrew Bimshas, Raven Lugo, Matthew Guba, Russell Sheeler and Chris Michelmenn; 3:48:17 (219).
124. SBM RED, Dover; Terri Miller, Chris Miller, Joanne Motz, Brian Martin and Candy Freeze; 3:48:20 (222).
125. TEAM ROADS AHEAD, Garfield Hts; Nathan Burton, Ebony McGlothin, Jason Rives, Roseada Watts and Brandon White; 3:48:22 (223).
126. OHIO IS FOR LOVERS, Akron; Mallory Neal, Ryan Shaffer, Emily Buehrle, Gina Tytko and Lauren Buehrle; 3:48:31 (225).
127. HORIZONTAL EXHAUSTION, Wooster; Jana Sutter, Aaron Favri, Brandon Fast, Jeffrey Erickson and Keith Kerver; 3:48:31 (226).
128. THERAPY IN SESSION, Sagamore Hills; Dwayne Reid, Susan Bruce, Bill Kennedy, Katrina Kennedy and John Becker; 3:48:46 (228).
129. HEALTHY DOG RUNNERS, Wooster; Madalyn Matthew, Tony Wyrostek, Clancy Lavins, Kristine Hefner and Kristine Hefner; 3:48:48 (229).
130. AN ECLECTIC CREW, Silver Lake; Elizabeth Curtis-Thomas, Michelle Sinsley, Lisa Freemal, Marcy Kinney and Greg Curtis; 3:48:52 (230).
131. SWIFT FEET, Akron; Tracie D'Antonio, David Pulay, Juliet Swires, Janet Ciotola and Keir Ulrich; 3:48:59 (232).
132. E-RACERS, Hudson; David Mitalski, Michele Kisthardt, Steven Ford, John Arther and Eve Lacher; 3:49:00 (233).
133. THE CHEETAH RACERS, Cuyahoga Falls; Joseph Spangler, Nate Maier, Christopher Spangler, Amy Leeser and Kevin Verde; 3:49:09 (235).
134. THE FIVE APOSTLES, Akron; William Breiding, Joe Breiding, Mike Caprez, Ann King and Bridget Rinaldi; 3:49:21 (237).
135. MABS DUNN GOOD, Wadsworth; Shelli Reed, Spencer Lahue, Dan Lahue, Kathi Hopple and Russ Hopple; 3:49:27 (238).
136. 4 OHIOANS AND A GUY FROM NJ, Franklin Lakes, N.J.; Aaron Nowland, Rachel Jones, Mark Adriance, Randy Runser and Maria Gandini; 3:49:38 (239).
137. FIRSTENERGY TEAM 2, North Canton; James Pasek, Mick Albanese, Jeff Musick, Elizeberth Pasek and Jared Frank; 3:49:42 (240).
138. BURKHARD 5, Chesterland; Stephanie Burkhard, Kristen Burkhard, Brian Burkhard, Brad Burkhard and Brent Burkhard; 3:49:46 (241).
139. COTTON'S CLAN, Akron; Shannon Phillips, Nicolas Reed, Tim Reed, Peggy Wellemeyer and Steve Phillips; 3:49:50 (242).
140. BLOOMING DESIGNS, Akron; Rich Herbruck, Michael Herbruck, Susie Dempster, Maggie Dempster and Kathleen Fresh; 3:49:56 (243).
141. TRUFFLE SHUFFLE, Akron; Francis Mackey, Francis Mackey, Gaby Cases, Art Morath and David Difiore; 3:50:05 (247).
142. STRAWBERRY JAVA, Wooster; Andrew Marcum, Kyle Johnson, Tad Johnson, Craig Wheeler and Stephanie Lafratta; 3:50:14 (249).
143. WE GOT THE RUNS, Macedonia; Anne Wiater, Diane Foughty, Michael Justice, Tracey Moore and Stefanie Bodjanac; 3:50:25 (253).
144. LEGENDARY RUNNERS, Richmond Heights; Kendra Mugnano, Adam Watts, Thomas Kingsbury, Marc Quigley and Shawn Geckler; 3:50:30 (254).
145. TEAM SCHANZAGA, Louisville, Ohio; Jennifer Bergert, Angie Lang, Seth Scrimo, Suzanne Factora and John Schandel; 3:50:31 (255).
146. THE RUNNY NOSES 2, Cleveland; Maria Morales, Larecia Bonner, Prasad Bodas, Mac Banas and James May; 3:50:32 (256).
147. THE RUNNY NOSES, Shaker Heights; Prashant Malhotra, Karen Hawley, Amy Kamath, Paul Bryson and Annie Banas; 3:50:33 (257).
148. SLAINTE, Canton; Abbey Roach, Chuck Cheton, Christine Cunningham, Paul Carritz and Lucas Harris; 3:50:33 (258).
149. A FAMILY AFFAIR, Franklin, Tenn.; Carrie Williams, Corey Verchio, Melissa Paskey, Tony Szabo and David Krill; 3:50:37 (260).
150. TATER TROTS, Akron; Jeremy Gursky, Annette Gursky, Mark Gursky, Mike Ochwat and Megan Gursky; 3:50:41 (261).
151. RUBBER MANIA, Fairlawn; Joshua Abell, Terry Hogan, Toshihiro Uchiyama, Kevin McCauley and Yaohong Chen; 3:50:48 (262).
152. N-R-DUST, Uniontown; Megan Jones, Melissa Quinlan, Chris Gleason, Paul Schroeder and Tim Stiffler; 3:50:48 (263).
153. TEAM GUZ CUZ, Cleveland; Pamela Ogilvy, Laura Demchuk, Aimee Guzowski, Beth Skierski and Allen Skierski; 3:50:55 (264).
154. TEAM 44, Stow; Adrian Segedy, Kelley Segedy, Matthew Simmonds, Hannah Donze and Karen Steigmeier; 3:51:19 (267).
155. SICK SINUS, Akron; Michael Kesselring, Mark Kader, Brooke Eimers, Christine Klepek and Rachel Sherman; 3:51:20 (268).
156. RUNNING FOR BRAZIL, Akron; Petar Nenadov, Jeremiah Dillon, Sam Petruc, Jeremy Roth and Courtney Thompson; 3:51:20 (269).
157. CRUZIN FOR CRUZ, Fairlawn; Leah Gaut, Niko Louis, Elisa Leonord, Cory Ivasku and Eric Revesz; 3:51:21 (270).
158. WHAT WERE WE THINKING !!!, Akron; Christine Daisher, David Daisher, Dustin Oliver, Anthony Johnson and David Peterman; 3:51:22 (271).
159. ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE, Manuta; Lisa Hallis, Ron Hallis, Lindsay Dollison, Nathan Adkins and Stella May; 3:51:25 (272).
160. STEW'S CREW, Hudson; Diane Betz, Renee Schuster, Carrie Boyd, Debbie Yaich and Eric Betz; 3:51:30 (273).
161. BRAGGING RIGHTS, Akron; Brian Chivers, Amy Cannon, Kathleen Mullin, Beth Wyszynski and Jim Macmillan; 3:51:31 (274).
162. THE MOTOR NEURONS, Olmsted Falls; Susan Linder, Mandy Penko, Joe Penko, Jd Thalman and Jay Alberts; 3:51:36 (276).
163. 4 BUCKEYES AND A NITTANY LION, Kent; Terri Hrina-Treharn, Bob Treharn, Heather Hrina Medvec, Matt Medvec and Mike Lewis; 3:51:37 (277).
164. RUNNING A FEVER, Lodi; Mike Landis, Melissa Albers, Julie Gauvreau, Marissa Sutter and Rene Wheeland; 3:51:40 (278).
165. TEAM CLEVELAND, Cleveland; Cristin Dressell, Dan Needham, Becca Moist, Kelly Needham and Kelly Winters; 3:51:47 (279).
166. THE PRICE IS WRONG, Macedonia; Jennifer Hanzlicek, Christopher Carino, John Hickey, Justin Schafer and Lucas Blower; 3:51:48 (280).
167. 5RUN4FUN, Seven Hills; Frank Fini, Pat Fini, Anita Fini, Wayne Pavalko and Rosalina Fini; 3:51:56 (282).
168. HO-LAM, Washington, D.C.; Kam Lam, Jason Ho, Jason Ho, Jason Ho and Kam Lam; 3:52:00 (284).
169. SPRINGFIELD ASSEMBLY RUNNERS, Canton; Kelly Booth, Aaron Gonzales, Julie Jenson, Cedric Lewis Jr and Eric Christopher; 3:52:03 (285).
170. TEAM 121, University Hts.; Ralph Mondora, Lashanda Korley, Josh Braman, Ralph Mondora and Laura Arabian; 3:52:04 (286).
171. BLACK SQUIRREL VIDEO, Kent; Evan Belfiore, Robert Malcolm, Rebecca Conaway, Mike Puckett and Troy Damicone; 3:52:10 (287).
172. TEAM GLADIATORS, Akron; Michael Kulick, Andrew Daniell, Shaina Gogol, Thomas Murphy and David Curry; 3:52:12 (288).
173. MARSHAL'S MARATHONERS, Akron; Marshal Pitchford, Allison Pitchford, Tom Dicaudo, Lindsey Yoder and J. Yoder; 3:52:25 (289).
174. SEND THE MEATWAGON, Medina; Dean Winquist, Beth Winquist, John Cucarese, Kimberly Deiderich and Art Deiderich; 3:52:34 (291).
175. AKRON HATES LEBRON AND SO DO WE, Columbus; Thomas Kaiser, Christina Kaiser, Nick Ozarzak, Norm Altman and Andrea Altman; 3:52:35 (292).
176. STILL HEAVY BREATHING, Copley; Ashley Krout, Dan Beach, April Beach, Jason Chitwood and Lynn Conant; 3:52:42 (294).
177. PAPA D AND THE MEATBALLS, Stow; Susan Dimauro, Scott Dimauro, Patrick Dimauro, Steve Dimauro and Annette Dimauro; 3:52:57 (295).
178. SIZZLE SISTERS AND 3 JALAPENOS, Akron; Anthony Pryor, Andrea Schweitzer, Tara Schweitzer, Shaun Schweitzer and Nick Brady; 3:53:00 (296).
179. TEAM IS IT OVER YET?, Uniontown; Maggie Wright, Megan Christopher, Lindsey Rios, Chris Rios and Libby Robinson; 3:53:08 (298).
180. CRIDER, Mogadore; William Richmond, Sharon Strott, Jerry Cicolani, Kelly Hood and Justin Smith; 3:53:18 (299).
181. LEXICOMP1, Stow; Joanne Black, Aly Gordon, Chris Madjerjich, Mike Stang and Alison Gordon; 3:53:23 (301).
182. RUN IT LIKES IT HOT, Lyndhurst; Katie Hedrick, Becky Kerstetter, Dana Abramski, Scott Svoboda and Derek Dechellis; 3:53:26 (302).
183. AKRUN!, Copley; Marissa Marangoni, Michael Naymik, Ashlie McVetta, Nikki Bratt and Dan Loesch; 3:53:28 (303).
184. FEDEX CUSTOM CRITICAL TEAM FINANCE, Copley; Craig Smalley, Jennifer Linn, Jeremy Martin, Steve Dezenzo and Rick Franks; 3:53:29 (304).
185. SUCKTOWN SLACKERS, Akron; Mike Gerfin, Douglas Porrini, Michelle Curtis, Cristin McCaskill and Petra Platzer; 3:53:36 (306).
186. BOB'S PIZZA, Cuyahoga Falls; Michael Lutey, Kathleen Hagan, Angela Hagan, Gregory Krieger and Paul Cullion; 3:53:39 (307).
187. NORTH AMERICAN GLADIATORS, Stow; Kelsey Dickson, Brittany Mathews, Jessica Flynn, Laura Reilly and Justin Burns; 3:53:39 (308).
188. RUNAROUND, Kent; Scott Rigby, Susan Oppelt, Maggie Prevette, Nate Russell and Michael Shanafelt; 3:53:47 (309).
189. TEAM SEX MACHINE, Augusta, Ga.; Josh Miles, Sarah Kokomoor, Blaze Hirsch, Logan Jennings and Jennifer Gill; 3:53:53 (311).
190. TEAM PHEIDIPPIDES MOSCATO, Kent; Howard Jones, Caleb Crandall, Ronnie Kimble, Shawn Watkins and Jessica Oldham; 3:53:57 (312).
191. FUTURE & TIGER KIDZ, Uniontown; Karen Boyer, Adam Boyer, Stacey Miller, Scott Miller and Stephanie Flory; 3:54:12 (315).
192. WINGFOOT WARRIORS, Stow; Melissa Merrill, David Tuck, Krithika Prabhu, Nina Katz and Steve Guba; 3:54:19 (316).
193. JOSHEN SANDBAGGERS, North Royalton; Dave Podolski, Dave Podolski, Stacy Nichols, Dan Podolski and Katie Podolski; 3:54:19 (317).
194. NOVONORDISK AKRON EAST, Massillon; Joanna Bruno, Gerry Bruno, Darin Milburn, Jay Lindberg and Amanda Vanvalkenburg; 3:54:22 (318).
195. FALCONE'S TAVERN, Canton; Kendra Falcone, Jodee Rhodes, Kyle Radeloff, Amy Carrier and Mary Ellen Coletta; 3:54:25 (319).
196. JJAKD, Massillon; Aaron Dunaway, Joshua Young, Jody Dunaway, Kevin Dunaway and Dana Percival; 3:54:25 (320).
197. INITTOWINIT, North Ridgeville; Ryan Knight, Kelli Buttolph, Katie Knight, Jennifer Haff and Chris Irwin; 3:54:30 (321).
198. ON OUR LAST LEGS, Bay Village; Kathleen Roth, Scott Richardson, Matthew Jupina, Jessica Knopp and Tracy Francis; 3:54:32 (322).
199. STEM RUNNING SPECIALISTS, Copley; Lesley Trendell, Mike Palumbo, Ali White, Eric Quarando and William Buckerfield; 3:54:36 (324).
200. LEXICOMP 4, Hudson; Matt Kerscher, Abby Beattie, Matt Snodgrass, Tara Kerscher and Laura Snodgrass; 3:54:42 (326).
201. TEAM HOPE FOR NOT LAST, Tallmadge; Brent Hovey, David Staszak, Arene Staszak, Steve Staszak and Michelle Esterle; 3:54:48 (328).
202. MABS BRAKING STRIDE, Tallmadge; Kevin Kurko, Joe Guidone, Shaun Mellon, Paula Adams and Mary Dirgo; 3:54:57 (329).
203. WILL RUN FOR BEERZ, Akron; Chad Johnson, Dennis Champa, Samantha McIntosh, Bambi Berger and William Dimascio; 3:55:02 (330).
204. WE R FAMILY, Youngstown; Kelly Nail, Melissa Masternick, Rick Gingrich, Ron Defabio and Kim Defabio; 3:55:06 (331).
205. WITNESS THE FITNESS, Kent; Renee Volchko, Roberta Debarr, Billy Volchko, Elisa Pizzino and Melanie Zmuda; 3:55:16 (332).
206. 4 SHIRTS AND A SKIRT, Akron; Robin Plant, Robert Glass, Ahmed Alyamani, Rayan Sirafi and Mustafa Samargandi; 3:55:20 (333).
207. WE HEARD THEY SERVE BEER AFTER THIS?, Tallmadge; Danny Mosholder, Paul Wilkie, Danielle Wilkie, Krystal Mosholder and Rose Conti; 3:55:21 (334).
208. SMOKE & FLAMES, Akron; Roger Turner, Marcus Patterson, Jordan Johnson, Domonica Pierce and Willie Davis; 3:55:22 (335).
209. PARA-GONE, Akron; Tara Scott, Thomas Mendise, Edward Ferris, Molly Kerstetter and Susan Shondel; 3:55:25 (336).
210. THE TURNBERRY FIVE, Medina; Julie Phillips, Diane Begovich, Shannon Swank, Tyson Swank and John Begovich; 3:55:33 (337).
211. HILTON SLEEPERS, Akron; Tim Winter, Jennifer Sturgeon, Nick Teresko, Mary Pinheiro and Brandon Dean; 3:55:38 (339).
212. WILL RUN FOR TEQUILA, Akron; Liza Kobelt, Cristina Ragone, Felipe Guzman, Toni Dibacco and Shawn Smith; 3:55:46 (340).
213. TEAM FRAN, Kent; Frances Carly, James Hunt, Justin Spicer, Maeve Richards and Andrew Sands; 3:55:49 (341).
214. RUNS IN THE FAMILY, Elyria; Ryan Meikle, Amber Neumeyer, Ryan Neumeyer, James Rykaceski and Ashley Rykaceski; 3:55:49 (342).
215. KICKIN IT!, Painesville; Russ Guk, Timothy Jones, Maria Telisman, James Yeagley Jr and Krista Warnick; 3:55:50 (343).
216. JACK'S BATTLE IS OUR BATTLE, Seville; Mike Guarino, Darlene Sidari, Daniel Stevanski, Michelle Guarino and Jared Demko; 3:55:50 (344).
217. TAKIN' IT IN STRIDE, Cuyahoga Falls; Sabrina Kearns, Jennifer Samardak, Ben Kearns, Chariti Armstead and Rob Lyons; 3:55:53 (345).
218. ANDY & THE SMITHEREENS, Akron; Dan Smith, Kellie Smith, Andy Simmons, Lucas Smith and Jennifer Smith; 3:55:58 (346).
219. BARELY BREATHING, Mogadore; Brandon Morris, Megan Danner, Greg Schapiro, Lynne Schapiro and Aimee Boughton; 3:56:01 (347).
220. TEAM NINJA, Marshallville; Matthew Hunter, Cordell Smith, Gail Kutz, Ashia Rowe and Grant Walder; 3:56:05 (348).
221. PORCH AND RUNNING BUDDIES, Twinsburg; Melissa Shaieb, Matt Shaieb, Kristen Rocco, Sammy Rocco and Louise Allen; 3:56:13 (349).
222. SPC CROSSFIT 3, Kent; Robert Keller, Kayla Bechtel, Morgan Goldthwaite, Will Jencius and Rosina Caponi; 3:56:14 (350).
223. RUNNIN STUPID, Twinsburg; Robert Bell, Ryan Hendrickson, Greg Hibbard, Carly Evans and Shane Tanner; 3:56:21 (351).
224. FREE WEEZY, Munroe Falls; Chris Anthony, Erin Dugan, Dave Rohrich, Butch Rohrich and Doug Wiel; 3:56:23 (353).
225. G-FORCE, Smithville; Jim Weaverling, Evan Walder, Calvin Moser, Anna Herhsberger and Clayton Raber; 3:56:24 (355).
226. INDIAN WRESTLING TRAILBLAZERS, Akron; James Dies, Becca Dies, Bob Dies, Dean Casanova and Jake Sexton; 3:56:31 (356).
227. ETM, Massillon; Scott Krause, Megan Krause, Tami Lupe, Rhea Raney and Jason Zils; 3:56:42 (358).
228. RUN4FUN, Wadsworth; Christine Fajt, Jim Fajt, Ann McKee, Jeremy Folk and Christine Fajt; 3:56:46 (360).
229. TAG YOU'RE IT!, Highland Heights; Susanne Polomsky, Mariana Masseria, Matt Polomsky, Steve Ritley and Tina Ritley; 3:56:48 (361).
230. MARIO KART KONNOISSEURS, Green; John Stouffer III, Megan Allen, Charles Fortnoff, Sandra Savcic and Marko Savcic; 3:56:52 (362).
231. GRANDMA'S FAVORITES, Tallmadge; Ben Davis, Lois Davis, Jesse Daivs, Vickie Davis and Mark Marchok; 3:57:00 (363).
232. PAVEMENT POUNDERS, Seven Hills; Irma Barcelona, Kay Cherian, Frank Corbe, Don Moyer and Germaine Small; 3:57:05 (364).
233. JOHNNIE'S BAKERY OF CANTON, Canton; Ara Simonetti, Bill Berkshire, Brooke Berkshire, Brian Berkshire and Beau Berkshire; 3:57:16 (367).
234. LA FAMIGLIA, Stow; Lisa Reese, Michele Holcomb, Heather Engelhardt, Karen Marinos and Martin Marinos; 3:57:19 (368).
235. STEAM TEAM, Lyndhurst Mayfiel; Mike Denallo, Joseph Dudek, Suzana Stelkic, David Six and Kyle Wittel; 3:57:21 (369).
236. THE MCG'S, Richfield; Patty Maloyan, Rick Maloyan, Lester Wong, Tom Connolly and Nikki Fleming; 3:57:29 (371).
237. LEG CRAMPS 2.0, Cuyahoga Falls; Brian Rabel, Curtis Baker, William Rabel, Julia Sorg and Erin Wheat; 3:57:30 (372).
238. 4 CHICKS AND A STUD!!, Hermitage, Pa.; Kerri McCowien, Will Zachrich, Shannon Moran, April Redfoot and Melissa Mohr; 3:57:45 (373).
239. RUNFORESTRUN, Avon; Donald Grisa, Leanne Grisa, Amy Grisa, Matthew Reale and Don Grisa; 3:57:50 (375).
240. HOW DO WE LOOK FROM BEHIND?, Akron; Vanessa Thornton, Daniel Nish, Leonard Alls, Jared Ando and Patrick McLaughlin; 3:57:52 (376).
241. LAMA+B, Lyndhurst; Lindsey Colangelo, Alexis Santangelo, Alisha Sloan, Brett Nola and Morgan McKinney; 3:57:58 (377).
242. BIG BOO & THE RUN RIGHT GIRLS, Lakewood; Sunny Nixon, Ann Weinzimmer, Ryan Dawson, Julie Curtis and Rebecca Diliberto; 3:58:13 (378).
243. 1ST CHANCE, Painesville; Jesse Jones, Ashley Blair, David Oltmanns, Patric McKee and Amber Blair; 3:58:21 (381).
244. TEAM SHERWIN, Cleveland; Elizabeth Libassi, Tom Harrold, Richard Posatiere, Scott Lovejoy and Tara Faix; 3:58:23 (382).
245. SMALL/SNYDER, Lakewood; Margaret Small, Adam Snyder, Ben Small, Deb Small and Bob Small; 3:58:24 (383).
246. IT'S OH-VIR ASSOCIATION, Glen Allen, Va.; Michael Arnett, Kelly Arnett, Adam Wilson, John Arnett and Michael Arnett; 3:58:25 (384).
247. TEAM VERIZON, Avon Lake; Tim Foust, Erin Foust, Brian Hrabak, Jennifer Haddon and Michael Haddon; 3:58:27 (385).
248. TEAM XTREME, Dover; Misi Burris, Diane Wills, Rhonda Porter, Seth Sulzener and Alexandra Hayberg; 3:58:32 (388).
249. CROSS FITNESS, Tallmadge; Kim Harper, Erin Young, Christopher Young, Tom Harper and Craig Young; 3:58:33 (390).
250. WORST PACE SCENARIO, Akron; Kristen Prough, Keith Shinn, Kristin Fallow, Eric Wood and Steve Prough; 3:58:43 (392).
251. WE GOT SOLE, Lakewood; Jason Epperson, Jocelyn Horstemeier, Mike Martin, Michelle Zrnich and Bill Henze; 3:59:07 (394).
252. A.SCHULMAN 3, Akron; Ryan Jones, Perla Detorakis, Ann-Marie Yoder, Denisse Cobos and Colleen Oneill; 3:59:08 (395).
253. WET BANDITS, Lyndhurst; Rodney Dawson, Kathryn Dawson, Kenneth Dawson, Anthony Pozzuto and Kevin Siegel; 3:59:11 (396).
254. FUERTE, Sunbury; Emily Stranges, Moira Dewalt, Michael Sabo, Lidija Bruketa and Joseph Drockton; 3:59:16 (397).
255. CAN'T GO FASTER SORRY, Mogadore; Wendy Hogan, Brian Moore, Julie Jordan, Stacy Paquin and Jennifer Knobloch; 3:59:17 (398).
256. SHUTTLE DOCKERS, Canton; Brigid Wolf, Cathryn Collins, Ct Adair, Kendall Karchner and Kelley Holland; 3:59:45 (401).
257. ROOSEVELT ROAD RUNNERS, Kent; Mike McClure, Bob Klinar, Kristin Sundman, John Roebke and Amy Larkin; 3:59:46 (402).
258. JUST FOR FUN, Ravenna; Amanda Mazey, Mike Canale, Paul Stoicoiu, Carrie Sweet and Christie Lincoln; 3:59:46 (403).
259. **MOLASSES IN JANUARY**, Streetsboro; Casey Sullivan, Luan Gallegly, Jenn Noggle, Bob Fratena and Rhonda McFarland; 3:59:47 (404).
260. RUNNING FROM OUR KIDS!, Copley; Jennifer Hajdu, Hayden Hajdu, Heather Haydu, Kelly Stenger and Kimberly Robinson; 3:59:48 (405).
261. ACME 10-4 GOOD BUDDY, Akron; Kyle Kamlowsky, Sara Kamlowsky, Amanda Rapp, Jason Rapp and Keith Kamlowsky; 3:59:49 (406).
262. PLEASANT LAKES, Kent; Jon Hockin, Holly Knapp, Ashleigh Zieman, Dana Allen and Brad Allen; 4:00:04 (408).
263. A-K ROWDY, Wadsworth; Kristi Burkhart, Kelli Emge, Michael Vale, Steven Burkhart and Amanda Pritchard; 4:00:05 (409).
264. TEAM HEROS, Akron; Dorian Wolf, Deandria Bethune, Brian Fitzpatrick, Ashley Kaufman and Nikole Fuqua; 4:00:07 (410).
265. FAMILY ON THE RUN, Norton; Mike Littlejohn, Bob Littlejohn, Allison Littlejohn, Lisa Littlejohn and Lori Davenport; 4:00:09 (411).
266. TEAM LARIA, Akron; Chris Quinlan, John D'Antonio, Kyle Quinlan, Mary Quinlan-Randolph and Chris Randolph; 4:00:11 (413).
267. REHAB POTENTIAL, Akron; Diane Carano, Sarah Carano, Mike Carano, Brian Carano and Matt Harris; 4:00:18 (414).
268. THE DISTRICT OF CHOICE, Barberton; Andrea Lorenzo, Curtis Amrein, Greg Tripi, Martina Ambrosic and Matthew Burkett; 4:00:32 (416).
269. THE STOOGES, Akron; Scott Schumaker, Meagan Schumaker, Steve Graef, Tenille Shrock and Dustin Shrock; 4:00:33 (417).
270. THE STEEPLECHASERS, Frederick, Md.; Eric Struntz, Amy Struntz, Jose Mota, Mariana Gonzalez Del Riego and Eric Struntz; 4:00:35 (418).
271. FUNNY SHTUFF, Lakewood; Terry Busic, Kevin McKenzie, Erin Tipton, Mark Tipton and Nate Witsaman; 4:00:45 (421).
272. ORIANA'S 4 MEN AND A LADY, Minerva; Jason Moss, John Safar, Kiel Freeman, Stephen Rader and Beckie Krzeminski; 4:00:46 (423).
273. STILL RUNNING AFTER ALL THESE BEERS, Richfield; Kim Kessler, John Mayer, Pam Mrugacz, Greg Mrugacz and Mike Silla; 4:01:01 (425).
274. A-K ROWDY RUNNIES, Fairlawn; Brent Spillan, Elizabeth Spillan, Josh Arthur, Stephanie Tancous and Dustin Barrett; 4:01:13 (426).
275. STONY HILL 8, Medina; Claire Fischmann, Therese McCann, Eric Weyls, Brigid Fischmann and Dave Mealy; 4:01:21 (429).
276. GIBRALTER, Akron; Richard Kirk, Jessica Julian, Rich Cottrell, David Hall and Scott Hyde; 4:01:30 (431).
277. WHY ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE FOLLOWING ME?, Parma; Jason Ensell, Jaime Lynn, Joshua Roberts, Jaime Lynn and Timothy Bell; 4:01:33 (432).
278. SWI SWEETNESS, Parma; Jackie Grzeskowiak, Lauren Scott, Mike Grzeskowiak, Brian Kennell and Julie Healy; 4:01:35 (433).
279. R&D (RUN & DOMINATE), Stow; Dave Egan, Jeremy Pasatta, Dick Hillebrand, Laurie Hillebrand and Lyndsey Manos; 4:01:36 (434).
280. HOMETOWNERS, Fairlawn; Bill Lowery, Robert Zajac, Anne Galehouse, Elizabeth Melhus and Patrick Dougherty; 4:01:36 (435).
281. VISTA RIDGE RUNNERS, Hinckley; Brian Miller, Lynne Gabriel, Anne Rusterholtz, Stephen Rusterholtz and Linda Vopat; 4:01:45 (437).
282. FLY LIKE THE WIND AGAIN, Canal Fulton; Cynthia Morris, Jon Wieland, Dana Floyd, Scott Kyser and Chris Graham; 4:01:52 (438).
283. RUNNIN' DOWN A DREAM, Stow; Karen Huelsman, Dave Tallarico, Philippe Bouchy, Ray Kirmeyer and Renee Starkey; 4:01:59 (439).
284. THE LADIES AND MATT, Akron; Jennifer Sevald, Matthew Sevald, Meghan Beringer, Sandy Drvenkar and Stacey Wisniewski; 4:01:59 (440).
285. CRUZIN CUZINS, Akron; Elizabeth Gaydos, Jennifer Gaydos, Brent Gregg, Sally Gregg and Kevin Kramer; 4:02:00 (442).
286. EBONY AND IVORIES, Berea; Judi Hopperton, Judy Ditzel, Devin Johnson, Julie Gorecki and Dave Haberman; 4:02:04 (443).
287. FOUR PINKS-ONE BLUE FOR KIDS, Cuyahoga Falls; Marilyn Khoury, Carol Chapin, Becky Smargiasso, Elaine Christopher and Russell Maroni; 4:02:07 (444).
288. CORNICI CREW, Stow; Mark Stats, Paul Cornici, Colleen Cornici, Emily Miller and Reno Reno; 4:02:08 (445).
289. TEAM BLACK JACK, Uniontown; Maria Riccitelli, Troy Bosak, Mark Cartechine, Stephanie Demuesy and Terry Harth; 4:02:09 (446).
290. CORTNEE, WHY?!?!, Wooster; Greg Derodes, Cortnee Marchese, Jeffrey Haug, Sarah Dunlap and Craig Thompson; 4:02:13 (447).
291. NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND, Wooster; Sheyenne Keith, Joe Smith, Joelle Maibach, Tommy Weiner and Trent Weber; 4:02:13 (448).
292. THE BATON EXCHANGE NETWORK, Willoughby; Jessica Stogran, Tommy McDonald, Craig Niess, Vanessa Kurtzman and Dan Lekan; 4:02:15 (449).
293. THE SLUGS, Cuyahoga Falls; Rachel Mathew, Stephen Theiss, Andrew Mathew, Paul Hughes and Brian Joy; 4:02:19 (451).
294. SMARTDOCS, Lyndhurst; Josh Weaver, Harry Kellermier, Norma Iturregui, Carrie Putka and Mara Weinstein; 4:02:22 (452).
295. TIGHT BUTTS AND SWEATY NUTS, Atwater; Brian Jenior, Karen Jenior, Katie Jenior, Sara Workman and Chad Meyer; 4:02:24 (453).
296. G'S UP HOES DOWN, Hudson; Kelly Humenansky, Hallie Segers, Todd Kinderdine, Andrew McMurray and Melissa McMurray; 4:02:29 (454).
297. D'ORA DOLLS AND DUDE, Akron; Karen Fitzgerald, Erin Carlton, Maryanna Doria, Bill Faria and Lynn Faria; 4:02:31 (455).
298. THERAPY IN SESSION 2, Kent; Ashley Demers, Christine Horvath, Dirk Thomas, Stacie Thomas and Jennifer Wahl; 4:02:40 (457).
299. DRINKING TEAM WITH A RUNNING PROBLEM, Medina; Becky Jurcich, Tina Kerans, Kristy Pietruszka, J. Rob Pietruszka and Jennifer Sedlecky; 4:02:41 (458).
300. OEC 1, Strongsville; Anne Gus, Amanda Lewis, Lauren Leotta, Kyle McChesney and Ron Parker; 4:02:43 (459).
301. PHONEBOOTH RIOT, Grosse Pointe Par, Mich.; Daniel Green, Dana Wolak, Michael Green, Samantha Lafrance and Daniel Green; 4:02:50 (461).
302. WHO TALKED ME INTO THIS??, Norton; Matt Obreza, Lorrie Miller, Amy Clark, Aaron Brown and Beau Bray; 4:02:54 (462).
303. MOMPIRRIS UNIDOS OF AMERICA, Akron; Alvaro Rodriguez, Marcela Casta O, Mauricio Echeverri, Ernesto Silva Mojica and Alvaro Lopez; 4:02:55 (463).
304. REDEEMER RUNNERS, Akron; Devona Brazier, Rob Brazier, Travis Grulke, Maria Brosch and Jeff Moeller; 4:03:00 (464).
305. ALL FIRED UP, Barberton; Duane Milford, Melissa Milford, Rob Weinmann, Kevin Thacker and Lisa Thacker; 4:03:00 (465).
306. CUTTERS, Cuyahoga Falls; Emily Mogen, Peter Drouhard, Richard Drouhard, Mandy Drouhard and Kelsie Phillips; 4:03:01 (466).
307. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!, Cleveland; John Crane, Sharon Denunzio, Miya Russell, Susan Leonardi and Jennifer Kennedy; 4:03:12 (469).
308. JUST HAPPY TO FINISH!, Mogadore; Gina Hornacek, Kieran Hornacek, Amy Palmer, Ann Gruska and Steven Gruska; 4:03:20 (470).
309. BABIES OF THE 80S!, Cleveland; Hillary Sims, Jackelyn Golden, Catherine Cappetto, Amy Bodnar and Michael Bodnar; 4:03:21 (471).
310. BOBCATSFOREVER, Silver Lake; Jeffrey Heintz, John Ryba, Becky Ryba, Andy Ryba and Meaghan Dejohn; 4:03:29 (473).
311. COMDOC SALES TEAM, Ravenna; Teresa Wells, Steve Vanhorn, Wendy Kleibscheidel, Jeff Tyger and Jeremy Menegay; 4:03:36 (474).
312. TARRY HOUSE 4, Stow; Pat Westfall, Diana Bullock, Tricia Craig, Steve Triola and Steve Triola; 4:03:41 (475).
313. LALLI-GAGGERS, Wadsworth; Greg Lalli, Mark Lalli, Maria Murdocco, Anthony Lalli and Timothy Hagenbaugh; 4:03:42 (476).
314. P-DUFF PUSHERS, Akron; Katie Duff, Barb Duff, Maggie Duff, Michael Duff and Jon Montemayor; 4:03:46 (477).
315. TEAM FTS: WE'RE TUBTHUMPING, Stow; Maria Pacella, Bryce Hruska, Crystal Quillen, Jennifer Bernier and Bryan Dempsey; 4:03:48 (478).
316. DENNY AND FRIENDS, Marshallville; Denny Hanreck, Laurel Raber, Cassandra Kutz, James Hanreck and Kara Derodes; 4:03:49 (479).
317. ONE EYED SALLYS, Canfield; Donald Dobrindt, Kelly Fening, Erin Fening, Phil Brown and Bruce Wilner; 4:03:59 (482).
318. TRAIN WRECK, Lakewood; Damon Wolf, Brian Taylor, Noelle Filippi, Mary Cris Koenig and William Daubner; 4:04:16 (483).
319. STONY HILL 9, Medina; Kim Marinelli, Adam Jacin, Jerrod Mertz, Gwenn Solar and Dawn Solar; 4:04:22 (484).
320. TEAM RANDOM, Mentor; Lindsey Brunetti, Amy Forristal, Donnie Kerrick, Samantha Thomas and Krista Berniston; 4:04:22 (485).
321. BOOTY DUSTERS, Akron; Jess Penrod, Emma Kinzel, Michael Frascella, Brandon Hartman and Chris Smith; 4:04:26 (486).
322. CHILDREN OF NEVERLAND RANCH, South Euclid; Casey Perry, Joe Zulandt, Robb Schneider, Becky Schneider and Daniel Zulandt; 4:04:48 (487).
323. WOUNDED WARRIORS, Uniontown; Jessica Hosfeld, Sharon Pullen, Scott Hosfeld, Marian Shoemaker and Chris Pullen; 4:04:49 (488).
324. MABS BRAKES R US, North Canton; Brandon Moore, John Buehrle, Rebecca Lewis, Joe Pisciotta and Bob Dirgo; 4:04:50 (489).
325. OPTIMISTIC NOODLE SQUAD, Akron; Mary Alexander, Ann Feichter, Harry Potter, Bruce Frank and Kevin Alexander; 4:05:05 (491).
326. BAPTIST CROSS-TRAINERS, Orrville; Bekah Bell, Matthew Miller, Mark Barrios, Andrew Bratcher and Ben Olsen; 4:05:10 (493).
327. BUTTERCUP, Kent; Darah Robbins, James Malson, James Sabetta, Richard Morello and Scott Hopkins; 4:05:11 (494).
328. SUMMA DRMCD, Akron; Mary Johnston, Dawn Saurer, Robert Carlson, Christy Freudeman and Derek Yeager; 4:05:12 (495).
329. GOODYEAR BLIMPATHONERS, Peninsula; Loretta Harland, Loretta Harland, Tia Stathopoulos-Butte, Ryan Hartschuh and Adam O'Donnell; 4:05:12 (496).
330. ROXXYMORON, Akron; Jennifer Sibit, Chris Niekamp, Kelly Folden, Maria Prinzo and Kimberly Schlue; 4:05:12 (497).
331. SOLE TRAIN 2011, Akron; Tara Lewis, Allison Whiteside, Wes Whiteside, Dave Lewis and Bill Bennett; 4:05:13 (498).
332. D^5 HROMYAK, Cleveland; Dana Hromyak, Denise Hromyak, Dustin Hromyak, Darci Readman and Ryan Trapp; 4:05:27 (501).
333. BARTEK LAW OFFICE, Brunswick; Natalie Niese, Scott Niese, Amanda Buzo, Chris Anderson and Christian Senk; 4:05:30 (503).
334. LEVIN SWEDLER - TEAM LEVIN, Copley; Todd Kennedy, Todd Kennedy, Kimberly Augustyn, Richard Boswell III and Matthew Migal; 4:05:45 (505).
335. PETERS, TSCHANTZ & ASSOCIATES, INC. 1, Akron; Evan Miller, Matt Sejba, Kathleen Unroe, Megan Carey and Tim Schmidt; 4:05:53 (506).
336. WHEN THUNDER STRIKES, Stow; Angie Rubino, Mark Borger, Elsa Kilbane, Valerie Shields and Matthew Shields; 4:06:08 (508).
337. TEAM TCP FUDDY, Macedonia; Kyle Mitchell, Ed Frantz, Sharon Gallagher, Melissa Obradovic and Mike Nagy; 4:06:09 (509).
338. CONNECTED SOLES TOO!, Chardon; Koren Griffis, Brian Pulling, Ben Griffis, Margaret Kost and Mark Mlachak; 4:06:12 (510).
339. THE STRAGGLERS, Hinckley; Joe Servick, Mike Meckler, Eric Burdette, Greg Dupan and Wu Hu; 4:06:14 (512).
340. TOLEDOTITANSNOVO1, Perrysburg; Chase Johnson, Doug Hammond, Shane Keady, Nicholas Harbaugh and Christa Russell; 4:06:24 (513).
341. TEAM MAIONAISSE, Akron; Shayna McDermitt, Ryan Inama, Adam Maione, Eric Serian and Michael Antolino; 4:06:31 (515).
342. BEAUTY AND D'BEASTS, Akron; Anne Dennee, Kathryn Clark, Richard Bonnell, Todd Durfee and Brian Dugan; 4:06:34 (516).
343. CROSSFIT UTILITY RED, Akron; Jim Price, Nate Kessler, Beth Carli, Doug Price and Sarah Maloney; 4:06:34 (517).
344. HOT SOCKS, Akron; Frank Kremer, Dwayne Tucker, Lauren Augsburger, Michael Tarry and Michael Tarry; 4:06:35 (518).
345. GET FITTERS 3, Wickliffe; Mildred Aponte-Soto, Giselle Cieza, Ladonna Gilbert, Rebecca Parks and Michael Thompson; 4:06:40 (521).
346. KRUGLIAK WILKINS, Canton; Joe Svarovsky, Ed Buehrle, Jolene Mullen, Cara Chappell and Joseph Svarovsky; 4:06:54 (522).
347. ACCELERATII INCREDIBUS, North Canton; Adam Harding, Matt Ritzert, Shawn Matheny, Aaron Jones and Maddy Rivas; 4:07:10 (523).
348. MAMAJUANNA, Painesville; Mandy Leonard, Patrick Christie, Dawn Christie, Joe Albaense and Staci Albanese; 4:07:11 (524).
349. TEAM PRY, Fairlawn; Elizabeth Miksch, Amy Fulton, Bob Pizarro, Kasie Pizarro and William Cochrun; 4:07:14 (525).
350. WOLFPACK, Apple Creek; Rick Reynolds, Abigial Callahan, Sara Tester, Stephanie Durbin and Michael Durbin; 4:07:33 (526).
351. OUTRUN DIABETES #1, Massillon; Michele Flood, Carrie Marecek, Lisa Broerman, Amy Hitchcock and Andrew Smith; 4:07:41 (527).
352. B DOUBLE E DOUBLE R-U-N!, Mentor; Veronica Freeman, Brent Freeman, Natalie Freeman, Sarah Rafi and Travis Rafi; 4:07:48 (530).
353. WITSCHEY WITSCHEY & FIRESTINE, Akron; Betsy Hartschuh, Alex Ragon, Jeff Witschey, Deborah Cornell and David Firestine; 4:07:50 (531).
354. WE ARE FAMILY, Akron; Shani Sinopoli, Joe Sinopoli, Jake Sinopoli, Shani Sinopoli and Rachel Demita; 4:08:06 (532).
355. MYERS MILERS 4, Mogadore; Scott James, Gina McNeill, Meri Bryan, Gary Luginbuhl and Michael Gioiello; 4:08:10 (533).
356. PEDIATRICS OF AKRON, Hudson; Deepak Lachccwni, Caroline Weingart, Chris Sadinski, Martin Cochran and Tricia Cochran; 4:08:12 (535).
357. JUST WANNA FINISH, Parma; Jessica Ita, Greg Henderson, Danielle Duke, Brad Henderson and Kathleen Drescher; 4:08:16 (536).
358. LOW EXPECTATIONS, Medina; Craig Komar, Marcie Komar, Lauren Laneville, Brian Askey and Brian Komar; 4:08:16 (537).
359. TEAM TCP PUDDY, Sagamore Hills; Caroline Oldsey, James Matta, Molly Miketo, Joe Oldsey and Prem Cesnan; 4:08:17 (538).
360. RC 5, Columbus; Wes Douglas, Jim Douglas, Alex Douglas, Brian Douglas and Lisa Douglas; 4:08:17 (540).
361. SOFTER ON THE COUCH, Akron; Heather Pariso, Kelly Pariso, Adam Rosenberger, Greg Bennett and Leann Marshall; 4:08:19 (541).
362. LEXICOMP 3, Hudson; Tiffany Cobb, Jon Toohey, Mike Hodherr, Carol Lance and Aaron Lance; 4:08:24 (542).
363. PETERS, TSCHANTZ & ASSOCIATES, INC. 2, Fairlawn; Jenny Richardson, Pat Klanac, Mary Beth Vehorn, Rebecca Ollish and Rita Mary Rochford; 4:08:26 (543).
364. FALCONS, Mogadore; Michael Hall, James Griffin, Kyle Hazlett, Benjamin Trace and Kimberly Abdallah; 4:08:32 (544).
365. D.N.R. #2, Ravenna; Jeremy Jones, Jeffrey Guska, Anna Ayoub, Michelle Sedar and Josh Lawrence; 4:08:52 (545).
366. STONY HILL 1, Medina; Jeremie Hoop, Ray Felton, Aubrie Felton, Brett Guthrie and Megan Guthrie; 4:08:54 (546).
367. DID YOU SAY FREE BEER?, Cuyahoga Falls; Kelly Brown, Matt Patton, Crystal Sills, Staci Rezac and Kate Patton; 4:08:55 (547).
368. SUPERHEROES IN TRAINING, Kent; Jennifer Flaherty, Michelle Mayer, Seth Faith, Ray Holmes and Timothy O'Donnell; 4:08:57 (548).
369. CARPE DIEM 1, Cleveland; David Fredrick, Melanie Watts, Angelina Gingo, David Dumas and Michelle Cseh; 4:09:00 (549).
370. RUN CFN RUN, North Canton; Ryan Woods, Tim Krabill, Jaymie Schwartz, Joy Witte and Ben Holloway; 4:09:16 (551).
371. TEAM RED WHITE & BLUE (ALL HAIL RECORDS), Arlington, Va.; Kenneth Bukowski, Barbara Fernandez, Catherine Chicoine, Krystal Clemente and Tony Clark; 4:09:19 (552).
372. FM GLOBAL CLEVELAND, Wadsworth; Andrew Rieck, Ron Partsch, Tracy Hiltz, Malcolm Hiltz and Todd Freeman; 4:09:26 (554).
373. TEAM ROCKET, Akron; Emily Mulvany, Jeananne Ayoub, Rebecca O'Donnell, Michael Lostoski and Daniel Slattery; 4:09:27 (555).
374. TEAM LAVA, Willowick; Lindsay Brockway, Maureen Vandervort, Sara Drowlette, Katie Wheeler and Matt Drowlette; 4:09:35 (556).
375. RUNNING MATEYS, North Ridgeville; Nanette Wiedl, Dave Chiang, Mike Wiedl, Alexandra Wovna and Allison Jagunic; 4:09:41 (558).
376. PAT'S COMPUTER RESCUE, Akron; Katie Baker, Tim Carroll, ? Carroll, Jonathan Carroll and Chris Carroll; 4:09:42 (559).
377. TEAM DLOBEID, North Canton; Jennifer Willaman, Michael Moore, Joe Gruca, Jenny Brown and Tim Dewell; 4:09:45 (560).
378. IT'S 5 O'CLOCK SOMEWHERE, Twinsburg; Lauri Doxsey, Paul Doxsey, Katie Norris, Holly Cifranic and Thomas Cifranic; 4:10:00 (561).
379. THE RUNS, Akron; Kimberly Baitz, Dominic Sinopoli, Matt Smith, Eric Beahn and Brian Bisesi; 4:10:05 (563).
380. TEAM WALKER, Canfirld; Bradley Walker, Melissa Walker, John Paul Walker, Kimberly Walker and Kimberly Walker; 4:10:25 (567).
381. GET FITTERS 4, Cleveland; Nicole Carpenter, Jacqueline Hanson, Linda Mitchell, Michael Parks and Natalija Zlatanova; 4:10:28 (568).
382. ZIPPY LOVERS, Akron; Elizabeth Thomas, Abbey Thomas, Liz Sain, Helen Terrill and Tom Minnick; 4:10:42 (569).
383. METRO PARKS 1, Akron; Paul Wilkerson, Mark Szeremet, Tim Hohn, John Wilkerson and Christine Hockman; 4:10:43 (570).
384. RANDOM RUNNERS, Stow; Debbie Vance, Sheila Martin, Brett Davis, Lynn Garrity and Melissa Karam; 4:10:48 (572).
385. INDIAN WRESTLING STAT MASTERS, Copley; Fred Koellner, Nedolast Dan, Andru Pearce, Devin See and Dj Johnson; 4:10:48 (573).
386. AKRON ROAD RUNNER 2011, Hartville; Meagan Yoder, Jonathan Roebuck, Matthew Eichler, Megan Knerr and Lynsey Eick; 4:10:49 (574).
387. HERO SQUAD, Akron; Devin Defago, Jen Defago, Carrie Martin, Paul Kerrigan and Stefanie Troy; 4:10:50 (575).
388. A.SCHULMAN 1, Arkon; Lindsay Fox, Tim Fox, Oliver Stahle, Duane Myer and Matt Crowley; 4:10:52 (576).
389. FAIRVIEW FOUR & FRIEND, Dover; Domenico Spinelli, Kera Ackerman, Tom Ackerman, Heidi Torch and Denise Smith; 4:10:52 (577).
390. INTERDESIGN, Solon; Bennett Rubin, Hayley Kirk, Emily Cooley, Shane Vidovic and Radu Ghiorghie; 4:10:56 (578).
391. NEO SHUFFLERS, Stow; Terry Alesnik, Rich Hunter, Ashley Piper, Eric Schoofs and Darlene McCallum; 4:11:05 (582).
392. WHIZ KIDZ, Cuyahoga Falls; Cady Bruce, Alexandra Didato, Jonathan Proch, Gregory Sauline and Abigail Gerdes; 4:11:06 (583).
393. FIVE FIFTHS, Akron; Danielle Capotosto, Roberto Capotosto, Tadd Stout, Monica Richardson and Zachary Bastin; 4:11:08 (584).
394. TEAM AWESOME, Norton; Stephanie Horvath, Claire Periard, Daniel Periard, Stephanie Horvath and Therese Hurtuk; 4:11:09 (586).
395. FARMERS INSURANCE #2, Euclid; Tracey Malaney, David Gomes, Delia Cianci, Eric Schauer and Alechia Lemaire; 4:11:13 (587).
396. SPUDDERS, Lakewood; Alan Yarcusko, Christopher Viceconte, Marci Clemens, Chris Trent and Jennifer White; 4:11:19 (589).
397. MOHAWKS, Cleveland; Kristin Schoenlein, April Trotta, Frances Bozsik, Julie Schoenlein and Bobby Sabo; 4:11:23 (590).
398. THE 3RD LEG'S THE HARDEST!, North Royalton; Jenny Arman, Dan Van Koughnet, Meghan Arman, Sean Arman and Bridgette Arman; 4:11:28 (591).
399. UNCORKED, Cleveland Heights; Rebecca Pantuso, Stephen Pantuso, Kevin Beasley, Rhonda Beasley and Matthew Schmidt; 4:11:30 (592).
400. TEAM TERRAPIN, Toledo; Donald Mackinnon, Lynn Mackinnon, Megan Rickard, Wendy Stanley and Matthew Thomas; 4:11:30 (593).
401. FAT KIDS WIN AT TEETER TOTTER, Norton; Amy Richey, Trudee Moore, Brandon Rotili, Jill Zehentbauer and Mike Post; 4:11:31 (594).
402. HEART & SOLE, Daniel Island, S.C.; Krista Tincher, Andrea Teodosiu, Grant Hooper, Angelo Finelli and Brittany Williams; 4:11:32 (595).
403. MYERS MILERS 5, Chagrin Falls; Joseph Rothbrust, Sandra Grillo, Joe Grillo, Margot Beesley and Barry Just; 4:11:34 (597).
404. THE DEDUCTIBLES, Medina; Jason McConkey, Alison Handwerk, Matt Boyert, Brian Curley and Matt Boyert; 4:11:40 (598).
405. RUNNING OUR ASSETS OFF... AGAIN, Painesville; Noelle Frantz, Emily Troyer, Devin Yauger, Rachel Kish and Jason Kish; 4:11:43 (599).
406. R MOJO 4 MARTINIS, North Canton; Craig Cochran, Mary Meadows, Richard Meadows, Kelly Midcap and Melinda Weakland; 4:11:44 (600).
407. PRINCESSES & THE FROGS, Hudson; Dee Edwards, Cindy Rocco, Lisa Edwards, Dan Baylor and Lori Baylor; 4:11:49 (601).
408. 26 MILES BEFORE KILLING COLD COCKTAILS, Greenfield, Ind.; Mike Morey, Crystal Snyder, Paul Gilbert, Michelle Murphy and Kevin Murphy; 4:11:50 (602).
409. FABULOUS & FURIOUS FIVE, Kent; Sarah Insull, Nathan Hill, Jessica Lach, John Mummey and Ben McDaniel; 4:11:59 (603).
410. TEAM VCA, Akron; Adam Fisher, Elizabeth Edenfield, Dawnmarie Hilton, Steve Alton and Sarah Telepak; 4:12:03 (604).
411. THE LAST MINUTE TURTLES, Massillon; Jack Dennis, Doug Fleenor, Ryan Forbes, Amy Lockhart and Mark Roan; 4:12:03 (605).
412. STARK & KNOLL, Akron; Gregory Bean, Harold Schwarz, Elsonne Bayley, Terrence Seeberger and Michael Altvater; 4:12:16 (608).
413. GREEN DEATH, Lyndhurst; Andrew Samtoy, Jessica Todoroff, Erin Henninger, Meredith Shoop and Sankalp Gosain; 4:12:18 (609).
414. CLEOPHIS RANDOLF AND THE PATRIARCHS, Columbus; Chuck Dandrea, Shawn Adams, Paul Locascio, Philip Lo Cascio and Karie Locascio; 4:12:18 (610).
415. MILITARY VETERANS ASSOCIATION, Akron; Ashley Freeman, Susan Lee-Maher, Travis Thompson, Victoria Barrientos and Tim Schmucker; 4:12:19 (611).
416. TEAM FEARER, Norton; Dan Fearer, Hollie Bailey, Kristin Fearer, Randy Fearer and Judy Fearer; 4:12:21 (612).
417. NERDS ON THE WALK, Akron; Lori Ann Pulley, Bonnie McMillan, Richard McMillan, Leslie Besozzi and Aaron Rinier; 4:12:26 (613).
418. RUNNING FOR FREE BEER, Akron; Eric Williams, Jill Yoder, Kevin Yoder, Katy Reynolds and Miki Williams; 4:12:27 (615).
419. R.O.U.S. (RUNNERS OF UNUSUAL SPEED), Canton; Jennifer Curati, Jeff Curati, Tyra Hanle, Dave Smith Jr and Mike Buckley Jr.; 4:12:33 (616).
420. CHARIOTS OF TIRE, Atlanta, Ga.; John Hamrick, Anna Krasinski, Troy Hoyt, Cary Aronovitz and Caroline Tanner; 4:12:33 (617).
421. KENT STATE SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY, Stow; Anna Denzer, Nicole Groves, Sean Boetcher, Katie Schottke and Tonya Hardway; 4:12:53 (620).
422. THUNDER CATS, Uniontown; Stacy Papp, Janet Parrish, Tim Papp, Christine Haver and Amanda Petroff; 4:13:00 (621).
423. SPEED DOGS, Akron; Gail Angeletti, Angie Matos, Terry Jarvis, Jennifer Jarvis and Brittany Caldwell; 4:13:00 (622).
424. CHPAN'AWAY, Stow; John Astrino, Tim Miller, John Jones, Joe Gaspro and Anna Souders; 4:13:03 (624).
425. 3 GUYS, 2 GIRLS, AND A MARATHON, Stow; Gia Shannon, Anthony Mandala, Ryan Sullivan, Michael Shannon and Jennifer Justice; 4:13:08 (625).
426. SKADOOSH, Akron; Abigail Tumino, Merrick Potter, Brooke Tumino, Annelyse Paradis and Jodi Paradis; 4:13:10 (626).
427. FORQUER HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING, Akron; Jim Forquer, Spencer Nay, Lisa Nay, Meghan Forquer and Lauren Forquer; 4:13:12 (627).
428. PROVERBS 4: 11-12, Mentor; Sean Connelly, Marissa Hollinger, Rosemary Noland, Doug Jones and Andy Clark; 4:13:15 (628).
429. WECANDOIT, Norton; Martha Balash, Martha Balash, Bob Balash, Christen Balash and Robert Balash; 4:13:16 (629).
430. OHIO POOLS AND SPAS I, Akron; Charlie Hughes, Donn Johnson, Rich Annis, Logan Annis and Krystal Tolin; 4:13:16 (630).
431. TINKLE TROTTERS, Westerville; Amy O'Connell, Jason Stofel, Abbe Whelan, Nikki Bell and Brandon Bell; 4:13:18 (631).
432. HCP LAW, Wadsworth; Cynthia Hayworth, Mike Ockerman, Jim Lyons, Tony Coleman and Julie Cass; 4:13:26 (632).
433. SSGC, Cuyahoga Falls; Jenna Stouffer, Sarah Miller, Jonathan Grissom, Gary Stouffer and Matthew Stouffer; 4:13:29 (633).
434. SPEED SOLD SEPARATELY, Wadsworth; Amy Abraham, Megan McElroy, Alyssa Lane, Justyna Farrell and Jeremy Larkin; 4:13:44 (634).
435. MAIN-IACS, Copley; Ryan McCoy, Becky Armstrong, Robin Clark, Jen Cassidy and Kyle Creighton; 4:13:49 (635).
436. CHASIN PERFECTION..., Twinsburg; Christina Francis, Trish White, Melinda Furr, Bridget Connolly and Brian Francis; 4:13:55 (636).
437. R WE THERE YET?, Copley; Melissa Cheney, Scott Vieson, Kim Kuhls Hoffert, Allen Moff and Meri Skiera; 4:13:57 (637).
438. DATAQ INSTRUMENTS, Mechanicsburg, Ohio; Sarah Negley, Theresa Bowers, Adam Negley, Chuck Weese and Joseph Bowers; 4:14:10 (639).
439. NICHOLAS INS AND CO., North Lawrence; Katie Fraley, Jennifer Klinger, Linda Kreiger, June Dunwiddie and Chad Fraley; 4:14:16 (641).
440. ALL IN, Canton; Mark Wearstler, Tom Dennison, Laura Hughes, Ryan Foster and Kimberly Wearstler; 4:14:23 (642).
441. KIDS WITH THE RUNS #1, Northfield Center; Melissa Baciak, Lindsey Krunich, Wendi Cichocki, Brian Baciak and Jessica Golden; 4:14:29 (644).
442. JUST FIVE, Canton; Kari Willoughby, Gregory Just, Jaimy Rand, Frank Rand and Sara Just; 4:14:30 (645).
443. NERDS ON THE JOG, Akron; Dane Vough, Adam Jones, Chris Cerny, Vince Scovern and Susan Marazza; 4:14:32 (646).
444. WHY DID I AGREE TO THIS, Parma Heights; Brian Dors, Tamara Dors, Frank Rogers, Claire Rogers and Ramona Bliss; 4:14:45 (649).
445. KENNY STEWS, Uniontown; Michael Hurley, Katey Hoffman, Joyce Hamaker, Michael Ward and Meghan Callahan; 4:14:46 (650).
446. MOJO, Stow; Jessica McCoy, Sara Bennett Lerner, Steve Smith, Joleen Sitko and John Lerner; 4:14:48 (651).
447. .223 CENTER MASS, Medina; Grant Van Fossen, Ballinger Ballinger, Tristan Lajko, Justin Herstich and Mark Schlegel; 4:14:54 (652).
448. TARRY HOUSE 3, Cuyahoga Falls; Michael Bullock, Michael Bullock, Anna Pratt, Andrew Bullock and David Stump; 4:15:02 (654).
449. MICHELOB ULTRA RELAY TEAM, Rootstown; Andrew Testa, John Somers, Jeff Beight, Jannette Jordan and Kyle Larson; 4:15:05 (655).
450. ONEINSIX.ORG III, Hudson; Rose Marsh, Patricia Dirker, Brett Dirker, Bethany Taylor and Alexandra Taylor; 4:15:05 (656).
451. THE FIVE SUMMITEERS, Garfield Hts; Stephanie Lubrano, Jeffrey Dougherty, Ron Seide, Seokwoo Yoon and Natalie Sheerer; 4:15:12 (657).
452. OEC 2, Cuyahoga Falls; Jeff Nelson, Katie Butler, Tim Vereb, Jennifer Schee and Sara Roubenes; 4:15:16 (658).
453. BIG E-Z, Bexley; Jen Gilbride-Brown, Colin Brown, William Zwisler, Joseph Gilbride and Marissa Wilson; 4:15:16 (659).
454. BAIRD 5 STAR RUNNERS, Akron; Mark Waickman, Craig Lanford, Chris Coker, Carrie Robson and Theresa Wright; 4:15:17 (660).
455. BLASIVOTNEK, Mantua; Kimberly Blasiole, Mo Marsinek, Angela Novotny, Brian Novotny and Mike Marsinek; 4:15:28 (661).
456. RUNNING REJECTS, Akron; Camille McMannis, Kenny McMannis, Matt Hinton, Kelly Presson and John Michalski; 4:15:30 (662).
457. JOG-OR-NOTS, Akron; Adam Staller, Terry Glidden, Charles Hirsch, Kellie Hamrick and Jeff Covert; 4:15:32 (663).
458. JOE'S MAMMA'S, Wadsworth; Danielle Fisher, Joseph Vogelsang, Brittany Deckert, Stacie Fisher and David Deckert; 4:15:47 (666).
459. JUSTRUN TOO, Norton; Josh Smith, Christopher Geer, John Lagor, Dana Schweizer and Mark Schweizer; 4:15:52 (667).
460. FRIENDS AND FAMILY, Akron; Walt Roberts, Beth Roberts, Nick Roberts, Chris Grant and Susan Grant; 4:15:54 (668).
461. GRAPE STOMPERS!, Stow; Michael Davis, Scott Hengstenberger, Holly Hengstemberger, Scott Brahler and Denean Davis; 4:16:12 (669).
462. CJLMM, Stow; Caleb Bodjanac, Laura Kunz, Michele McCombs, Jamie Riedinger and Martin Gruhler; 4:16:13 (670).
463. LITTLE LEBOWSKI URBAN ACHIEVERS, Seville; Matt Stanford, Kat Toth, Ashley Cookson, Steve Hart and Matt Clark; 4:16:17 (671).
464. KNAPP'S A TEAM, JUST US 4, NO MORE, Wadsworth; Robert Knapp, Robert Knapp, Mary Knapp, Michele Boal and Robert Knapp; 4:16:26 (673).
465. TEAM STOUFFER YOUNG, Akron; Jeffrey Sitz, Mike Stouffer, Kenneth Young, Mark Young and Nancy Young; 4:16:27 (674).
466. MATRIX: WE'VE BEEN FUNK'ED, North Canton; Lynette Schaffner, Mary Greene, Connie Llathin, Mary Roland and James White; 4:16:30 (675).
467. TEAM HFA #1, Akron; Jen Keenan, Megan Vanko, James Vanko, Nick Betro and Kevin Kinsley; 4:16:31 (676).
468. THE BAUMAN BUNCH, Eaton; Ron Bauman, Anya Johnsman, Ryan Bauman, Rusty Bauman and Richard Bauman; 4:16:32 (677).
469. FARMERS INSURANCE #1, Medina; Chad Smith, Swapna Tadakamalla, Nata Munk, William Boerwinkle and Kesavan Nambissan; 4:16:33 (678).
470. ROYALE W/ CHEESE, Cuyahoga Falls; Mike Hammontree, Phil Ticer, Kate Sinning, Tom Sinning and Steve Kuntz; 4:16:37 (679).
471. POTATO BOATS, Stow; Katelyn Swanger, Ellie Swanger, Joshua Oldham, Tom Swanger and Jessie Swanger; 4:16:45 (680).
472. FOOTBALL BY DRAKE, Stow; Kathleen Dula, William Ossewaarde, Kc Oldham, Joe Greenwell and Terry Freudeman; 4:16:45 (681).
473. SLOW AND STEADY!, Akron; Dave Crain, William Bucur, Kellie Stuczynski, Michelle Lynch and Mya Tolbert; 4:16:54 (682).
474. SBM BLUE, Canton; Mike Freeze, Carol Varga, Jim Eckman, Denise Gillespie and Kevin Noble; 4:17:03 (684).
475. SGS HIPERFORMANCE, Uniontown; Krista Preda, Teresa Black, Michael Abrams, Kevin Black and Jason Orock; 4:17:08 (685).
476. GOING THE DISTANCE, Wooster; Lindsey Whittlesey, Kirstin Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Laura Stasiak and Aaron Rowsey; 4:17:10 (686).
477. THE SUMMIT FOUR, Akron; Daniel Haas, Kris Sidle, Susan Magilavy, Andrew Winson and Jonathan White; 4:17:11 (687).
478. CTSTS, Akron; Ellen Harrington, Patrick Palmieri, Erin Farrer, Rachael Schuster and Eddie Waldrep; 4:17:27 (691).
479. I THOUGHT I WAS WINNING!, Cuyahoga Falls; Joleen Griffiths, Jason Griffiths, Allison Samson, Jacob Lautenschleger and Ariana Frangos; 4:17:34 (693).
480. MAGICAL MISERY TOUR, Akron; Kristin Yanko, Nettie Yanko, Hallie Yanko, Lauren Yanko and Mark Yanko; 4:17:36 (695).
481. AKRON GENERAL'S RACING HEARTS, Akron; Bobbie Gross, Marguerite Shanahan, Ryan Collins, Robert Schweikert and Mark Angel; 4:17:39 (696).
482. SHARED AGONY, Cleveland Heights; Stephanie Kreiner, Seth Hooker, Marnie Deering, Calondra McArthur and Jessica Collier; 4:17:46 (697).
483. SEQUOIA FINANCIAL GROUP, Wadsworth; Shaun Kapusinski, Olivia Donohoe, Lauren Boone, Kevin Tichnell and Gerry Knotek; 4:17:48 (698).
484. THE BIRD IS THE WORD, Brecksville; Ed Bird, Patrick Bird, Lindsay Bird, Molly O'Neil and Tom Bird; 4:17:50 (699).
485. SOCIAL ENGINEERING, Cleveland; Don Ferencz, Jared Rosenberger, Robert Peralta, Mark Covert and Nicole Rosen; 4:17:57 (700).
486. THERAPY IN SESSION 3, Twinsburg; Jamie Terry, Amy Cogan, Christine Sourek, Shawn Simchon and Gregory Orr; 4:17:57 (701).
487. J PRU & CREW, Tallmadge; Jeffrey Prulhiere, Valorie Prulhiere, Diana Prulhiere, Matthew Nichols and Megan Maxwell; 4:18:00 (702).
488. PAVLOV'S PACERS, Akron; Megan Chandler, Sara Shondrick, Robert Lord, Jim Mathias and Aaron Kraus; 4:18:06 (704).
489. JOSHEN JAGUARS, Carrollton; Doug Trsinar, Barry Gronner, Barry Gronner, Shawn Malloy and Matthew Hammond; 4:18:27 (707).
490. YOUNG AT HEART, Painesville; Michelle Huck, Benjamin Huck, Leslie Ferus, Brian Gidley and Leanna Natale; 4:18:31 (708).
491. BROUSE CLEVELAND CHALLENGE TEAM, Cleveland; Anastasia Wade, Jason Roudebush, Caroline Marks, Michelle Anderson and Charles Price; 4:18:36 (709).
492. USOHPEN, Mogadore; Kevin Norris, Kevin McCormick, Jennifer McCormick, Eric Norris and Rachel Mack; 4:19:00 (714).
493. VOXRUNNING, Broadview Heights; Erin Figer, Rich Figer, Kris Snyder, Steve Wylie and Brett Wilson; 4:19:04 (715).
494. HILLZ, Akron; Katie Logsdon, Michelle Zrebiec, Patricia Logsdon, Michael Logsdon and Betsy Haigh; 4:19:22 (717).
495. KABBA, Chagrin Falls; Adam Boucher, Annie Royle, Ben Royle, Willam Boyd and Keith Melugin; 4:19:34 (718).
496. PARKER'S PACERS, Akron; Eddie Sipplen, Tom Parker, Rhonda Kotnik, Lee Schaffer and Chrissy Schaffer; 4:19:46 (719).
497. ALWAYS PULL OUT!!, Akron; Greg Wolfe, Ben Stevens, Jason Stevens, Katie Palmer and Mike Adams; 4:19:46 (720).
498. JOE'S ROUGH RUNNERS, Ravenna; Joseph Swanson, Mark Miller, Stephanie Swanson, Melanie Cirino and Jonathan Miller; 4:19:49 (721).
499. JAXON AND HIS BITCHES, Akron; Crystal McCullick, Amber Saintenoy, Nikki Reed, Tricia McCullick and Jaxon Cyphert; 4:19:50 (724).
500. THE FINISHERS, Copley; Alliree Merzweiler, Stephanie Irwin, Kevin Irwin, Natalie Motts and Ryan Eisenbrei; 4:20:04 (726).
501. GREEN LOCAL RUNNERS, New Philadelphia; Allison Bolon, Sean Kelly, Debbie Schar, Kyle Indermuhle and Michelle Zollinger; 4:20:05 (727).
502. PRESCRIPTION TO RUN, Stow; Ryan Garst, Jill Garst, Mark Wilson, Jennifer Leyrer and Chris Tofil; 4:20:06 (728).
503. RED HOT OOMPA-LOOMPAS, Akron; Deborah Reed, Lori Frank, Jim Alexander, Jeff Kerr and Betsy Riley; 4:20:17 (729).
504. TEAM TURTLE, Akron; Carol Bradshaw, Julie McCartt, Michael McCartt, Steven Dort and Elizabeth Lowther; 4:20:17 (730).
505. EDE'Z, Akron; Ian Duey, Shannon Ede, Kristin Duey, Michael Ede and Janet Zwisler; 4:20:17 (731).
506. THE CHEESY MACS, Clinton; Jodi McAvinew, Barbara McAvinew, John McAvinew, Sandra Scott and Ben McAvinew; 4:20:24 (732).
507. STILL MOVIN?, Boardman; Charles Miller III, Paul Bostian, Barb Kosinski, Mike Wirtz and Renee Farina; 4:20:33 (734).
508. GIE 2, Uniontown; James Lewis, Amy Lewis, James Blayney, Nichole Frye and Eric Neiner; 4:20:36 (735).
509. HUFFIN N' PUFFIN, Cuyahoga Falls; Ryan Petrusky, Lynne Miklich, Kevin Kraft, Jennifer Kraft and Tim Groves; 4:20:45 (737).
510. BAYSIDE HIGH, Cleveland; Steven Hrovat, Christine Sullivan, Melinda Seidner, Erik Hartman and Glen Zipay; 4:20:48 (738).
511. SHIN SPLINTS, Massillon; Jennifer Lepley, Ryan Lepley, Megan Wallace, Maria Howard and Paul Miller; 4:20:57 (740).
512. BROWN STREAKS, Cleveland Heights; Michelle Skoletsky, Jonathan Evans, Steven Mikes, Daniel Beck and Nate Adey; 4:21:02 (741).
513. NOT IN IT 2 WIN IT, Akron; Denise Surblis, Benjamin Surblis, Stephanie Surblis, Kristen Booth and Nancy Koly; 4:21:04 (742).
514. ON THE RUN, Stow; Dustin Thomas, Seth Brezovsky, Nicole Thomas, Kara Wattenbarger and Jacob Wattenbarger; 4:21:05 (743).
515. LAST MINUTE RUNNERS, Kent; Kristin Peel, Chris Easterday, Kim McFarlane, Heidi Singer and Stephanie Nicklos; 4:21:10 (744).
516. FIRSTENERGYC TEAM 3, Hartville; David Calvelli, Tom Adante, Dawn Ritzenthaler, Christopher Carr and Doug Ritzenthaler; 4:21:10 (745).
517. RADIO WAVES, Hudson; George McFall, Tina Carney, Jonathan Walsh, Teresa Kormanik and Chuck Collins; 4:21:32 (746).
518. ATA: MAKE THE LOGO BIGGER, Akron; Stephanie Baki, Brandan Baki, Abie McLaughlin, Thom Misbrener and Carrie Misbrener; 4:21:35 (747).
519. MOLAR OVER, New Philadelphia; Doris Bonnell, Shelly Bonnell, Brian Amison, Amanda Coss and Kelly Mancini; 4:21:41 (749).
520. BMOR, Cleveland; Kevin Howley, Taylor McLaughlin, Jacob Jernigan, Monique Ransome and Austin Qualls; 4:21:42 (750).
521. MYERS MILERS 6, Canal Winchester; Lindsay Valiante, Erik Valiante, Mary Foote, Richard Pallotta and Monica Wright; 4:21:56 (752).
522. STONY HILL 11, Medina; Keara Schoonover, Shirley Leonard, Greg Click, Glenn Anderson and Amanda Zenczak; 4:22:09 (755).
523. SQUIRREL!, Bedford; Nathan Maynard, Steffanie Thompson, Ashley Rial, Kyle Gregg and Lee Korchak; 4:22:11 (758).
524. THE FLYING DUTCHMEN, Minerva; Abi Sevcik, Mark Scholten, Sarah Scholten, Jason Brower and Cheryl Brink; 4:22:20 (759).
525. BREAST OASIS, Wadsworth; Ally Malkowski, Pam Stevens, Keith Nelman, Melissa Bulebush and Marcia Case; 4:22:24 (760).
526. REARVIEW MIRROR, Wadsworth; Cheryl Burley, Amelia Zupke, Nicholas Oriti, Bill Burley and Robert Zupke; 4:22:24 (761).
527. COAST'N, Sterling; Keith Winkler, Abigail Winkler, Kevin Winkler, Mary Widmer and Michele Holcom; 4:22:26 (762).
528. COUCH POTATO PIRATES, Northfield; Joseph Javorsky, Amanda Kephart, Michael Lewan, Brian Bendlak and Daniel Kephart; 4:22:31 (763).
529. OB/GYN ASSOCIATES OF AKRON, Akron; Jamie Byler, Jeremy Keschl, Chrisy O'Neal, Ashley Gruber and Kelsey Fuller; 4:22:35 (764).
530. BARKY BARK AND THE FUNKY BUNCH, Tallmadge; Lindsey Barker, Audrey Hooverman, Kaley Pedulla, Troy Gwinn and Lindsey Hathaway; 4:22:45 (765).
531. SOFA KING, Canton; Mark Dalman, Ashley Wain, Annie Bauman, Edward Ramirez and Lara Roketenetz; 4:22:54 (766).
532. LEADERSHIP AKRON'S GREAT TWENTY-EIGHT, Akron; Ishmail Al-Amin, Ginger Baylor, Ted Johnson, Jim Nice and Dana Saporito; 4:22:56 (767).
533. TEAM NOVO CLEVELAND EAST, Kent; Kathy Tuttle, Todd Jackson, Rodney Stalnaker, John Erme and Chimezie Amanambu; 4:23:10 (769).
534. TEGRIT TROTTERS, Uniontown; John Adzema, Richard McCleary, David McClafferty, Jill Henderson and Heather Taylor; 4:23:27 (770).
535. MIL SNY TEF GANG, Akron; David Tefteller, David Snyder, Heather Snyder, Rachel Tefteller and Scott Miller; 4:24:06 (773).
536. ATNETRUN, Akron; David Kaiser, Jay Mellon, Angela Provencal, Matt Micciche and Jim Laber; 4:24:15 (774).
537. STERLING - SWEAT HOGS, Akron; Debbie Suess, Timothy Lawrence, Justin Smead, Kari Lyncha and Mark Limric; 4:24:24 (775).
538. RHODAFARR, Akron; Larry Rhodaback, Kelly Rhodaback, Ashley Rhodaback, Christopher Rhodaback and Ann Marie Farr; 4:24:47 (779).
539. THE STOW AWAYS, Stow; Joe Blasko, Melissa Blasko, Kim Britton, Danielle Christie and Erica Gill-Shotts; 4:24:48 (780).
540. 4 NURSES AND A BIEBER, Medina; Heather Belacic, Hali Ramsey, Paul Bevere, Claire Mann and Kevin Baker; 4:24:58 (781).
541. KIDS WITH THE RUNS #2, Copley; Richelle Brown, Jodie Travis, Chad Balaj, Sarah Krammes and Amanda Pelligra; 4:25:00 (782).
542. FRIENDS ON THE RUN..., Akron; Heidi Blanchard, Kathy Johnson, Deane Jones, Gwen Hayes and Tracie Pali; 4:25:06 (784).
543. FOUR FILLIES AND A COLT, Rootstown; Lillian Denning, Traci Smith, Jamie Simmons, Linda Nousci and Don Robart; 4:25:07 (785).
544. THE FUN RUNNERS, Akron; Kristi Sacha, Sandy Sell, Sarah Schadek, Robert Core and Richard Yori; 4:25:09 (786).
545. LA - CLASS27, Cuyahoga Falls; Karin Orr, Jim Bowen, Jennifer Kephart, Cheryl Schlosser and Jason Butterworth; 4:25:14 (787).
546. 4 GALS AND A GUY, Bay Village; Marty Smith, Lori Skala, Kristin Smith, Heidi Clevinger and Karen Angus; 4:25:19 (788).
547. C'MON SHELLY, Cuyahoga Falls; Jeff Lynch, Dave Monroe, Kyle Campfield, Ashley Lynch and Marissa Radish; 4:25:26 (790).
548. FOUR FOXES AND A HOUND, Ravenna; Sara Dugan, Steve Matos, Holly Slocum, Heather Elliott and Melissa Marzec; 4:25:29 (791).
549. TEAM BEYAZ, Kent; Chris Koster, Rochelle Macchiarella, Andrea Macchiarella, Nikki Koach and James Waldron; 4:25:42 (792).
550. PETERS, TSCHANTZ & ASSOCIATES, INC. 3, Akron; Malia Tschantz, David Tschantz, Faryn Boigegrain, Michael McKeon and MacKenzie McKeon; 4:25:46 (794).
551. S - GROUP INC., Negaunee, Mich.; Cathy Rayome, David Rayome, Pam Fournier, Danielle Runyan and Michael Runyan; 4:25:50 (796).
552. 1 CORINTHIAN 9:24 RUNNERS, Chagrin Falls; Ryan Fuller, Tamara Fuller, Keith Fuller, Ryan Fuller and Margery Layman; 4:25:58 (799).
553. STEPHENS JOHNSON, Clinton; Valerie Johnson, Randy Johnson, Tricia Johnson, Michelle Stephens and Drew Stephens; 4:26:09 (801).
554. ITALIAN STALLIONS, Stow; Angela Colecchi, Anthony Colecchi, Jill Oster, Gary Headrick Ii and Vincent Diiorio; 4:26:11 (802).
555. RUNNING FOR TOMMY, Cuyahoga Falls; Gregory Hullinger, Gina Allen, Aaron Barnhart, Gregory Hullinger and Mark Welfley; 4:26:12 (804).
556. FOUR LADIES AND AN OLD BALD DUDE, Brunswick; Jackie Thuener, Jeffrey Aiken, Amanda Fisher, Amanda Bradshaw and Heidi Mack; 4:26:37 (807).
557. MAY THE COURSE BE WITH YOU!, Suffield; Lyn Toth, Bob Toth, Mindy Toth-Hixson, Tara Bender and Marisa Lovell; 4:26:39 (808).
558. REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NE OH & A MAN, Massillon; Emily Nussbaum, Olivia Caltagirone, Christa Halicki, Dana Perkins and Achal Vaidya; 4:26:51 (810).
559. RUNNERS OF LAST RESORT, Stow; Erica Millen, Wade Williams, Kristen Artz, Paul Barkoukis and Brian Mollenshott; 4:27:14 (811).
560. IT SEEMED LIKE A GOOD IDEA...., Wadsworth; Patti Kennelly, Emily McGinty, Erin Hofherr, Chris Cetnar and Michael Noll; 4:27:23 (812).
561. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! (JEREMIAH 48:6), Akron; Nathan Bitecofer, Chanda Bitecofer, Heidi Decoursey, Matt Jones and Norman Weber; 4:27:41 (815).
562. THE YOUNG AND THE RUSSELL...PART 2, Medina; Angie Maxwell, Susan Kovach, Russell Hobson, Sarah Dech and Jean Waite; 4:27:44 (817).
563. GREENHORNS, Stow; Joyce Fortin, Matthew Fortin, Benjamin Fortin, Nathaniel Fortin and Patrick Yackmack; 4:27:44 (818).
564. 11:11. MAKE A WISH., Kent; Courtney Spaller, Christie Cochran, Elizabeth Toth, Branden Pelle and Aaron Corrigan; 4:27:46 (819).
565. THE RUNAWAYS, Wadsworth; Lisa Callahan, Kyle Coley, Scott Herold, Luca D'Ortenzio and Danielle Sardelle; 4:28:10 (820).
566. CARDIAC ATHLETES-HEART, Friendship, N.Y.; David Tuttle, Julianne Hostutler, Shannon Herchick, John Browne and David Tuttle; 4:28:17 (822).
567. TEACHERS ROCK!, North Jackson; Sal Sanders, Ellie Sanders, Peter Russo, Stephanie Russo and Bob Bloniarz; 4:28:24 (823).
568. ROLLIN WITH RITA & MARY, Akron; Jaime Welch, David Clare, Heather George, Eileen McDonald and Kimberly Peters; 4:28:26 (824).
569. IT WAS A GOOD IDEA IN MAY, Cumming, Ga.; Colleen Finley, Eric Haines, Alex Haines, Doug Haines and Carli Parks; 4:28:30 (825).
570. TEAM STEPHENS, Medina; Lynn Snodgrass, Mindy Bittner, Lori Downey, Bryan Stephens and Lisa Stephens; 4:28:53 (826).
571. FORZA ITALIA, Akron; Dina Cornacchione, Antonietta Cornacchione, Lynn Barnes, David Hall and Rita Brienza; 4:29:00 (827).
572. TROTTERS, Norton; Cara Ramsey, Laura Kepler, Joe Kerekes, Ava Kerekes and Kat Hartz; 4:29:06 (828).
573. STREET SLOTHS, Powell; Anna Keller, Mark Keller, Mike Mozingo, Steven Spier and Cindy Carnahan; 4:29:13 (829).
574. RIDGE RUNNERS, Strongsville; Rachel Earley, Yuliya Slobodyan, Nicole Lecomte, Eric Eimer and Gary Long; 4:29:19 (830).
575. A.SCHULMAN2, Akron; Chuck Hampton, Malia Gelfo, John Broerman, Matt Yager and Alan Byers; 4:29:21 (831).
576. READY AND WILLING 2 RELAY, Akron; Michelle Bender, Rich Bender, Mike Liston, Anne Valeri White and Mark White; 4:29:25 (832).
577. THE FAST FIVE, Akron; Rhonda Ferguson, Patrick Kelly, Steve Briggs, Michelle Waller and Danielle Dora; 4:30:05 (838).
578. COMDOC # 1, Massillon; Jim Marchione, Dan Henderson, Jesse Zimmerman, Gary Gardner and Ashley Farnsworth; 4:30:16 (842).
579. AKRON CHILDREN'S CYSTIC FIBROSIS CENTER, Akron; Kimberly McBennett, Michelle Mizda, Kimberly Spoonhower, Christopher Spoonhower and Christine Singh; 4:30:18 (843).
580. LEXICOMP 5, Hudson; Anthony Lavdis, Alison Lavdis, Anthony Lavdis, Carrie Popp and Jason Popp; 4:30:37 (845).
581. QUINTOPEDS, Akron; Rick Champe, Steven Batug, Renee Nottage, Donn Nottage and Hunter Lawrence; 4:30:38 (846).
582. BE BEST, Cleveland; Michele Campbell, Peter Jolicoeur, Joe Bisesi, Amy Salzman and Patrick Jordan; 4:30:38 (847).
583. WHAT A BUNCH, Copley; Steve Domchick, Laura Domchick, Erin Childers, April Miller and Stephanie Domchick; 4:30:47 (850).
584. COMDOC # 3, Wooster; Jake Melrose, Sherry Martin, Julie Molnar, Briana Yocum and Talia Callahan; 4:30:48 (851).
585. TEAM BAD IDEA ALERT, Cuyahoga Falls; Robert Dedinsky, Jeffrey Quartermaine, Julia Dove, Dominic Gattozzi and Jessica Miller; 4:30:51 (852).
586. NO BEER LEFT BEHIND, Fenton, Mich.; Sara Duda, Allison Whisenhunt, Eric Motz, Mallory Richter and Ashley Trotter; 4:30:52 (853).
587. BETTER WITHOUT BAKER!, Akron; John Marchand, Matthew Wachter, Jackie Waterman, Michael Waterman and John Conner; 4:30:59 (854).
588. WHERE IS DOUG?, Louisville, Ohio; Trisha Lewis, Rachel Marcinko, Zachary Phillips, Beth Matthews and Pat Bodnar; 4:31:05 (855).
589. TRWB (BLOODY NIPS), Akron; Greg Reash, Matthew Cline, Jeffrey Hartman, Aarthi Srinivasan and Meryl Bradley; 4:31:07 (856).
590. TEAM BLADR CONTROL, Cuyahoga Falls; David McGrady, Brooke Arrington, Audra Alden, Leslie Morgan and Ryan Magee; 4:32:22 (858).
591. SOLE TRAIN, North Canton; Brook Benko, Jenn Milam, Mark McCants, Brett Benko and Catrina Steiner; 4:32:23 (859).
592. OEC 3, Middleburg Height; Raffaela Montemarano, Bethany Schottenheimer, Seth Galvarro, Jason Verdi and Christina Flaitz; 4:32:36 (860).
593. JUST KICKIN IT, Silver Lake; Diane Woods, David Cogdeill, Leslie Cook, Tammy Zents and Erin Demiray; 4:32:38 (861).
594. JOHN 16:33, North Canton; Amanda Brunner, Courtney Jeans, Peter Simionides, Nathaniel Colston and Benjamin Shaw; 4:32:56 (862).
595. BRIDGESTONE LOW GEAR, Munroe Falls; Bob Wollyung, Will Robbins, John Sabistina, Gregory Rasor and Cara Adams; 4:33:12 (865).
596. DRAGGING 50, Hudson; Chip Booth, Vicki Lex-Booth, Spencer Booth, Kirstin Toth and Ronit Majumdar; 4:33:13 (866).
597. GRACE OPS AGAIN, White Lake, Mich.; Carrie Fuelling, Christopher Gray, Karen Dittman, Ryan Dittman and Terri Kinjorski; 4:33:22 (867).
598. HERE 4 BEER, Spencer; Ann Arters, Angie Kovacs, Tom Guta, Christopher Kovacs and Michael Ellek; 4:33:32 (869).
599. WE JUST FEEL LIKE RUNNING, Wadsworth; Marci Tomajko, Cindy Robinson, Betty Deeb, Ken Deeb and Bill Vannatten; 4:33:38 (870).
600. STONY HILL 12, Akron; Shannon Blower, Chris Ditmore, Jennifer Martin, Runner 6 Stony Hill and Runner 7 Stony Hill; 4:33:39 (871).
601. THE FLATLANDERS, Akron; Jeremy Garver-Hughes, Randal Garver, Janelle Garver, Nathaniel Garver-Daniels and Lois Stump; 4:33:41 (872).
602. RANKLED RUNNERS, Hudson; Isabelle Kalinyak, Thomas Stafford, Steve Ames, Jennifer Shankleton and Diane Rick; 4:33:41 (873).
603. JOSHEN A-TEAM, Northfield Center; Greg Hanchar, Anthony Salyers, Tracey Salyers, Larissa Zallar and Greg Hanchar; 4:34:04 (874).
604. FOUR FIT CHICKS AND A DUDE, Ravenna; Carli Campbell, Paul Marzec, Jillian Zetts, Amy Hurd and Joseph Campbell; 4:34:17 (876).
605. MANNING, Mentor; Joe Manning, Meredith Panzica, Suzi Manning, Nicole Niederst and Robert Manning; 4:34:17 (877).
606. TEAM TUMBLEWEED, Cuyahoga Falls; Lisa King, Emily Wakefield, Sarah Matheny, Joseph Gmerek and Paul Perdicas; 4:34:32 (878).
607. HFA#2, Akron; Mike Anthony, Karen Griffiths, Pamela Bennett, Jessica Siegenthaler and Jason Walker; 4:34:45 (881).
608. PARMA PRIDE, Parma; Jessica Tonsing, Cathy Findley, Jon Sarrocco, Randy Wojtkiewicz and Cynthia Biacofsky; 4:34:51 (882).
609. LEVIN SWEDLER - TEAM SWEDLER, Akron; Jeff Drake, Kathy Drake, Ian Drake, Samantha Fouser and Jason Weigand; 4:35:21 (885).
610. BANKERS ON THE RUN, Akron; Sheri McCready, Stephen Gaffney, Kirsten Lino, Leighann Wolff and Jennifer Jones; 4:35:51 (888).
611. A FEW AND A COUPLE, North Canton; Mellissa Coyle, Stephanie Reynolds, Bethany Bair, Joe Buerlen and Susan Buerlen; 4:35:52 (889).
612. STEELASTIC CUTUP'S, Canal Fulton; Maria Anderson, Zach Boaz, Bill Bradshaw, Ron Lee and Rebecca Stayer; 4:35:53 (890).
613. THE 330, Stow; Schnee Nopper, Christopher Ziats, Ben Hall, Lyndsey Nopper and Korion Colvin; 4:36:47 (897).
614. THIS IS COOL, Copper Mountain, Colo.; John Finley, David Woloch, Joel Woloch, Scott Thanasiu and Helen Kline; 4:37:05 (901).
615. SCARLET OAKERS +1, Copley; Cathy Riedel, Kelly Rapp, Chris Rapp, Kenneth Riedel and Cheryl Gilbert; 4:37:06 (902).
616. THE PEEPS, Twinsburg; Allyson Harmon, James Falk, Marc Tackett, Nicole Falk and Mike Falk; 4:37:08 (903).
617. ROCK!, Twinsburg; Juan Alvarado, Travis Cobb, Amanda Trenton, Corey Pacer and Karen Heater; 4:37:16 (905).
618. KEATHLEYAD, Akron; Tonya Duus, Thomas Keathley, Sara Myers, Jesse Taylor and Brandi Hensler; 4:37:21 (908).
619. DON'T FEAR THE NEEDLE, Akron; Lynda Lytle, Abby Morrison, Kaci Morrison, Patrick Janovick and Michelle Stinchcomb; 4:37:35 (909).
620. D.N.R. #1, Warren, Ohio; Amy Ostrosky, Dawn Lawrence, Jeff Lawrence, Deana Fletcher and Dave Tammaro; 4:37:37 (910).
621. 4 BROADS AND A BRENT, Sagamore Hills; Jolynn McFerren, Brent McFerren, Lynne Wilson, Amy Dimarco and Renee Cardello; 4:37:40 (911).
622. STROKE, Hudson; Megan Scharville, Dan Scharville, Melanie Nero, Rich Nero and Kevin Gluntz; 4:37:45 (913).
623. KEEPING AKRON BEAUTIFUL, Mogadore; Melissa Lisuch-Vesely, Christopher Beadle, Kelly Valle, Annie Reagan and Erin Blackiston; 4:37:47 (914).
624. WAREHAM WARRIORS...& JOE, Akron; Heather Barnes, Andrea Cerone, Jeffrey Cerone, Melissa Rubino and Joe Zingale; 4:37:53 (915).
625. ASIAN SUN TALLMADGE I, Tallmadge; April Williamson, Bill Barnick, Jennifer Heerema, Jennifer Archer and Alma Kryah-Deblasio; 4:37:59 (916).
626. ZWEDE'S, Bexley; Molly Gilbride, Jamie Zwisler, Tim Gilbride, Alice Duey and Emily Childress; 4:38:02 (917).
627. 2 SLOW 2 WIN 2 DUMB 2 QUIT, Barberton; Jennifer Monroe, Keith Welch, Sara Kintz, Matt Casey and Becky Fields; 4:38:34 (918).
628. GUZZETTAGALLOPERS, Fredericksburg; Daniel Grosjean, Megan Woods, Bethany Haynes, Andrew Arnold and Michael Triana; 4:38:35 (919).
629. FINISH STRONG, Aurora, Ohio; Chris Dopler, Tim Fogel, David Dopler, Stephanie Halfhill and Rex Halfhill; 4:38:55 (921).
630. LYFESTYLE CHANGES, Cleveland; Nikisha Johnson, Justin Schaffold, Valerie Elmore, Tanichia Foster and Lamech Banks; 4:39:27 (924).
631. IT'S ALL RELATIVE!, Kent; David O'Neill, Alexxis Rochford, Erica Kukoleck, Angie O'Neill and Nicole Salle; 4:39:29 (925).
632. UNITED BAPTIST TEAM 2, Akron; Versean Taylor, Tracy Lane, Leandrea Cash, Jada Lane and Svette Rushing; 4:39:31 (926).
633. STONY HILL 5, Medina; Mick Dunaye, Lyndsey Montanari, Runner 3 Stony Hill, Runner 4 Stony Hill and Lisa Rudolph; 4:39:35 (927).
634. KIDS WITH THE RUNS #4, Akron; Amanda Resch, Nirali Shah, Michael Firtha, Brennan Spaulding and Tyler Steiner; 4:39:38 (929).
635. TEAM KATS, Solon; Madhavi Atluri, Narayana Talasila, Lakshmi Katragadda, Rao Atluri and Prasad Katragadda; 4:39:51 (931).
636. STONY HILL 10, Medina; Greg Marinelli, Cory Blower, Zack Blower, Chris Sammon and Rick Rudolph; 4:39:54 (933).
637. ROCK STAR'S, Akron; Kristin Lopez, Gabrielle Braude, Danielle Edgar, Tim Edgar and Sharon Whitaker; 4:39:58 (935).
638. HEAD OF THE REST, Akron; Krissy Belknap, Kirsten Belknap, Savanna Johnson, Charlie Wright and Melaine Conner; 4:40:07 (937).
639. RUN IT OUT, Canton; Todd Brahler, Marie Brahler, Kelly Lilly, Jill Cirese and Mike Miller; 4:40:26 (939).
640. LADIES AND THE TRAMP, Canton; Amy Beltrami, Terri Daley, Jacob Mugford, Melissa Mitchell and Maureen Brown; 4:40:26 (940).
641. JOGGING MY MEMORY, Stow; Alice Balasco, Judy Griggs, Balazs Varga, Karla Kaufman and Sarah Fearon; 4:40:26 (941).
642. STEEPLECHASERS, Stow; Cathleen Bury, Alyssa Conti, Jessica Hughes, Luke Bury and Christopher Teodosio; 4:40:28 (942).
643. 3 CHICKS AND A COUPLE OF DUDES, Munroe Falls; Alicia Frantz, Andrea McKinney, Micah Moyer, Patrick McKinney and Emily Knight; 4:40:30 (943).
644. HAVE YOU SEEN MY MAGIC PEN?, Canal Winchester; Jennifer Harris, Brad Harris, Brian Harris, Sarah Harris and Andy Harris; 4:40:35 (944).
645. STROKE TEAM, Kent; Barbara Rankin, Courtney McGinnis, Mike Hendrix, Amanda Adorni and Brittany Mazejko; 4:40:57 (946).
646. BUSKATEERS, Bath; Laura Bell, Lisa Cox-Ayers, Don Fuchs, Edward Bartunek and Sheila Farrance; 4:41:01 (947).
647. 4 WRIGHTS & A WRONG, Akron; Dennis Wright, Eva Wright, Kristin Wright, Katrina Wright and Danielle Wright; 4:41:12 (948).
648. CAROL'S KICK BUTT KIDS, Kent; Kris Herman, Kelli Herman, Chad Howard, Kymberly Glyde and Andrew Korman; 4:41:25 (949).
649. ONEINSIX.ORG, Cuyahoga Falls; Carmelo Gaglio, Ralph Petrucelli, Sean Romigh, Lauren Braver and Joe Chiera; 4:41:28 (950).
650. TEAM LAUGHLIN, Akron; Linda Laughlin Williams, Tammy Laughlin, Patrick Laughlin, Sheri Laughlin and Elaine Daubenmire; 4:41:55 (952).
651. THREE MEN AND A RADIO, Akron; Robert Monroe, James Kalbfleisch, Arthur Edgar, Josh Bittner and Brandy Cannon; 4:42:05 (953).
652. 4 GUYS, 3 BROTHERS, 2 NEWBIES AND 1 GIRL, Cuyahoga Falls; Jason Kidd, Mitch Hoyt, John Stouffer III, Pete Bucey and Dionna Bucey; 4:42:11 (954).
653. RUNNING COSMOS, Copley; Susan Baldwin, Mark Dente, Jen Magensky, Jill Royka Kline and Christina Malpass; 4:42:15 (955).
654. PAVEMENT PRINCESSES AND A FROG, Cuyahoga Falls; Jennifer Catalanotto, Alan Sipple, Amy Geiser, Melissa Tomasik and Kacie O'Brien; 4:42:39 (957).
655. KRAVE, Stow; Danielle Dowling, Jenean Gabbert, Caitlin Davis, Jordan Hardwick and Michael Wallace; 4:42:58 (958).
656. TEAM NIX, Tallmadge; Peggy Nix-Gates, Fred Nix, Katherine Nix, Michael McDonald and Virginia Nix-Oliver; 4:43:02 (960).
657. CHAPEL RUNNING CLUB, Akron; Lyndsey Henricksen, Amanda Wilt, Jeffery Kirk, Jamey Heinzman and Leroy Newland; 4:43:11 (962).
658. STERLING KISS MY PASS, Canton; Kent Humrichouser, Liliana Ashbaugh, Norys Deabreu-Mendez, Jacqueline Besthoff and Orlando Ayala; 4:43:25 (963).
659. DRINKER'S WITH A RUNNING PROBLEM:), Barberton; Colleen Frye, Todd Frye, Melissa McFadden, Randy Devore and Beth Martin; 4:43:33 (964).
660. THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, Mogadore; Justin Freudeman, Ron Ickes, Kathy McCurry, Charles Grubbs and Damian Riffle; 4:43:39 (966).
661. MYERS MILERS 3, Akron; Ron Cox, Oksana Moissis, Richard Twitty, Dan Nauert and Ken Contrera; 4:43:46 (968).
662. SHELLHORN RLG, Akron; Betsy Tabatcher, Logan Harowski, Jon Shellhorn, Robert Bean and Melissa Bixler; 4:44:02 (969).
663. KIDS WITH THE RUNS #3, Tallmadge; Nirav Shah, Dina Dornack, Larry Brown, James Lee and Deanna Burns; 4:44:17 (971).
664. DAW-MINATORS, Kent; Lin Danes, Tom Lee, Laura Nusbaum, Kelly Daw and Matt Daw; 4:44:18 (972).
665. THE HOUSE OF THE LORD, Akron; Angela Gibbons, Nikita Alexander, Millicent Butts, Dietrich Evege and Rick Morris; 4:44:28 (973).
666. AKRON GENERAL'S GOT HEART, Cuyahoga Falls; Amy Wollmann, Tom Gant, Debbie Miller, Margaret Zanin and Amy Wollmann; 4:44:39 (975).
667. BEAUTIES AND THE BEAST, Massillon; Debbie Dunaway, Mike Dunaway, Diana Godfrey, Emily Searls and Sarah Reikowski; 4:44:53 (976).
668. WE'LL GET THERE, Akron; Giovanna Miller, Jessica Smith-Tarry, Debbie Kandel, Glenn Shelley and Julie Sykes; 4:45:07 (979).
669. FAST-TASTIC!, Chicago, Ill.; Chrissy Williams, Christine Williams, Robert Williams Ii, Jennifer Fulton and Chris Fulton; 4:45:32 (980).
670. JUST FINISH, Akron; Allison Bogdan, Ingrid Lewis, Ann Bogdan, Michael Bogdan and Elisabeth Weber; 4:45:53 (981).
671. COMDOC # 4, Uniontown; Andrea Capuano, Luke Melrose, Donna Neff, Dale Highsmith and Andrea Yocum; 4:46:27 (983).
672. ACME, Mogadore; Jeff Trout, Jim Trout, Fred Mathews, Jenn Haddox and Brad Palmer; 4:46:33 (985).
673. AKRON GENERAL EMERGENCY MEDICINE, Akron; Christina Campana, Christine Hong, Noor Jaber, Chris Kirkpatrick and Tracey Banks-Greczanik; 4:47:00 (986).
674. DO IT 4 JIM, Copley; Mary Graves-Latrashe, Sam Latrashe, Kelly Fisher, Ellie Skidmore and Amy Cameron; 4:47:18 (987).
675. TEAM FOODBANK, Copley; Michelle Hinton, Leslie Letner, Jennifer Dyer, Adrienne Bradley and Daniel Flowers; 4:47:29 (990).
676. AKRON CHILDREN'S FISCALLY FIT, Silver Lake; Susan Gaskill, Sadie Roth, Cindy Dormo, Mark Zito and Nicole Killian; 4:47:38 (991).
677. COMDOC # 2, Canal Fulton; Mike Kyser, Sonny Ritch, Abby Pilgram, Amber Waters and Greg Stairs; 4:48:08 (993).
678. TEAM KRAUS, Tiffin; Lindsay Rellinger, Cindy Kraus, Megan Kraus, Joe Kraus and Patti Young; 4:48:12 (994).
679. SCOOT YOUR BOOT, Akron; Sarah Cross, Jonathan Weaver, Ashley Loucks, Kathryn Martin and Rebecca Evans; 4:48:16 (995).
680. DOIN' OUR BEST, Kent; Elizabeth Eaken, Chip Eaken, Angela Valli, Robert Powell and Marc Benedict; 4:48:32 (996).
681. NUN SHALL PASS, Sheffield Village; Diana Visi, Carol Patrick, Andy Szczesniak, Matt Dalakas and Beth Kohmann; 4:48:58 (999).
682. TEAM ETHAN 4, Kent; Kathie McConnell, Angela Buxton, Laura Pszonowsky, Kelly Prior and Scott Prior; 4:48:59 (1,000).
683. TE TEAM, Stow; Lynne Poulton, Amy Lamantia, Mark Gallagher, Christie Yonkers and Rachel Bolgar; 4:49:06 (1,002).
684. BAD DECISION, Akron; Leland Merryweather, Demetrius Harper, Clay Pickering, Bruce Spohn Jr and Natalie Hauber; 4:49:38 (1,003).
685. C:\RUN, Barberton; Christy Desantis, Vincent Allen, Laura Esterak, Tessa Smith and Brain Kundtz; 4:49:48 (1,005).
686. COMDOC # 5, Canton; Karla Lindesmith, Brad Yocum, Carol Jackson, Kathy Pfeil and Theresa Stairs; 4:50:00 (1,006).
687. THERE'S NO I IN WIN, Canal Fulton; Rachel Trembly, Jessica Smith, Michael Smith, Andrea Lewis and Chris Lewis; 4:50:06 (1,007).
688. GD MARYANN, Cuy Falls; Lynne Gatzulis, Marc Gatzulis, Brandon Szentes, Tracy Brashear and Nicole Berquist; 4:50:07 (1,009).
689. BAIRD BULL MARKET RUNNERS, Canton; Katie Metzger, Karen Butler, Robert Royer, David Haller and Amy Vaccaro; 4:50:19 (1,010).
690. GHOSTS OF THE CITY, Akron; Alissa Calabrese, Gregory Franckowiak, Andrew Jones, Beth Wallace and Alisha Mazur-Como; 4:50:26 (1,012).
691. SUMMA TERRABYTES, Stow; Rosemary Hickin, Gregory Kaczmarek, Elizabeth Schluneker, Brian Engel and Ricky Aldridge; 4:50:34 (1,014).
692. BRAIN HOST 3, Akron; Rachel Bosyj, Corey Hammond, Lisa Hammond, Mark Jenney and Jason Goretzki; 4:50:36 (1,015).
693. STONY HILL 7, North Olmsted; Bob Ditmore, Jackie Kirby, Shelly Blower, Brittany Riordan and Krista Gregory; 4:50:50 (1,017).
694. ATA: MAKE THE LOGO SMALLER, Akron; Rachel Silasi, Daniel Sferra, Wayne Silasi, Jen Kurtz and Tony Gioglio; 4:51:02 (1,018).
695. THE GOAT HERD, Wadsworth; Andrea Galehouse, Jeffery Kontak, Sarah Casper, Kim Stanger and Shannon Brigham; 4:51:25 (1,020).
696. MOD SQUAD, Akron; Tara Koontz, Gina Cella, Pao Washburn, Joseph McCafferty and Molly Breiding; 4:51:29 (1,021).
697. VANDELAY INDUSTRIES, North Canton; Sara Lundenberger, Patty Disandro, Brain Hollingsworth, Kevin Neel and Lois Hollingsworth; 4:51:52 (1,022).
698. CHASING CHEETAHS, Strongsville; Dean Dvorak, Srilata Mootha, Yathish Kolli, Vishu Dakappagari and Haritha Dakappagari; 4:52:08 (1,023).
699. OUTRUN DIABETES #2, Hartville; Lisa Davis, Jaime Haidet, Barbara Hillegass, Joshua Hillegass and Ricky Scales; 4:52:12 (1,024).
700. YOUR SHOES UNTIED, Barberton; Robert Ryan, Lisa Hilling, Jennifer Grossman, Karen Anderson and Dan Schrader; 4:52:28 (1,025).
701. FIREHAWKS, Canal Fulton; John Trembly, Amy Appel, David Brandenstein, Jim McGuckin and Marc Compher; 4:52:32 (1,026).
702. SWINGIN' JOHNSON & THE BOUNCERS, Akron; Noreen Wagner, Lisa Lanham, Beth Breiding, Sabrina Johnson and Irvin Johnson; 4:52:32 (1,027).
703. LIFE IS GOOD, Uniontown; Sam Lofgren, Beth Lofgren, Jill Moravitz, Shannon Seiler and Joseph Fantozzi; 4:52:44 (1,028).
704. BRAIN HOST 2, Copley; Nate Pfister, Halli Sarver, Chris Charles, Jerry Garrett and Melissa Roberts; 4:53:21 (1,030).
705. OFFSHIFT SURVIVORS, Tallmadge; Lisa Plevniak, Linda Czerwieniec, Jennifer Syx, Keith Syx and Jackie Hefner; 4:53:36 (1,031).
706. MAPLE WOOD'S NEMESIS, Mogadore; Brenda Cain, Kimberly Joye, Greg Darnell, Tammy Miller and Geri Reynolds; 4:53:46 (1,032).
707. CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, Kent; Nick Hernandez, Deatra Chapman, Marquia Jones, Sheri Thomas and Courtney Thomas; 4:55:05 (1,033).
708. ACME MOVING COMPANY, Cuyahoga Falls; Heather Knight, Susan Veppert, Brian Veppert, Joy Loper and Dave Kozlowski; 4:55:09 (1,034).
709. NOT KIDDING AROUND!, Hatfield, Mass.; Elly Graves, E Graves, Ellen Kidder, Jennifer Kidder and Walter Kidder; 4:55:14 (1,035).
710. TEAM BARIATRIC, Cuyahoga Falls; Andy Schunk, Adrian Dan, Ken Wells, Laura Ilg and Ashley Bohon; 4:55:23 (1,036).
711. NUTS AND KNOCKERS, Akron; Kelly Badowski, Kelly Dolan, Ryan Wagner, Marcus Wagner and Carrie Wagner; 4:55:28 (1,037).
712. UNIQUELY GREEK BAKED GOODS TEAM 1, Uniontown; Jane Kovacs, Pam Angheld, Christina Fagan, Neeta Kishore and Desma Girard; 4:56:33 (1,042).
713. MAISON'S NEMESIS, North Canton; Max Agee, Sara Radanof, Alicia Cooper, Melissa Hedrick and Josh Esque; 4:56:34 (1,043).
714. TEAM PANTHER, Seville; Allison Wodzak, Christine Gray, Jamie Bell, Ryan Dereska and Travis Elck; 4:56:57 (1,044).
715. FAKE MILES, Copley; Valerie Woodward, Krystal Lovejoy, Emily Woodward, Sharon Woodward and Michael Mallamaci; 4:57:53 (1,047).
716. COLLECTIVE SOLES, Dover; Trisha Gray, Lindsey Billingsley, Katelyn Douglass, Sherri McKinney-Frantz and Andy Gray; 4:58:11 (1,049).
717. RUNNING OUR ASSETS OFF, Massillon; William Seeley, Melissa Bentley, Nathan Remington, Daniele Caserta and Erin Simone; 4:58:51 (1,050).
718. BAIRD HOT COMMODITIES, Stow; Leslie Drew, Kimberly Haws Falasco, Greg Smith, Jessica Riddle and Stephanie Torok; 4:59:04 (1,052).
719. STERLING - THE IMMORTALS, Akron; Ashley McCraney, Keith Kirkland, Christopher Kaczmarek, Theresa McKoski and Quinton McCraney; 4:59:23 (1,053).
720. OHIO BREWING COMPANY, Akron; Monica Harvey, Mindy Hogg, Brian Langenek, Karen Troyer and Shanna Bechler; 4:59:50 (1,054).
721. BRAIN HOST 1, Akron; Nena Abdullah, Nick Pinto, Sarah Tharp, Vincent Fisher and Lashawn Wade; 4:59:53 (1,055).
722. WE BELIEVE GREEN, Massillon; Alexis Wyatt, Heather Gier, Jennifer Irwin, Shawn Hassig Sr. and Heather Gier; 5:00:01 (1,056).
723. KICK SOME ASPHALT, Cleveland Heights; Pati Kemp, Amy Acton, Mandee Jones, Julie Diggs and Rodney Diggs; 5:00:48 (1,057).
724. GENFED JOGGERS + BRANDON AND ANNE, Uniontown; Kim Pallas, Brandon Petit, Ann Binnie, Anne Wyatt and Anne Wyatt; 5:01:08 (1,059).
725. MATRIX: SILENT BUTT FUNKY, Cuyahoga Falls; Barbie Pickard, Edward Ludington, Erica Whitacre, Sammi Albanese and Sharon Funk; 5:01:33 (1,061).
726. GIRLS GONE RUNNING, Barberton; Patty Hornacek, Alexandra Woods, Katherine Woods, Jay Eastman and Deborah Lansman; 5:01:36 (1,062).
727. QI AND A GUY, Seville; Thomas Whelan, Michelle Mackey, Joseph Lamusga, Connie Slagle and Michael Mackey; 5:02:50 (1,063).
728. WICKED ADRENALINE, Akron; James Kallergis, Cindy Murphy, Courtney Black, Angela Sitosky and Annetta Lantz; 5:03:08 (1,065).
729. K4C HURRICANES, Aurora, Ohio; Craig Kollai, Elizabeth Kollai, James Cegelski, Kevin Kollai and Kelly Kollai; 5:04:27 (1,066).
730. FRIENDS OF DD, Akron; Tom Quade, Katharine Witgert, Catherine Rebmann, Mindy Perilla and Natasha Goburdhun; 5:04:35 (1,067).
731. STERLING - 3 GUYS AND THE TWINS, North Canton; Heather Card, Thomas Marshall, Adam Henretty, Telichia Beckley and Sergio Uribe; 5:08:57 (1,073).
732. GIVE IT HELL, Akron; Kelly Eppink, Nathan Eppink, Jessica Hudson, Timothy Priester and Steven Dugach; 5:08:59 (1,074).
733. SHAKE 'N BAKE, Cleveland Heights; Hattie Dodson, Nicholas Dodson, Scott Dodson, Tracie Dodson and Katie Dodson; 5:10:15 (1,077).
734. CHIPOTLE RUNNERS, Salem; Buffy Leininger, Angelina Brown, Jill Leininger, Tiffany Melott and Joseph Little; 5:10:28 (1,078).
735. STONY HILL 4, Hinckley; Leslee Sambor, Elijah Blower, Matt Rudolph, April Walsh and Runner 2 Stony Hill; 5:10:29 (1,079).
736. STONY HILL 3, Hinckley; Angelina Rhodes, Chris Batman, Rich Rhodes, Matt Henterly and Runner 1 Stony Hill; 5:10:29 (1,080).
737. SOCIAL MISFITS, Cuyahoga Falls; Matt Lund, Adam Feltes, Steven Stilley, Jasmine Chandler and Benjamin Ure; 5:10:40 (1,081).
738. STONY HILL 6, Medina; Michelle Dunaye, Meredith Grom, Angie Rudolph, Runner 5 Stony Hill and Michelle Bunn; 5:11:55 (1,082).
739. FOUR JS AND A RAY, Tallmadge; Julie Ellison, James Ellison, Jeff Pallack, Jacqueline Pallack and Raymond Cerda; 5:12:29 (1,083).
740. UNIQUELY GREEK BAKED GOODS TEAM 2, Hinckley; Nancy Sheeler, Barbara Jones, Margaret Franz, Lisa Mier and Chris Kellis; 5:12:31 (1,084).
741. FROLICKING FEEBACKS, Kent; Matt Feeback, Stephanie Feeback, Kyle Daugherty, Tom Feeback and Shelly Feeback; 5:13:24 (1,085).
742. NO NEED FOR SPEED, Tallmadge; Cindy Johnson, Jean Warfield, Lashonda Card, Sue Gasaway and Bruce Huismann; 5:15:15 (1,088).
743. TOENAILS ARE FOR WUSSES, Green; Bill Adams, Christine Ferrante, Jennifer Miller, Sara Lane and David Christian; 5:17:26 (1,090).
744. STONY HILL 2, Brunswick; Bonnie Ludesher, Carrie Sledz, Dana Fox, Sam Jakub and Leigh Leonard; 5:18:03 (1,091).
745. ONE LEG UP ON IT!, North Canton; Rick Mastriano, Jeff Whitacre, Lisa Mastriano, Jeff Gladieux and Amanda Jones; 5:18:53 (1,093).
746. NO PAIN, NO GAIN, Lorain; Jack Balzer, Joseph Spohn, Sue Iacobucci, Maya Iyer and Rick Spohn; 5:21:34 (1,094).
747. STERLING - 4 RACKS AND A ZACH, Akron; Lauren Hamad, Bryanna George, Lynette Kovacevich, Zachary McKendrick and Sarah Visher; 5:37:04 (1,103).
748. STERLING - STILETTOS AND STUDS, Wadsworth; Brian Caltagirone, Lefteri Psihountakis, George Psihountakis, Joseph Stoner and Jennifer Smathers; 5:40:25 (1,104).
749. SNODGRASS EYE CARE, Fairlawn; Kim Snodgrass, Carly Snodgrass, Ryan Whitmer, Erica Snodgrass and Jon Heid; 5:48:33 (1,105).
750. WITHOUT LIMITS, Hubbard; Howie Meyer, Erin Warrender, Aden Weaver, Jim Gahagan and Todd Coonce; 5:51:53 (1,106).
751. STERLING - VOLUNTARY SURRENDER, Massillon; Jon Becherer, David Green, Matthew Smith, Rhodline Asare and Narrissa Buehler; 6:08:59 (1,109).

1. TOP 50-2, Twinsburg; Ron Disidoro, Jackie Disidoro, John Kelly, Michael Coss and Sharon Yates; 3:04:14 (18).
2. FIRSTENERGY TEAM 1, Brimfield; Mike Diamond, Paul Carris, Curt Bachus, Lisa Dietz and Steve Bable; 3:08:42 (23).
3. DASHIN FOR DON, North Canton; Brian Cureton, Judy Cureton, Debbie Domer, Vince Russo and Vince Russo; 3:17:08 (45).
4. AS FAST AS WE CAN, Hudson; Craig Waters, Kristen Kalinowski, Steve MacKim and Kevin Kalinowski; 3:23:05 (64).
5. SARC SUNDAY MORNING RUNNERS, Cuyahoga Falls; Terry Fox, Ryan McGuire, Diane Perriello, Joey Phillips and Joseph Salwan; 3:27:02 (80).
6. FOUR RUNNERS AND A WALKER, Silver Lake; Bryan Wilson, Carol Hillyer, John Hillyer, Mike Walker and Jim Stull; 3:30:05 (96).
7. TEAM COYOTE, Stow; Robert Kurtz, Sean Shotts, James McCleary, Linda Nahrstedt and Sandy Ray; 3:38:07 (128).
8. FILOMENA'S TERRIERS, Akron; Janice Stahl, Christopher Brown, Filomena Krejsa, Jeff Krejsa and Jamie Krejsa; 3:41:30 (161).
9. WILL RUN FOR BEER, Peninsla; Calori Kevin, Joseph Weatherby, Lisa Cerrato, Sandra Bojarski and Michael Cerrato; 3:45:26 (187).
10. DESIS ON THE RUN, Akron; Sajit Zachariah, Aliasgar Dhinojwala, Anil Mehendale, Anu Ramakrishnan and Suranjan Shome; 3:46:20 (196).
11. 2 DANS, 2 TODDS & A MIKE, New Philadelphia; J.T. Ansel, Danielle Gasser, Mike Schoelles, Todd Cox and Dan Gordon; 3:46:35 (198).
12. SKELETON CREW 5, Akron; Erik Bray, Tim Pinson, Gabriela Traub, Ron Sayre and Tim Pinson; 3:48:18 (220).
13. CRAZY SOCKS, Hudson; Joe Vuksta, Linda Vuksta, Shelly Breeden, Drew Breeden and Jeff Walter; 3:50:37 (259).
14. THE STATE 8 STRIDERS, Cuyahoga Falls; Mark Perko, Terri Conner, Jeffrey Graham, Shelley Gilbertson and Larry Richmond; 3:51:18 (266).
15. TEAM WHATEV, Akron; Chris Pfeil, David Jennings, Cheryl Engel, Janet Everitt and Ann Hutchison; 3:54:39 (325).
16. MABS SPINNING WHEELS, Akron; Alex Mascioli, Dennis Miller, Kim Mascioli, Robert Balli and Tom Nemcheck; 3:55:34 (338).
17. SQUIBB'S RUNNERS, N Canton; Dianne Fowler, Glenn Gailey, Pearl Gailey, Jim Warner and Susan Miller; 3:56:21 (352).
18. HFS PANTHERS, Stow; Todd Koch, Lisa Miholer, Don White, Antonette Doty and Gregory Greenwald; 3:57:07 (365).
19. TFC-T4, Twinsburg; Deborah Stitts, William Isaac, Marc Miller, Monica Schandel and Jason Spitz; 3:58:30 (386).
20. THE TEN KNEECAPS, Akron; Tom Moyer, Allison Capella, Mary Bush Magro, Daniel Johnson and John Moyer; 4:00:01 (407).
21. THE DREAM TEAM, Canal Fulton; Joel Chenevey, Kevin Quinn, Jacquelyn Huntley, Jeffrey Allen and Brian Huntley; 4:00:23 (415).
22. FUEL MAX, Akron; Jerry Alessta, Quinnie Lane, Ellis Jones, Janice Consolacion and Xianwei Meng; 4:03:07 (468).
23. BAIRD BLUE CHIPS, Medina; Gary Wright, Dennis Falasco, Gerald Jarzabek, Matthew Curley and Greg Gilbow; 4:03:52 (480).
24. WILE E COYOTE, Canal Fulton; Gail Lance, Janice Lance, Rich Esber, Kathy Hilbert and Rick Nelson; 4:03:58 (481).
25. RUNNING ON EMPTY I, Akron; Patrick Hart, Al Graf, Susan Brooks, William Helmkamp and Richard Costigan; 4:06:27 (514).
26. NOVO NORDISK VARSITY, Canton; Mario Millin, Rod Schley, Steve Knox, Sue Baylor and M Millin; 4:08:17 (539).
27. TEAM SOCCIARELLI, Lyndhurst; Mary Bales, Julie Allen, Jon Kellicker, George Eterovich and Amy Eterovich; 4:12:27 (614).
28. PSYCHOBABBLE, Medina; Cindy Bradley, Avery Zook, Peg Hufnagel, Diana Marshall and Robert Marshall; 4:13:02 (623).
29. CARDIAC ATHLETES WON, Eugene, Ore.; Jeff Hardisty, Dennis Lindsay, Pamela Bonner, Richard Chinn and Mark Siwik; 4:14:02 (638).
30. DAWG TIRED, Tallmadge; Michelle Bennett, Ken Kerata, Mark Sedmock, Don Coy and Howard Clendenin; 4:14:56 (653).
31. RUNNIN4FUN, Cuyahoga Falls; Carl Cassell, Rick Haury, Thomas Pelton, Leslie Matheny and Ron Scott; 4:18:44 (710).
32. RECREATIONAL RAMBLERS, MacEdonia; Wan Tao Chu, Richard Jones, Terese Joyce, Nick Mlachak and Joe Powers; 4:18:56 (713).
33. COACHED BY MARY, Akron; Barb Metzger, Tracey Wathen, Kevin Hillery, Tracy Waehler and Steve Oleson; 4:19:18 (716).
34. DROP DEAD GUYS & A GORGEOUS BABE, Akron; Brian Hoffmann, James Giltner, Gregory Harding, Dena Harding and Mark Webster; 4:19:49 (722).
35. THE BONNIE SITUATION, Sagamore; Kevin Grigsby, Christopher Heltzel, Noreen Heltzel, John McLeod and Romulo Vinhaes; 4:20:01 (725).
36. R-TOWN RUNNERS, Ravenna; Rick Bower, Allen Thigpen, Mary Thigpen, Stacey Caruso and Ann Faulkner; 4:21:37 (748).
37. BRICKHOUSE, Medina; Tracey Leatherman, Sean Leatherman, Wendy Nicodemus, Todd Nicodemus and David Perrin; 4:21:42 (751).
38. 4 NUTS & GUY, Akron; Ole Latham, Linda Latham, Jerry Lynch, Guy Wilhite and Don Zarle; 4:26:12 (803).
39. TARRY HOUSE 2, Ravenna; Tracey Colecchi, Marge Hayden, Shayne Donald, Darrin Semick and David Smith; 4:29:43 (836).
40. MACH 5, Akron; Robyn Gable, Eva Haverstick, Susan Merring, Lisa Jarvis and John Jarvis; 4:29:48 (837).
41. EARLY BIRDS, Willoughby; Rachael Marchini, Jean Toth, Paula Strumbly, Ev Corcoran and Daniel Culliton; 4:32:57 (863).
42. CARPE DIEM 2, Seven Hills; Linda Leshan, Danny Fong, Jon Leist, Wade Vantrease and Patti Vantrease; 4:35:09 (883).
43. THE KEEP ON TRUCKERS, Canton; Michael Curran, Tom Quinn, Heidi Rosenthal, Kitty Curran and Jim Curran; 4:39:09 (923).
44. TEAM COMPLETION!, Akron; Jill Burket, Denise Weber, Jim Weber, Sherry Runzo and Charlene Colvin; 4:39:48 (930).
45. FAMILY CONNECTION, Akron; Mary Cathey, Leon Perry, James Harper, Johnnie Perry and Mia Ohara; 4:43:43 (967).
46. JEAN'S CREW, Canton; Laurie Hart, Kris Whitmer, Russell Roth, Jean Craft and Nan Welker; 4:48:51 (998).
47. BLUEBIRDS, Akron; Bernard Kamenir, Robert Knickerbocker, Nancy Aleman, Dallas Aleman and Jodi Mirman; 4:53:03 (1,029).
48. IRISH RUNNERS I, Akron; Debbie Gorbach, Sonya Presper, Tom Presper, Teri Donohue and Sally Olszewski; 4:55:42 (1,039).
49. PARKSIDE STRIDERS, Akron; Anne Biermann, David Perry, Ruthellen Fein, Richard Fein and Katie Widness; 4:58:05 (1,048).
50. FEELIN' RANDY?, Akron; Robyn Shondel, Randy Depp, Stacey Depp, Dana Klapper and Lonn Klapper; 5:15:03 (1,087).
51. 4 RYANS & A TURNER, Twinsburg; Kathleen Ryan, Molly Ledinsky, Suzanne Ryan, Kate Ryan and Clark Turner; 5:26:58 (1,099).