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KSU defense will be on toes with ASU QB Aplin

By Stephanie Storm Published: January 6, 2013

Red Wolves senior quarterback Ryan Aplin has been the best player in the Sun Belt conference the last two years.


Several Kent State defenders mentioned this week he reminds them of Northern Illinois signal caller Jordan Lynch (who picked them apart in the Mid-American Conference Championship game) with an even better arm.


Whether the comparison is true or not, Aplin is his team's highly respected leader.   


“The last day we practiced in Jonesboro, I wanted them to have a little fun,” ASU interim coach John Thompson said. “So it came to me to just let our seniors run through and get some dap or whatever.


"Well, they did that and came through and then I look down at end and our players, they had Aplin (the reigning two-time Sun Belt MVP) on their shoulders and were all chanting, ‘Aplin, Aplin, Aplin.’ I mean, these are college kids now and they think they’re cool. But they did that for him. He was real humble it and was trying to get down. But that shows you the respect he has from his teammates across the board.”


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