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NFL notebook:

Associated Press By Greg Jennings’ math, he has had only two concussions in his life. By the Green Bay Packers’ medical staff’s count, he has had three. Whatever the case, the Packers two-time Pro Bowl wide receiver was just happy to be back on the practice field Sunday after sitting out more than two weeks after a concussion apparently suffered Aug. 3 during the Family Night Scrimmage. Jennings revealed Sunday that he actually was suffering from headaches after a hit in practice two days before the scrimmage, and that might have been the reason it took him so long to get back on the field. “I hit my head on the ground, split my nose open,” Jennings said when asked what happened on Family Night. “[But] it probably was a little bit before that on Wednesday, because I started getting headaches Wednesday. “[I] got hit Wednesday, finished practice. The next day, headaches in practice, didn’t think anything of it. Then Friday [during] Family Night, I probably re-aggravated it. But whatever. I probably make it sound like it was minor, but it really wasn’t — honestly.” Jennings said he will play Thursday night at Cincinnati in the team’s third preseason game. “If I’m practicing, I’m playing,” Jennings said. “That’s just the mindset I have to take.”


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