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Jason Lloyd’s Twitter mailbag: Is Chris Grant on the hot seat already? What is Anthony Bennett’s future in Cleveland?

Chances Chris Grant survives this disaster he created are better or worse than 20 percent? @Brownsfanmark41

I’m not sure 13 games (entering Saturday) are enough to declare this season a disaster, but it has certainly been a terrible start. I think it’s too early to say whether Grant is in trouble. All I can tell you is Dan Gilbert has supported every decision Grant has made.

Grant has executed some terrific trades for the Cavs, but certainly some of his draft picks such as Dion Waiters and Anthony Bennett need to play better. I don’t think we have enough information yet. If the Cavs win 38 games but miss the playoffs, is the season a total disaster? No.

If they only win 25, Waiters doesn’t show any improvement and Bennett is still lost at the end of the season, that’s a different conversation.

Why not contemplate a total rebuild — veteran GM (ex. Donnie Walsh), hungry young coach (ex. Travis Ford), trade any/all assets? @KaslerJeff

The last three years have been as dramatic of a rebuild as you’ll find in the NBA. Gilbert isn’t going to blow this whole thing up and start over again. The young players on this roster haven’t been given ample time to declare if they’re keepers or not.

Are the Cavs sellers or buyers right now? @DawgPound888

Buyers. They don’t have much to sell unless they want to take pennies on the dollar, which they won’t do. The fact so many guys are performing below their career marks means they’d get little in return. But they still have a treasure chest full of future picks, so they have moves available.

Is Carrick Felix cleared to play? Will he or Sims/Zeller be assigned to the Charge in the near future? @CleSportsFan17

This question came before Felix made his debut Friday night, but I’m not sure if/when the Cavs will start sending the youngsters to the Development League. That was the initial plan, but that’s before Mike Brown started playing all of them. Right now, they’re getting too many minutes to be sent down. Once Brown settles into a rotation, guys like Felix and Henry Sims may go to Canton. Tyler Zeller will stay here, though.

If Cavs are in lottery and have a baHd season and Chris Grant gets fired, does Mike Brown as well since a new GM wants his own coach? @JZelch17

Again, we’re getting ahead of ourselves this early in the season. People may not realize this, but owners in the NBA tend to control the hiring and firing of coaches more than the general managers. Brown isn’t going anywhere.

Do you think there’s a legitimate shot Anthony Bennett goes to the D-League? @mranney17

No. The Cavs have privately made it clear Bennett is here to stay.

Why won’t Brown, without expectations, play Bennett 20 minutes a night? He will never develop on the bench. He’s not an NFL QB. @DavidBuona

I disagree. In fact, I thought it was evident even earlier that Bennett was lost and needed to sit. I was surprised Brown stuck with him as long as he did.

Brown on Friday compared sitting Bennett to NFL teams sometimes sitting first-round quarterbacks their rookie years. I didn’t think that was an appropriate example because quarterbacks these days almost always play right away, particularly ones drafted first overall. And that’s a more complicated position to play than power forward in basketball.

Back to your question, the reality is Bennett was the No. 1 pick, so he’ll always have expectations as long as he’s in Cleveland. There’s no such thing as playing the top pick in the draft without expectations. And the longer the kid is on the court failing, the more damaging it is. The best thing for him right now is to sit, watch and (hopefully) learn.

If the Raptors can’t get it together by midseason do you see them dangling Rudy Gay? Target for Cavs instead of hoping for LBJ? @ShawnPhilpotCle

Enough with the Rudy Gay conversations. He isn’t worth the $17 million he’s making this season and he’s certainly not worth the $19 million owed to him next year. Yes, he would be an upgrade over what the Cavs have, but not at that price. They had the opportunity to acquire him last season and passed.

Besides, the Raptors are in a better position right now than the Cavaliers. They aren’t trading him.


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