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Post-game quotes from UA vs. Tennessee

By Marla Ridenour Published: September 23, 2012

More on UA's 47-26 loss at Tennessee Saturday night.


Both teams made a couple mistakes early, but I think they about evened out.

We had a chance at the end, we threw an interception in the end zone, we probably forced a ball.

Dalton was hurting a little bit in the side. The very first throw he said, ‘I was scared to death because I’m hurting, I was afraid I was going to get hit.’ He just threw it, they intercepted the football. Then he calmed down. He said, ‘It’s going to hurt, I’m just going to play with it.’ It isn’t serious, just some bruises there.

I’ve got to comment Tennessee for paying attention between Florida and Georgia. I know what the SEC is all about. This game is hard to get their attention when they’ve got the next four games and what they’ve had last week. They stayed focused and got their win.

What happened in fourth quarter? 

We had five or six things that worked real well. We got in empty and threw some routes and they kind of half covered them. Finally they memorized the four or five things we were doing to hurt ‘em and they started getting better coverage. We popped a 70-yard run that saved us that they had not been letting happen. They made their adjustments and it gradually started taking them away and the throws became more contested.

The style of offense we gave them is not something you prepare for in the SEC. You’re not going to win the SEC by playing a bunch of four- and five receivers. You’re going win the SEC by getting ready for Alabama and LSU and pulling the dad-gum hammer. We had a style that a lot of the SEC are not going to fool too much with. I think Ole Miss may be running it and that’s about it. Even Spurrier runs the ball now more than when I was in the SEC.

Did you talk to team about day's upsets?

I mentioned Iowa losing to Central Michigan. I didn’t paint this as a David and Goliath because every week you can look at somebody knocking somebody off, whether it be Western Kentucky knocking off Kentucky or Louisiana-Monroe. I think Tennessee is a little higher up than some of these teams and plays a lot better football. It would have been a better story if we could have won that, but it was not to be.

My dad spoke to the team at 3 o’clock today. I think they got a real treat out of that.
It was good to see him and my mother.

Why did he sit in the stands?
You can imagine coaching 56 years and never getting to sit in the stands. He always wanted to sit in the stands at Alabama because he grew up in Birmingham. He always wanted to sit in the stands at Tennessee because he’d never done it before. He’s going to sit in a lot of stands, I think.

Injuries: D’Orazio had his leg or ankle hurt,we’re concerned about that at this moment. Dalton’s going to be fine. We got some kids banged up. You’re always afraid about a game like this. One you want to find a way to find that special upset, but on the other side you don’t want anybody to get hurt. You’ve got eight conference games coming up. We’ve been at the very bottom of the bottom for the last two years. We’ve been the lowest of our conference and statistically lowest in the nation in every category, offensively and defensively. We’re making some strides, but we need to have ‘Ws.’

I just felt lousy at the end. One more play, then it gets to that scary phase where the other team starts worrying about their situation instead of playing good football and taking the game and winning like they did.

Did Hines' 70-yard run change the RB picture?

Hines has always had that great speed and he’s worth a big pop, but the day in and day out assignments that go with that position, he’s not quite on par with Chisolm and Conor. But he’s always been the one guy who could pop a long one like that. And he had the speed, he ran away from the kid. He was the fastest guy on the field for that play.
That refreshes our memory of why we’ve kept him in the hunt. Now we’ve got to make sure he gets back in. A spread offense needs a guy that once he gets past a front five he can make a safety miss and outrun people. Everyone else we’ve got tends to run into the safety. And he can run past ‘em. That’s the run game that is required of a spread offense – an inside zone guy who can run the distance.

Was it tough to match up with WR Justin Hunter?

“Their receivers and their quarterback reminded me of the SEC. The last time I played against Tennessee was with Peyton Manning and Peerless Price. Actually, I played against them the next year with Tee Martin. Tennessee has always had beautiful athletes. They were going to hit some of those eventually. We were just holding our breath when you play a 5-foot-9 guy on their receivers.”

On Akron’s kicker, Robert Stein
“I am proud of my kicker Robert Stein. He’s been hot and cold and he went out there and kept us in this ballgame. He was impressive.”


On the benefits of playing Tennessee moving forward
“Playing Tennessee close is going to help us a lot because this team (Tennessee) we just played is a heck of a team. They (Tennessee) definitely brought it today.”

On facing Tennessee’s secondary
“This game gives us a lot of confidence. For us to get open in the middle of the field against them is going to help us moving forward. We are improving always, and there is always room to improve.”


We had a great coaching scheme. Players came out ready to figth, we didn’t back down, we were never scared. We’re making a positive step. Coming into a 100,000-seat stadium, it was kind of overwhelming. But at the same time we never got scared, we never showed any signs of giving up. That’s what this team is all about, not giving up.
It will give us a whole lot of confidence. I think we’ve got a real good team. I’ve never been on a team like this from Little League up to now. I’ve never had as great a coaching staff as we have right now. With Bowden and the rest of our coaches and the players we’ve got, I think we’re going to make a good run.

What did Bobby Bowden say?

When you hear him speaking, you take everything in. When the all-time winningest coach says something, you’ve got to listen. Everything he said was motivation and I think it helped us today with this game.



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