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Zips football: Three observations - Zips vs. Bowling Green Falcons

By George Thomas Published: October 6, 2012

Three observations from today’s game

  • Defense needs to be a priority:  If nothing else demonstrates what the Zips inherent problems are it’s the defensive line. The have a starting front four that plays tremendously hard, it’s when you get to who is behind them that the problems become evident.  Defensive end Albert Presley didn’t play because of a stress fracture discovered Friday afternoon.  The Zips were able to endure that loss for a half, but when defensive tackle Nico Caponi went down before half time with a right sprained ankle it all became too much for the bodies in there.  The Falcons went right to work attacking Caponi’s spot in the second half and it worked.  When they didn’t run there the Zips defense, which played beautifully in the first half by shutting the Falcons out, were back on their heels eventually giving up more than 200 yards rushing in the last two quarters.  It displayed just how much shoring up the D needs.
  • Dalton Williams can’t do it alone:  When he’s got his receivers able to get some separation, Williams is pretty impressive, making all the throws and having just enough of the gunslinger mentality to get through.  The second half shows what happens when he doesn’t. It’s not pretty.  He gets sacked (four times) and the passes he’s able to complete are negligible.  Give BG credit for their coverage, but the coaching staff needed to put the offense in a situation they can win.  The Falcons took the Zips out of their game in the second half and Bowden admitted himself:  he didn’t have a good Plan B.
  • The team is still sorely in need of playmakers:  They need them across the board, but especially on special teams, which needs to improve significantly.  The Zips average starting point on the field today was the 26-yard line that’s a lot of long drives to have to put together.  


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