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Zips basketball: Rethinking the Akron-Kent game

By George Thomas Published: January 20, 2013

Yesterday’s Zips-Flashes could have rivaled Raiders of the Lost Ark for thrills and chills.

Kent looked as if they’re going to put it away in the first half after the Zips had several opportunities to take control.  Truth be told, I thought it might have been over when KSU went into the half with that 10-point lead.  Arguably it should have been.  The Golden Flashes played with big cajones for the entire game only to run out of steam.

Credit coach Rob Senderoff for knowing his team.  No one can say for sure that what I called a gimmick Friday worked, but KSU showed plenty of fire in their collective belly. For those who didn’t know, to promote the concept of team, Senderoff kept individual point totals off the scoreboard.  I don’t have to “get it” to understand the concept. Give KSU props for playing tough in a game that they were expected to get steamrolled in.


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