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Hazell denies reports Tuesday that he accepted job at Purdue

By Stephanie Storm Published: December 4, 2012

Despite rumors flying all day that second year Kent State football coach Darrell Hazell had accepted the coaching position at Pudue, Hazell told the hosts of Big Time sports1350 during a 5:30 p.m. radio interview Tuesday that he has not taken the job.

Once Cincinnati's Butch Jones turned down the Boilermakers on Tuesday morning, the school's administrators began publically courting Hazell (they've been trying to talk to him for weeks).

Rumors heated up late in the afternoon with multiple bloggers reporting Hazell would be introduced as Purdue's new coach Wednesday morning. Fans and players then took to Twitter to express their displeasure at losing Hazell so soon.

But Hazell must have told his players, who met earlier in  the afternoon for their first bowl meeting, that the report was false as once again Twitter came alive with players such as senior K Freddy Cortez tweeting that the news was false.

Hazell then went on the radio an hour later. When asked directly if he had signed with Purdue, he said he had not.




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