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Zips football: Three observations about Bobcats game

By George Thomas Published: October 13, 2012

Ohio 34, Akron 28

For the obvious:  The Zips defensive line missed defensive tackle Nico Capoini in the worst possible way as the Bobcats racked up more than 200 yards with Beau Blankenship doing most of the damage.   They may have had a shot in the game with Caponi in there.  As it stands, they did what they needed to as far as Bowden is concerned - they kept them in the game getting a couple of three-and-outs when needed.

What's wrong with Dalton Williams?  A Twitter follower posed that to me durin the course of  the game and I will stand by this answer:  Nothing.  The tape is out there on Dalton and the entire offense and that is basically it.  This is the same guy and I've seen no signs that he has lingering effects from an injury earlier in the season.  I could be wrong, but having watched him in practice, I don't think so.   He'll have to adjust.  His line will have to adjust and Bowden will have to adjust as well.  But given his final scoring drive, I'd say there was nothing wrong with him.

Jawon Chisholm continues to impress me.  Given the fact that Bowden said early in the season that he was still looking for a homerun hitter at the runing back position, he's proven that being a workhorse can work effectively in Bowden's offense.  He's a power runner, but he's got nice hands (a necessity in the offense) and he is a fighter.  He racked up more than 100 yards for the third consecutive game and he caught five passes totaling 55 yards against Ohio. 



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