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Sheldon Ocker’s The Write Stuff

Mr. Ocker:

I read your Wednesday column. You don’t know how relieved I was to find out that a playoff berth was still possible for the Indians with 18 games remaining and a game and a half behind Tampa Bay for the final wild-card spot.

Did you have to use your Hello Kitty calculator or were you able to figure that out on your own?

Ken Young


Dear Ken:

To be honest, I always use my fingers to figure out complicated math problems. Sorry for filling my story with basic information about the wild-card standings. I’ll slap myself in the mirror tonight as a reminder to quit doing that.

Sheldon Ocker


I was raised on the near west side of Cleveland and am a die-hard Cleveland sports fan. When I was only 11 years old, I cried after “Red Right 88” and “The Drive” as a teenager. They hurt.

With the Indians, I sat in old Municipal Stadium during the late ’70s and ’80s watching them lose day in and day out only to watch the “powerhouses” of the ’90s let me down as did the comeback bunch from 2007.

I watched “The Shot” and felt my heart sink. It was a true bitter pill as all “CLEVELANDERS” felt.

It all pales in comparison to betrayal. I read the Akron paper because I moved here two years ago. As I read your list of “disappointments,” I failed to read the fact that Akron’s beloved LeBron James was not mentioned. He quit on his team and the city that took him in as its own.

I was not surprised it was not mentioned. Akron fans, sportswriters can jump on a bandwagon and call Cleveland teams their own for convenience and then “disappoint” when telling the whole story.

That’s OK though, with nothing but a Cleveland minor-league team and the Akron Zips, who can blame you?

Roger Forest

Dear Roger:

Your use of the English language is a little bizarre, but I guess you mean that Akron residents can’t be real fans of the Indians, Cavaliers and Browns because they don’t live in Cuyahoga County.

How stupid is that conclusion?

I have a hunch that if I had mentioned LeBron’s indiscretion and left out all of the other “disappointments,” you’d have been happy. You just don’t like the guy. But you’ll probably cheer for him if he comes back.

You seem to be taking the failures of “our” sports teams a little too personally. These teams don’t care if you cried when you were 11 or if they let you down. They have moved on.



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